Short female haircuts for curly hair: Bob, Pixie, Kars, Cascade and Shaggy Shaggy

A woman or girl with such a hairstyle could well become a muse
Mikhail Lermontov. In the poem “To the portrait” he wrote about
like beauties: “Like a curly boy, frisky, smart as
butterfly in summer … ”

short hairstyle with waves

And in the last lines he admitted: not to love so charming
creation is impossible.

Curly hair at all times and eras were in
fashion What else can better emphasize femininity than
curls? What looks so easy and airy? Have others
it seems that the very owner of this wealth
it is also easy to deal with your curls.

Alas, this is not always the case. However, if an experienced stylist selects
a good haircut, styling problems will be much less.

  • 1 Short haircuts for curly hair: options
  • 2 Trendy haircuts
  • 3 Haircuts for thick curly hair
  • 4 Haircuts for thin and sparse curly hair
  • 5 Four of curly hair
  • 6 Options with bangs
  • 7 If the hair is very curly
  • 8 Hair styling
  • 9 Creative, asymmetry

Short haircuts for curly hair: options

Curly hair has a lot of secrets, so the choice of haircuts
really better to trust a professional. Elastic
springy, delicate thin, heavy and slightly wavy … Every type
hair requires a special approach.

For example, if the strands are tough, the main volume must be
focus on the top of the head, soft hair will be more interesting
look if they are laid more fluffily closer to their tips, like
on the picture:

Photo 240

According to most stylists, haircuts for short curly
hair should not be too complicated so as not to deliver a woman
serious troubles. One of the techniques that are used successfully is

This is a kind of stepped haircut, made with smooth
transitions from one hair length to another.

Experts prefer to perform this haircut is not a razor, and
hot scissors: the tip of every hair is like
sealed, thanks to which the strands retain their moisture balance and
remain alive and brilliant.

Photo 241Happy owners of soft waves fit
haircuts Bob and Page, giving the image of mystery and playfulness,
Look good on women with a triangular face shape.

In general, if the haircut is chosen correctly, then it can not
only visually change the shape of the face (if for some reason
not satisfied with his mistress), but also to hide small flaws,
which spoil the appearance.

Asymmetric bob and caret are good options for ladies with large
facial features. Garson is recommended to sophisticated women. Pixie Attaches
the image of youth and freshness.

In any case, the haircut is chosen so that
the fair sex could do in a matter of minutes
yourself a stylish styling, and a hairdresser to visit so that he
regularly trimmed grown tips.

Trendy haircuts

Photo 242Among the favorites of the fashion – short, daring

Stylists seemed to meet women occupying an active
life stance, which care for long locks just do not
there is enough time.

Each haircut involves an individual approach, the original
decision, fantasy wizard.

The main thing is that the woman who visited the salon, felt that
The “her” version was found, and it was not replicated. In the number of fashionable
haircuts include:

  • Pixie (supplemented with a slanting, high volume bang);
  • Short Bob (a favorite cut for many Hollywood stars);
  • Classic Bob (with a wavy hairline and the ability to
    create additional volume on the back of the head);
  • Classic car (for ladies with thick curls);
  • Kare with elongated strands (very short hair on the nape and
    elongated strands in the bangs area);
  • Cascade (this type of haircut is well combined with toning
  • Ladder (gives features softness, roundness).

Fashion trends are naturalness,
naturalness These qualities are achieved by
diversity bangs, asymmetry.

Interestingly, one of the fashionable styling options is symbolic.
is called “Perfect negligence”: curls are dried with a hairdryer, lifting
hands, and even, shaping the hair, do not use a comb to
do not destroy the natural beauty (see photo).

Photo 243

Haircuts for thick curly hair

If the hair is thick, then even the short trimmed they delight
their wealth. Bob, Kars, Cascade are great for them.
Moreover, the image created by the stylist can be as strict
classic, and perky, youth. For this curly
hair is whipped with fingers and fixed with varnish or mousse.

Special originality of the image gives
highlighting: smooth transitions of one shade to another
make the hair more natural, lively, it creates a feeling
as if in the strands a light breeze managed.

IMPORTANT: thick hair requires a lot of moisture to
they looked healthy and shiny. Be sure to use for
care for them with moisturizers.

Haircuts for thin and sparse curly hair

Cascade, Pixie and
Shag (or Shaggy). In each case, the master solves the problem.
increase the volume of hair, using not only scissors, but also
paints – strands and stains that differ in color from the main mass
hair, provide the desired result.

Photo 244Interestingly, “Shaggy” came into vogue back in the 1970s,
but still popular as ideal for thin
wavy hair.

The name translates to English as “shaggy” – negligence,
Indeed, the main feature of this image.

The desired effect is achieved through the filing of individual strands,
“careless”, with a maximum step hair cutting techniques. If master
works with curly locks, he twists them with a cord and

TIP: a lady with sparse hair has to attend
hairdresser especially often, since quite a bit of regrown
able to break the image, make it uncleaned.

Kare of curly hair

Kare – basic haircut for a variety of styles
both on straight and curly hair. The wizard’s task is to
to choose the perfect hair length for a woman: thanks
a successful solution can make the image more gentle or strict,
smooth facial features in which not everything is harmonious, make it
younger or more mysterious.

Photo 245 Additional volume is created for short haircuts.
during use of the hair dryer – the air stream should be directed from
roots up, with a slight slope. Curly hair is fixed with
styling (varnish, gel, mousse).

FOR HOUSEHOLD USE: if not at hand
ready styling tools, styling can be done independently.
Short haircuts for curly hair will fix a beer well or
water with sugar diluted in it.

Options with bangs

Bangs helps experiment – change
image, mood, keep up with fashion trends. With a bang
women often look younger than their years.

If the hair is curly, an interesting option with straightened bangs
(the desired effect is achieved with the help of an ironing or, for a long time
to fix the result, in the barbershop, by chemical means).

Photo 246 You can play with bangs length, its volume: it
can reach eyebrows, be thinned. It is important, however, to remember
that curly women short bangs
contraindicated – it will not be able to keep the set
her form, she will constantly have to be “tamed” with wax or some kind of
by other powerful means.

In this video, the details of how technically done haircut
and styling:

If the hair is very curly

Photo 247For hair of this type, experts recommend: Caret,
Bob, Garson, Cascade.

Super short haircuts for no wavy hair
are welcome, as the hair just goes up and
all attempts to lower them and lay down will be ineffective.

For heavily curly hair suitable hairstyle in the style of Afro.

More often she is made on the long hair of tall slim ladies.

The “short” option removes growth restrictions, it will even fit
petite young ladies, and will look bold and juicy.

The image can be supplemented with a hoop, ribbon, other

Curly hair styling

A good haircut makes it easier for a woman to care for her hair, however
styling remains a mandatory procedure, as without her curly
hair can stick in different directions and look sloppy.

It is necessary to affect the hair warm, not hot.
air (they are more brittle and dry than straight strands).
Curls can be shaped with fingers, and then fixed with varnish or
by some other means. By the way, according to experts, for
everyday hairstyles are best used mousse, for
festive and evening – wax and gel (they more clearly fix all

Special attention when laying pay bangs: it can be straightened,
comb back or just hide in the total mass of curls. Each
option will look different in its own way.

It is interesting to experiment, combing curls on one side. But
here the power of the styling may not be enough, you have to use

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Creative, asymmetry

Working with curly hair is difficult, but the master appears
opportunity for creativity. For example, can achieve sports
style due to a very short haircut, putting curls with your fingers in
picturesque mess.

Photo 248 It looks interesting filing, through which
You can artificially reduce the volume on some parts of the head and
thereby changing its shape, if there are any flaws in it. BUT
here is the graduation, on the contrary, visually increases the volume of female

For a round or oval face fit asymmetrical
haircuts This is a fashion trend today. By the way
asymmetry can be achieved even in details – for example, with
using oblique bangs.

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