Short hair dyeing short hair – photo before and after, price, pros and cons, suitable shades and hairstyles

Beauty industry almost every year pleases newfangled
highlighting techniques. One of the methods that won the heart
beauties, was staining shatush. Does shatush fit
owners of short haircuts? How to make the effect
become stunning? Read on.

Description, creation history, features of the Shatush technique
short hair

The content of the article:

  • Description, creation history, features of the Shatush technique
    short hair
  • Duration of the procedure
  • Hair preparation
  • How much is holding up
  • How often can you do?
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Cost of
  • To suit
  • Types of technician performing shatusha
  • Shatush for short hair of various colors
  • The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly short
  • How to choose the right shade depending on the hair
  • TOP best flowers for short hair shatush
  • How to make a short hair shatush at home
  • Hair care after the procedure
  • Difference between the shatush and other techniques

Shatush coloring (“shahtoosh”) is called cashmere, because
The technique is translated from English as “soft wool”. Shatush
is a boon of french hairdressers who for the first time
applied it back in the 70s of the twentieth century. New breathing technique
received in our time by the forces of the Italian master Aldo

Shatush is a kind of highlighting with stretching
colors in which individual strands are selected for coloring
significant indent from the roots. Most often short curls
painted in light shades, but not too expressive. From
of the original tone, they should differ by no more than 2-3 tones.
This allows you to get the effect of slightly faded strands and solar
highlights on the hair.

Reference! Some sources call shatush
French highlighting.

Duration of the procedure

shatush short hair dyeing

Since staining is carried out in an open way and does not require
a dramatic change in color, the procedure does not take much time.
40-50 minutes is the average duration of a shatusha session. An exception
only multicolor versions are made – in this case on
highlighting will take 2 times longer.

Coloring hair

Hair preparation

Preparation for the procedure is required only if
hair is prone to damage or is already damaged. Visited
tips need to be cut, and for the main length to hold
restorative procedures using balsams or masks.
At least 2-3 days before the session, the head can not be washed – better paint
falls on slightly greasy hair.

Hair care

How much is holding up

Shatush keeps long

Shatush assumes a smooth stretching of color with undyed
root zone. Therefore, even when hair regrowth
It looks neat, as if you just visited the salon yesterday.
Shatush can hold up to 4 months – but this is for long hair. On
short haircuts, the regrowth will be more noticeable, so update
staining will have in 2 months.

shatush on long hair

How often can you do?


Shatush can be performed as often as health permits.
hair. If the strands are weak and thinned, more often 1 time in 3 months
better not to paint.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shatush pros

Shatush owners have such advantages.

  • the procedure does not take much time;
  • hair and scalp are not injured;
  • part of the hair remains unpainted and does not burn through;
  • hairstyle becomes voluminous;
  • well insignificant gray hair;
  • does not require frequent correction.

Less cons, but they are present:

  • no dramatic changes in the image;
  • not suitable for weakened, bitten, stained with henna and
    Basmo hair;
  • on a short haircut is difficult to achieve a beautiful stretching effect
    – growing roots become noticeable quickly.

Cost of

Shatush prices

Owners of short hair are lucky – they are staining
will cost the least. The price in the capital salons starts from 5000
rubles, in the regions you can count on 2.5-3 thousand. To this price
you need to add the cost of coloring drugs.

Shatush materials

To suit

Shatush refresh image

Shatush will be an excellent option for:

  • masking gray hair (if it is not more than 30%);
  • hair coloring, the length of which reaches the chin;
  • easy change of image;
  • giving volume to thin hair.

Important! Shatush has no age limit,
it is easily applied on all types of hair – dark, blond,
straight and curly.

Shatush is suitable for different ages

Types of technician performing shatusha

Shatush coloring technique

The effect of a smooth transition and burnt curls can be achieved
using two tricks.

With fleece

Shatush dyeing technique with pile

The classic technique in which the pile is performed at the roots
hair on every single strand – so you can make a smooth
stretching The free length is colored with intermittent strokes to
very tips.

No fleece

Shatush dyeing technique without pile

This is an option for experienced craftsmen who can perform
Stretching an ordinary brush and even fingers. Master highlights curls in
randomly and arbitrarily causes dye to
achieve shatush effect.

Shatush for short hair of various colors

Shatush color

Shatush technology is considered universal and does not impose strict
requirements for the original tone of the hair.

On dark short hair

Shatush on dark hair

Dark hair supposedly created for the shatusha. But highlighting should
look as natural as possible – dark at the roots and a little lighter
on the tips. Deep shades of a warm palette are selected –
caramel, honey, copper.

On blond short hair

Shatush on light brown hair

Light brown hair combined with fair skin will be organic
Look in shades of milk chocolate and coffee with milk. If a
skin is dark, it is worth making a choice in favor of shades in the style of gold
and wheat.

For redheads

Shatush short red hair

Color types of spring and autumn, which include owners
red strands – a great base for a warm palette in beige,
honey and copper tones.

On blonde hair

coloring blond hair

Tint for blondes should be selected from a natural range,
therefore, it is better to refuse cold platinum options.
The only exception is a very light base tone, for
which will have to choose a more expressive dye.

On black short hair for brunettes

Shatush for brunettes

The palette of the shatusha for brunettes is rather limited –
You can experiment with shades of chocolate and nuts. Before
staining may require straightening.

Important! With a properly selected shade after
Shatush procedures do not even need hair toning.

The best colors, and photo shatush on straight and curly short

Shatush on dark hair

It is possible to select shades not only on the base tone of the hair, but also
by their structure.

On straight

Shatush on the square

Straight hair, as a rule, lacks volume. Therefore reasonable
the solution will be to paint the strands in light shades with a slope in warm
or cold palette depending on the color type.

On curly

Shatush curls

Shades for curly hair is easier to pick up – even with
inaccuracies in the choice of dye modulations on the hair will be
noticeable. But one should also adhere to the principle of naturalness,
choosing a color that differs 2-3 levels from the base.

How to choose the right shade depending on the hair

Shatush selection of colors for hair and color type

Modern short hairstyles can be very diverse,
and in each of them you can implement an interesting variant of the technique

With a bang

Coloring bangs

To give the image playfulness, you can select on the fringe
several light strands and the same color to frame your hair
faces. If you plan to create the most natural look,
the bangs are not colored at all, or the tips are touched by the dye.
Another option is to perform shatush only on bangs, and the rest
leave hair untouched.

No bangs

shatush haircuts without bangs

On short haircuts without a bang, the shatush is held according to the classic
technology. Such hair is better to dye evenly throughout the volume,
allowed staining with a pale palette of the face.


shatush kare without bangs

The bob haircut can be performed with bangs and without bangs. Therefore, when
choosing a color to paint is worth focusing on the structure
hairstyles and “native” shade of hair.

Bob car

bobkare shatush

In the bob-hairstyle, the main focus should be on
bangs – it is she who gives pomp and elegance to a haircut. With
If you wish, you can use both natural and bright palette.


Pixie Shatush elongated

Pixie – the most difficult option to implement the highlight shatush.
This length is not enough to perform a beautiful
stretching Only an experienced technician can paint a pixie.
without fleece. To make the effect as noticeable as possible, the paint can be
choose a contrast.

On the extended square

shatush lengthened caret

Of all the short hairstyles, the caret with lengthening gives the master the most
wide scope for creativity. If desired, highlighting can be
make multilevel – the darkest at the roots with a smooth transition
to bright ends.

Shatush on very short hair with a photo

shatush on very short hair

What does the shatush look on very short hair look like?
clearly demonstrate the photo below.

shatush on a very short haircut

TOP best flowers for short hair shatush

shatush top dyeing

Technique shatush involves the use of natural palette
colors. But the use of brighter shades is not prohibited, especially
if the appearance is not enough expressiveness.

Red color

red short hair shatush

The red palette will suit the autumn and spring color types,
owners of light blond and reddish strands. Older ladies
recommended red shades with a slope in a brown palette. Young
girls are allowed bright options – bright red, golden red,
carrot. The combination of honey and caramel looks noble.


Red Coloring

Copper color refers to the red scale and is considered the most
her noble representative. “Copper” shatush with reddish and
golden iridescent will look as natural as possible.

Purple shatush for short hair

purple tones of shatush

Violet is not typical for a shatusha, but you can also choose it,
focusing on the “native” color strands. Blonde should pay
focus on the violet with the addition of the ash color scheme. With black and
brown hair is well in tune with eggplant, purple,
wine shades. The most neutral is purple-brown.


chocolate shatush

Fashionable shades of “chocolate” shatusha – chocolate caramel,
chocolate-chestnut, chocolate-red, chocolate fondant.
Reference! For shade “chocolate fountain”
characterized by the presence of deep reddish notes.


pink shatush tones

Stylish shades of pink – pink pearls, rose gold,
ash pink cherry tree Fuchsia, raspberry, flamingo and
Lilies in highlighting shatush look defiant.


Ash Shade

Owners of light curls can try on a fashionable
ash palette – ash brown, gray, dark blond
ashen, pearl and ashen.

With a red tint


Fashionable red palette includes such shades: pomegranate,
ruby, mahogany, dark red, red-brown.

How to make a short hair shatush at home

how to make yourself shatush yourself

Shatush for a short hairstyle is not an easy task, especially if
perform the procedure on your own. Most often at home
staining is decided for reasons of economy.


shatush very short haircuts

Very short hair at home is best not to dye – the expected
the effect will not work. The best option is a caret or an extended caret.
You should stop on the technique with a pile that will allow you to create
the very smooth transition.


Coloring shatush

Instructions for performing the shatusha for short

  1. Hair on top of the head to collect in a bun, leaving strands at the temples,
    bangs and the back of his head. Secure with clip.
  2. The occipital zone is divided into several strands 2 cm thick.
    Each maximally combed thick scallop.
  3. Prepare the dye and apply to the occipital zone intermittent
    brush strokes, slightly affecting bouffant.
  4. In the same way to paint the combed temporal zones and
  5. Then dissolve the tail on the crown, comb and process this
  6. Withstand the dye according to the instructions, periodically checking
    color on the hair. If desired, strands can be hidden under the cap.
  7. Wash off the paint, wash the hair with shampoo and apply a balm.

Important! Too dye your hair
It is recommended that staining be superficial.


Shatush tools

Need to prepare:

  • gloves and cape on the shoulders;
  • paint mixing container;
  • pile comb;
  • tassel;
  • clamps.


Balsam Garnier for damaged hair

From the funds will need:

  • paint of suitable color – pigment and oxide;
  • shampoo;
  • nourishing balm;
  • tonic – at will.

The best brands of hair coloring dye using shatush

paints for shatush

Such trade recommended themselves well.

  • Garnier;
  • Schwarzkopf Professional;
  • Palette;
  • Estel Professional;
  • Matrix;

Precautionary measures

paints for shatush test for allergies

Allergies can develop to any paint, so before
the procedure should conduct a test on the portability of the components. For
This small portion of the finished product should be applied to the skin for
ear and watch the skin reaction for several hours (ideally –
two days). The appearance of itching, rashes and redness will be
signs of allergies. All works – mixing, drawing, rinsing.
paints – performed with gloves.

Hair care after the procedure

hair strengthening procedures after painting

After the shatusha do not forget about the care

  • use of special shampoos for melirovanny hair;
  • occasional use of balms and masks;
  • spray protection before blow drying and drying;
  • Panama hair protection in the summer and a hat in the cold.

Important! Dyed hair is not recommended to wash
too hot water – it quickly washes away the pigment.

Difference between the shatush and other techniques

Shatush on short hair

  • Balayazh – even smoother, almost invisible
    the border between shades, the paint is applied “throwing” V-shaped
    brush strokes.

balayazh on short hair

  • Booking is used a few (from 3 to 7) shades
    one palette, close to the “native” color.

Booking on short hair

  • Ombre – has a very clear expressive border of color,
    performed in contrasting colors.

Ombre on short hair

Shatush – an interesting variant of coloring, allowing you to look
fresh and stylish. Apply this type of highlighting on short hair.
most difficult, so the procedure is best carried out in the cabin.

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