Short haircuts for women after 40: fashionable, stylish, young

After celebrating the fortieth anniversary, many women note a change in structure.
hair. They become thinner and brittle, straighten or
start to curl. Strands thin out and lose their pomp.

Gray hair requires staining, so changes in appearance
inevitable. Why not try a more radical option and not
make a short haircut? It will make the image more modern,
youthful, spectacular.

Photo 201 In order not to be mistaken, it is important to take time to carefully
selection of hairstyles.

  • 1 Selection Rules
  • 2 How to reduce age with a haircut
  • 3 Fashionable styling: what fits all
    • 3.1 Bob
    • 3.2 Pixie
    • 3.3 Short layers
    • 3.4 Caret
    • 3.5 cap
  • 4 Nuances of staining

Selection rules

According to stylists, hairstyles for ladies of elegant age should

  1. Relevant. Nothing ages like a haircut,
    Former in fashion 10-15 years ago. At the same time stylish retro motifs
    quite acceptable. But it should not be an outdated hairstyle, but
    Fashionable version with vintage notes.
  2. Easy to clean. Hardly active
    a woman immersed in a career agreeing to spend hours on
    daily styling. It is much more convenient to visit the hairdresser every 3
    weeks for the correction and refreshment of the image.
  3. Diverse. A good haircut can be quickly
    transform with styling or fashion
  4. Matching hair type, overall look, style
    of life. If the strands are curly, do not constantly straighten
    their ironing, thinning and draining. Women spending a lot of time in
    office, should prefer simple and neat hairstyles,
    Representatives of the liberal professions are more creative.

To help in the selection of hairstyles can an experienced stylist. He will appreciate the quality
hair, their obedience, susceptibility to styling products.

Interesting ideas can be found in fashion magazines.
Professionals recommend finding a star of a suitable age and
appropriate color type and try the same haircut as that of

Photo 202

How to reduce age with a haircut

According to stylists, they can add years:

  • too long, shapeless hair;
  • overdried, split strands;
  • hair, smoothly combed from the forehead;
  • excessively thick, evenly trimmed bangs,
  • dull, expressionless color, emphasizing the earthiness

This video clearly shows how a hair style can add
age for woman:

As you know, the older the woman, the
shorter haircut. To look younger, it is worth trying:

  1. Strands of different length, beautifully framing
    face. They visually lengthen the neck and narrow puffy cheeks.
  2. Volume at the crown, graduated along the neck
    and complemented by elongated temples. Balances the proportions, add
    image dynamics.
  3. Clarified strands of the face. They are refreshing,
    hide fine wrinkles, give the skin a glow.
  4. Long milled bangs to eyebrows.
    It will hide the folds of the nose and the wrinkles on the forehead, will attract
    attention to beautiful eyes.
  5. Asymmetrical hairstyle with short nape and
    elongated strands at the temples. Haircut will emphasize the line
    lips, hide wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and add relevance

Here are more women’s short haircuts after 40 years, photo:

Photo 203 Photo 204

Fashionable styling: what fits all

The following will help to make the image more youthful and fashionable.
hairstyles options:


The most popular haircut among movie stars and
other famous people who are over 40. Looks particularly impressive on
women with a slim figure. Full worth add volume with
using filing and highlighting.

Photo 205 Properly made bob will form a beautiful oval
face, emphasize the length of the neck. In addition, the hairstyle is very simple
leaving. With a light styling foam and brush, you can add
styling smoothness or thoughtful carelessness.

The bob with a fringing very effectively looks. In this embodiment, bangs
covers the forehead, and the filleted side strands beautifully frame the face,
emphasizing the line of the cheekbones and chin.


Photo 206Great solution for

Short ragged strands slightly lengthen the oval, narrow the cheeks, make
image more graceful and youthful.

The styling is not gentle, just apply a little mousse to the hair and
add volume with your fingers.

The big advantage of a haircut is that even after regrowth, it
looks stylish

Hairstyle looks particularly impressive on light and red

Short layers

Ideal for thin, thin hair.
Strands trimmed at different levels may look uneven.
cascade or steps smoothly flowing into each other.

Photo 207 The shape of the bangs is selected individually. Short
layers can be supplemented with an asymmetrical elongated forelock or
milled locks on the forehead.


Photo 208Universal short female haircut wishing
look stylish while dropping several
years old.

Looks impressive on thick dark hair.

A slight asymmetry on the
temples or a raised head.


Hairstyle for owners of triangular or square faces.

Body-trimmed strands and short thick bangs will add
the necessary roundness will make the image fence and cute.

The hairstyle will emphasize the line of eyebrows and eyes and will allow
experiment with makeup.

Nuances of staining

Even if in youth a woman did not change her hair color, the first
Sedin will motivate her to experiment with dyes. Those who
several years in a row chooses the same color, also worth
think about change.

This is especially important for women with a contrasting appearance, painted
blondes or radical brunettes.

With age, natural colors soften, which means that
it’s time to change aggressive saturated colors to more
soft. They will not emphasize folds and wrinkles,
emphasize beautiful skin color and make the image more youthful.

Natural blondes should try to change
cold gamut on warmer. Instead of silver and
ashy notes you can use paint with golden or honey
subtone. It is best to use sparing paints without ammonia. They
do not penetrate deep into the hair, do not change their texture, go
gradually and naturally.

Photo 209 Light brown women can be added to the hairstyle
individual colored strands. Light chestnut
ash light brown or dark light gray gamma. Those who prefer more
warm tones, like bright or saturated copper casting
soft glare on face.

Refresh the image capable of modern technology toning,
for example, shatush. To color look
perfect, better to do it in the cabin. It is necessary for women
wishing to change color more than 2 tones.

Do not forget about vitamins:

  • Panacea for hair – vitamin E;
  • Biotin is the secret of beautiful hair.

A new image will support the right cosmetics. Short haircut
allows you to focus on lips with fashionable matte lipstick
or a bright fruit balm with a smoothing effect. Narrow down
face and rejuvenate it will help properly selected rouge and clear
eyebrow line.

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