Simple exercises to strengthen the legs

Most of us are constantly concerned about strengthening the legs, because
want them to be beautiful and strong. In addition to the desire to
beauty, it is important to remember that legs play a very important role in
health and functioning of the whole body, because it is they
get the greatest load.

No matter how you spend time: sitting or standing, legs
get tired, weaken, lose muscle tone and begin to ache, creating
significant amount of inconvenience and problems. In most cases
this leads to excessive compression of blood vessels and
insignificant physical activity that causes a delay
liquids, varicose veins, edema and other negative

exercises to strengthen the legs

In order to avoid all these problems, you need to work on
strengthening the legs to improve blood and lymph circulation
toxins and excess fluid. For this purpose, use effective
special exercises aimed at strengthening the legs.

Why is it useful to strengthen the legs?

Having beautiful legs is good not only from aesthetic
considerations. Strengthening them, we improve the work of the whole organism. there is
many reasons to start working on your legs:

  • Doing exercises to strengthen the legs, we support them in
    tonus. As a result, the shape of the muscles at the ankles and
  • This is very useful because the exercises intensify
    blood circulation, thus improving venous and lymphatic
    outflow, which is a prerequisite for the elimination of toxins and
    fluid that is retained in the body.
  • Exercises help maintain a good mood and
    prevent injuries, increase joint mobility and, in general,
    add energy to the whole body.
  • The legs will be less tired because they will become strong and
  • Classes increase self-esteem, after reaching good
    results, you will feel great.

What exercises are best for strengthening the legs?

First, it is important to first warm up and stretch the muscles in order to
avoid possible injury. Also recommended stretching at the end

  • Squats

This is one of the best leg strengthening exercises that you
can do at home, because besides the ease of execution, she
characterized by high efficiency.

  • First position: Become level, put your feet shoulder-width apart
    holding straight back and head.
  • Exercise: inhale, bend your knees slightly and
    lower the hips down so that the buttocks move in the direction
    ankles. You can keep your hands free, or bend them behind the head.
    Return to the starting position. Repeat exercise several
  • Lunge

This is another very effective and easy to do at home.
exercise that strengthens the legs.

  1. First Position: Take a standing position, feet together, hands on
    hips, keep your head and back straight.
  2. Exercise: Degree forward with one foot and easily bend both
    legs until you gradually reach 90 degrees. Stay in it
    position for two or three seconds and return to the first
    positions. Do the same with the other foot. Repeat exercise
  • Step platform

Exercise is ideal for strengthening and improving leg tone, but
such a simulator is not in every home. Instead, you can
use ordinary stairs.

  1. First position: stand on top of the step platform, holding
    straight head and back.
  2. Exercise: Lift the body until the leg that
    is on the step, you do not straighten up completely, and the one that
    stood on the ground, will not rise. Return to the starting position.
    Do the same with the other foot. Repeat exercise several
  • Running on the spot

This exercise is very easy to perform, it is one of
best to add to the permanent complex.

  • First position: get straight, put your feet on the width of your hips,
    bend your arms in front of your chest.
  • Exercise: lift the heels in turn, as if trying
    touch them buttocks. Rhythmically repeat 30 times, and then
    take a rest.


This is one of the best exercises to strengthen the legs. She also
helps to improve the shape and size of the buttocks.

  • First position: lie on your back on the mat or something similar.
    Bend your knees and place them on the floor.
  • Exercise: Raise the pelvis until you are in the position of the bridge.
    Repeat several times.

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