Simple hairstyles with heels – easy way look stunning!

bunch of long hairUnusually feminine looking sloppy
a bunch of hair, because thanks to it the neck remains open –
The most seductive part of the body of a lady. Long Hair Bundle
is a universal hairstyle. It is perfect for studying
and work, and for a romantic date and solemn
exit. It may look different, it all depends on the way
styling. We will tell you how to make flagella on the hair (long
and medium) in different ways.

Style: Oriental Minimalism

If you know how such a bundle is made, it means you do not have
problems with her hair. In minutes you can make a fashionable
laying, having on hand a few studs, rubber bands and pins in the form
sticks. It will take more forming roller, it is sold in any
store hairdressing supplies. It looks like a round

First you need to comb the hair smoothly and collect them on the crown.
elastic, making the tail to be threaded into the hole
“donut” and tuck the ends of the hair. Then start carefully
turn the roller, twisting a strand on it. In conclusion
straighten your hair and secure the bundle with hairpins.

This method is more suitable for those who have thick and long hair.
If your hair is not so rich, it’s enough
surface flatten the tail, closing the roller evenly, and pull
his rubber band. The tips left free need to be wrapped around.
the base of the beam, previously twisted in two bundles. Hairstyle in
Oriental style will be fully completed when you pass

It is very important that the roller is made of synthetic
the fibers. If you can not buy this, old tights or
Terry socks replace it. Cut off all the excess and make a cylinder
knitwear. The roller is ready! To make the beam more voluminous when
medium hair, you need to make a thicker bagel.

Charming carelessness

Leading positions still retain their hairstyles in a la style
naturel “. Therefore, owners of long curls come in handy
tips on how to make a sloppy bunch of hair. Node might be
is located anywhere: on the back of the head, asymmetrically, at the base of the neck,
high on the crown or shifted to one side.

First you need to pull the hair in the tail and divide it into four
parts. Twist in pairs with each other in two bundles and wrap freely
them around the base, fasten with studs. Lift hair
from the root comb with a long handle. At the temples release a few
strands. An artificial haircut can be a great decoration.
flower, bead or hairpin in the shape of a bow.

Classics of antiquity

In fashion today hairstyles in the Greek style. They look
charming and simple, and to make such beauty on the head is not
is labor. Recommendations for creating a beam given above
take as a basis. To make the finished hairstyle more colorful,
bandage required – woven leather hoop.

The Greek hairstyle is notable for its pomp, so you need
make lung stuffed at the roots before collecting hair in the tail.
When the hair is done, collect the hair on the back of the head and put on the bezel.
Split our tails into several strands, sweating them after this
the entire length. Twist the curls into a ring before forming a hole. Have
tail grounds pin up each part.

photo lesson 1 photo lesson 2 photo lesson 3 photo lesson 4 photo lesson 5 photo lesson 6 photo lesson 7 photo lesson 8 As a result, we get
pretty voluminous bunch on the back of the head. Intimate hairstyle
will give the separation of several strands behind, near the neck and on the temples.
They can be twisted with forceps. So you can easily make your hair
for the evening out! Lacquering with glitter is the last

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Already more than a dozen years, actress Audrey Hepburn – the standard
femininity. Many stylists take inspiration from her.
hairstyles Actually make a bunch of babette hair,
just like pretty Audrey’s pretty easy. In this hairstyle
volume is of paramount importance, therefore it is necessary to
wind up on large curlers, spray them with varnish and a little
dry hair dryer. Having done this, collect curls in two tails – one
just below the top and the other on it.

For such a beam, a larger roller will be needed. It is better
make it the most of the old stockings – will be exactly what you need. AT
roller bore to thread the hair, then fix them with

Nachos – this is the “babette”, so you need to beat each
separate the strand and then gently comb. Straighten
hair, covering the roller, gently wrap around the base
tips.All the resulting beauty fasten studs. At last
tie a wide ribbon bow around the beam.

Retro charm

Very elegant and elegant look hairstyle in retro style, their
even today they call it Hollywood chic. Therefore, in conclusion
I would like to tell about how to make flagella on the hair in
retro style.

To make this wonderful hairstyle, you need gel and varnish.
for hair, flat clips used by hairdressers in the process
creating large waves on the hair. To side parting, before this
moistened with gel strands. Blow-dry hair after fixing
clamps. The resulting waves to fix varnish, any convenient
the way to collect hair from behind in a bun.

These are the hairstyles with hairpins can be made with your own hands!
These are simple hairstyles, but at the same time they look very beautiful,
emphasize the feminine individuality and complement the image.

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