Simple ways to whiten the armpit area houses

The skin of the armpits is a site that is prone
darken or change color, due to various factors.
This could be genetics, for example, if other members of your family
there was this problem. On the other hand, chemical deodorants and
antiperspirants contain substances that can significantly
change skin color. This may also be due to poor deletion.
hair with a dull razor.

Regardless of the reason, dark skin under the arms looks
unattractive and influences self-esteem, especially when you want
wear sleeveless clothing or straps. Fortunately, today we
let’s talk about some simple ways to whiten the area under
mice, as well as improving skin health.

There are products on the market today that promise to whiten zones
under the arms and remove dark spots, but you don’t need to waste the whole
condition on the acquisition of these funds. Much cheaper
Wonderful alternative – a home remedy that brings
very effective results with regular use. Ready
Do you find out about natural methods of whitening the underarms?


  • Lemon and Sugar Scrub
  • Cream for home whitening armpit area
  • Lemon juice
  • Yogurt and Oatmeal
  • Apple vinegar
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Lemon and Sugar Scrub

This natural scrub is the first step towards noticeably
whitened underarms and stain removal. Through high
acid content lemon should be applied to the skin only at night,
since exposure to sunlight may have adverse
effects. Lemon is very powerful
whitening agent, and sugar helps naturally
peel off and remove dead cells.

Just mix a tablespoon of sugar and a half cup.
lemon juice. Apply the mixture directly to the armpit area and
leave for 15 minutes, then rinse and dry the skin.

Cream for home whitening armpit area

With these available ingredients you can make your own.
whitening cream to remove dark spots and natural
lightening the skin of the armpits. To cook it, mix in
a bowl of a tablespoon of honey, juice of one lemon and two tablespoons
oatmeal. After the formation of the paste, apply it
directly under the armpits and leave for 10 minutes.

whitening the underarm area


Lemon juice

A simple way to get the whitening benefits of lemons –
apply juice directly to the armpit area before bedtime. Lemon
is a natural astringent that helps deeply
cleanse the skin and stimulates the removal of dead cells. Simply
apply lemon juice to clean the armpits, leave for 30
minutes and wash off before bedtime.

Yogurt and Oatmeal

The combination of yogurt and oatmeal effectively brightens and exfoliates
skin, which helps reduce dark spots under the armpits, first
turn, due to the removal of dead cells. Just mix the dining room.
a spoonful of yogurt with half a teaspoon of chopped oats. Rub
mix into the armpit zone with careful circular movements and then
rinse with cold water.


Apple vinegar

This product contains natural acids that prevent
bacterial growth on the skin. In addition, it is very effective as
bleaching agent and neutralizes odor in the armpit.
Simply mix equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar and apply on
area under the armpits using soft tissue.

You can try using apple cider vinegar only, but
try the tool in a small area to make sure that it does not
causes an allergic reaction.

Hydrogen peroxide

Another economical and effective way to eliminate dark
underarms – the use of hydrogen peroxide. This natural
the product helps remove all types of stains, but should be used
him with care to avoid potential allergic
reaction. It is recommended to choose a lower concentration in order not to
irritate the skin but you can also check out higher
concentration. Just put it on the armpit area, leave it in
for 10 minutes and then rinse with cold water.



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