Soap, salt and soda are excellent products from dandruff!

Almost a quarter of the world’s population suffers from dandruff.
The ideal way to treat seborrhea is to eliminate the cause
diseases. To do this, you need to identify what kind of failure in the body
provoked the activity of the fungus: cosmetics, diet
nutrition, psychological state, etc. After that seborrhea
It must be treated with a dandruff remedy.
Consider some simple but effective ways to get rid of
peeling of the scalp.

Dandruff Remedy


  • Soap will relieve dandruff
  • Essential and vegetable oils from seborrhea
  • Salt helps cure dandruff
  • Seborrhea treatment with baking soda
  • Sulsena against flaking skin

Soap will relieve dandruff

Get rid of the annoying “white crust” will help the usual
household or tar dandruff soap. But this tool is not
It should be abused because the soap alkali as a result
prolonged exposure to hair, destroys their structure.

Laundry soap contains in its composition saturated fatty
acids that envelop every hair, moisturize and nourish
their. Therefore, laundry soap not only helps effectively
get rid of dandruff, but also restores damaged and dry
hair, however use of such a dandruff remedy should not be
more than once a week. At the same time you need to wash your hair with soap.

Laundry soap has strong
cleansing and antifungal properties.

Let us examine in more detail the properties of soap, which help
fight dandruff:

  1. Disinfects. Strong alkaline ingredients included
    in the composition of laundry soap, have an active antimicrobial
    action on the scalp, killing the fungus.
  2. Dissolves grease and washes away dirt. With strong cleansing
    substances quickly and easily removed dandruff and fat flakes from the skin
  3. Relieves itching. This tool significantly reduces itching, and in
    in some cases completely eliminates it, even after a one-time
    use of soap solution.
  4. Dries. This is one of the best remedies if the scalp
    fatty at the roots and seborrhea fatty. But if the dandruff is dry, then the skin
    after using soap, you need to moisten.
  5. Accelerates hair growth. The composition of this soap includes a variety of
    useful components that help strengthen hair
    bulbs and hair growth. If dandruff causes them to fall out,
    this property of laundry soap is very important.

In the future, this soap can be used once a month to
prevention of dandruff.

Tar soap from dandruff, due to the content of natural
beneficial substances very effectively fights peeling of the skin.
Especially effective this tool for oily seborrhea. Birch
tar – the main component of this soap, has a specific
smell, but you should not be afraid of it, because the “aroma” of tar
soap suds does not remain on the hair, eroding after 15-25

Tar – a substance that is known for its
anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, does not cause
allergic reactions and heals small cracks in the skin

To get rid of dandruff, you must prepare a soap
solution or foam, apply the composition to the hair roots, then lather and
spread over the entire length. After 5-7 minutes, the composition should not be washed off.
hot water, and to comb your hair well, you need
rinse them with slightly acidified water – 1 tbsp. vinegar on 1 liter.

Important! For washing off the soap solution is impossible
use hot water, otherwise the soap will curl up, and comb your hair
will be impossible.

Do not use household or tar dandruff soap.
will give instant results. After 4-5 weeks of regular
weekly use of dandruff will gradually completely disappear.
Repeat the course of treatment can be no earlier than three months.

Soap from dandruff

Essential and vegetable oils from seborrhea

You can also fight with seborrhea with the help of various plant
and essential oils. Excessive flaking of the skin on the head will help
normalize castor, olive, coconut, flaxseed,
sea ​​buckthorn, burdock oil for dandruff or any essential oil.
Such natural remedies contribute to quick relief.
snow-white dead scales.

Tea based essential oils are most commonly used.
wood, cypress, rosemary, geranium, ylang-ylang, hop, lemon balm,
cedar, lavender and eucalyptus. To dandruff disappeared, you need to
add 3-5 drops to rinse or shampoo. You can also
rub into the scalp after washing the hair a few drops of any of
the above essential oils.

Among vegetable oils, the most effective are:

  • castor oil is a very effective dandruff remedy,
    which relieves itching, eliminates dryness, strengthens and softens
    hair nourishes the scalp. It is necessary to put on the hair roots and slightly
    rub into the skin for half an hour before washing your head;
  • burdock oil for dandruff – used to treat dry
    seborrhea and not applicable to oily hair. This tool also needs
    rub into the skin before washing the head, then be sure to wrap
    wrap and towel. Such masks need to be done within 3-4
  • coconut oil – has a pronounced antibacterial
    antimicrobial effect on the hair,
    stimulates their growth, returns shine and strength, prevents
    the emergence of gray hair. Apply to the skin with light massaging.
  • olive oil – protects the scalp from strong
    drying and peeling, preventing dandruff. With help
    This means massage the head and then wrap the hair.
    towel and leave for 30 minutes;
  • Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent tool for the beauty of hair,
    which stimulates their growth and strengthens, has a powerful
    regenerating effect that helps remove dandruff and
    skin renewal. Applied in the form of a mask on the hair 40 minutes before
    water treatments for two months;
  • linseed oil – quickly normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands of the skin
    head, well absorbed and easily washed off. For the treatment of dry
    dandruff, flaxseed oil should be heated and rubbed into the hair roots for
    20 minutes before taking a bath. Repeat the procedure twice a week in
    for two months.

For the prevention of dandruff, any of these oils
rub into the scalp once a week for one month.

Dandruff oil

Salt helps cure dandruff

Another effective anti-dandruff remedy is marine or conventional.
salt. After all, it is a good antiseptic, and in
high concentration has a detrimental effect on
microorganisms, including those that are flexible, causing dandruff. Salt
cleanses the scalp of impurities, improves
blood circulation and nutrition of hair follicles.

But salt used against dandruff has a number of other

  1. Exfoliates dead cells of the epidermis – saline abrasives
    the crystals act like a scrub, removing scales and neutralizing
  2. Normalizes the sebaceous glands – salt removes from the skin
    covers excess fat and dries it.
  3. Stimulates hair growth – salt particles irritate the skin,
    promoting blood flow to the hair follicles.
  4. Prevents hair loss – saline contains
    a lot of nutrients that feed the hair roots.

There are several ways to use salt for the prevention and
seborrhea treatment:

  1. Salt can be rubbed into the head in its pure form. For this before
    water procedures need to massage slightly moist skin 2-3
    spoons of salt for 3-5 minutes, then immediately wash off with shampoo and
    rub into the skin again for 10-15 minutes and rinse with water.
  2. Salt mask with yolks and is very effective against dandruff
    bread. Mix 1 tsp. sea ​​salt, 2 yolks and 2 soaked pieces
    rye bread. Apply the mixture on the hair and leave for 45-60 minutes,
    then rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
  3. You can make a dandruff compress on the basis of salt. For this
    It is necessary to pour 1 cup of salt with 200 ml of water, apply the solution to
    roots, wrap film and wear a warming cap. 50-60
    minutes wash your hair. These compresses strengthen the hair and return

Anti-dandruff salt is an excellent low-cost product that
there is in the kitchen of each mistress.

Salt from dandruff

Seborrhea treatment with baking soda

Baking soda is a very useful cooking powder.
disinfection, teeth whitening, boiling laundry, getting rid of
smell of sweat, washing dishes and other surfaces, so each
housewives in the kitchen must have a pack of soda. But few know
that soda is also an excellent anti-dandruff remedy. Baking soda
has a wonderful peeling effect.

When using soda for rubbing into the skin, the powder is mixed
with excess fat and other contaminants that can be easily washed away
plain water. The use of baking soda against dandruff is not
violates the skin and fat balance, which means that it does not occur
overdrying as with the use of pharmaceuticals against

And yet with soda, despite the fact that it is not toxic, you need
handle very carefully if:

  • the hair has been freshly painted – soda will easily wash away the paint and color
    will become dull;
  • scalp sensitive, itching may occur or
    allergic reaction;
  • hair is very dry, thin, brittle and split.

Dandruff treatment with baking soda is great for fatty
hair roots. To do this, you can use one of the folk
recipes for dandruff and oily seborrhea:

  1. Dissolve 4 tsp. soda in a little water and
    carefully rubbing, apply the mixture to the scalp,
    leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with cold water.
  2. Pour a glass of warm water in a bottle, pour 1 tbsp there.
    soda and 1 tsp. shampoo Shake well and wash your hair with this mixture.
    once a week if the hair is oily, and twice a month if curls
  3. Connect 1 tbsp. soda, 100 ml of water, 1 egg and 5 tsp. vodka
    mix thoroughly and apply to the roots, and then along the entire length
    strands, gently massaging the scalp. Rinse off with water
    vinegar or citric acid.

Soda is a great remedy for oily seborrhea, which
passed the test is not one generation.

Dandruff Soda

Sulsena against flaking skin

Effectively combats the causes of dandruff and itching
Sulsen head. Paste normalizes the sebaceous glands of the skin.
scalp removes exogenous toxins that destroy
hair follicle. Sulsena also favorably affects
strengthening and growth of hair, improves their tone, gives a healthy look,
elasticity and shine. This tool effectively restores
vital activity of skin cells.

Sulsena – a drug from
seborrhea containing 1% or 2% selenium disulfide and a complex of beneficial

There is also an anti-dandruff Sulsen shampoo that has
antiseptic and disinfectant properties. Shampoo or paste
wet hair is applied, rubbed into the roots with massaging movements
hair, after 5 minutes, washed off. Hair after applying Sulsena
become soft, shiny, very easy to comb. One
a bottle or tube is enough for a course of treatment.

As a prophylactic use 1%
Sulsena solution, and for the treatment of dandruff – 2% shampoo.

As a result of the use of Sulsena not only completely disappears.
dandruff and pruritus, pityriasis versicolor, seborrheic dermatitis, but
Sebo-control occurs – protecting the skin from dandruff with
long action, and also there is an improvement of hair. To that
recently producer Sulsena changed perfume, and instead of the usual
unpleasant smell, the aroma of medicinal herbs is felt.

At the same time, Sulsena dries the skin very much, so you should avoid
hitting the shampoo on the face, especially should take care of your eyes. After
water procedures must be applied to the skin of the face and hands moisturizing
or nourishing cream. Special contraindications for use
No sulsenes, only individual intolerance to the components,
included in the funds. Therefore, before using the paste or
shampoo, you need to carefully examine the composition of the drug.

Sulsena is a good antidandruff medicine. But at
seborrhea, you should also try to get rid of it when
relief soda, salt, soap, vegetable and essential oils one of
the above methods. Believe me, the result is nice.
will surprise.

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