Special strength for healthy hair: useful hair masks with cognac

Despite the variety and availability of salon procedures,
Each beauty has “beauty secrets” based on folk
recipes. Use egg yolk, mustard, kefir or onions for
gaining lush and healthy hair today no one has

Cognac However, in search of an efficient and environmentally friendly
funds for strong shiny curls are sometimes worth a look not in
the fridge, and .. in the bar! For some, it may sound amazing
but a hair mask with brandy is an excellent option
for those who care about the beauty of hair.

Several centuries became aware of the benefits of an elite drink
backwards Empress Elizabeth of Austria herself used a mixture
egg yolk and brandy to achieve thick braids and use
less overhead boucle – I must say that her curls were
the envy of all the court beauties.

The benefits of brandy

The content of the article:

  • The benefits of brandy
  • Decent pair: mask components
  • Masking rules
  • Video – mask of brandy

Gourmets claim that good cognac in moderate doses
brings only benefits: relaxes, dilates blood vessels,
improves the condition of the heart and blood vessels and improves mood. but
when used externally, it is no less useful – the use of masks
on the basis of brandy affects the hair as follows:

  • Due to its alcohol content, the drink has a slight
    irritant effect on the skin. Blood circulation increases in
    vessels that provides additional oxygen supply, and
    therefore, nutrients to the roots. Hair strengthens and
    grow faster.
  • Due to the enhanced nutrition of the roots, the curls become more
    thick, elastic and resilient.
  • Essential oils contained in cognac (in particular, oil
    grape seed) favorably affects the structure of the hair – in
    As a result, the scales are closed, and the strands become mirrored.
  • Cognac is very rich in tannins. As a result of their
    effects on the scalp disappear all manifestations of seborrhea:
    work of sebaceous glands is normalized, the irritation disappears and

The action of the masks with a refined drink is also different.
long-term effects: after a course of treatment is sufficient
rinse your head with a tablespoon of brandy once a week after
washing to a delightful effect preserved.

Decent pair: mask components

Compositions with the addition of brandy can be universal, however
adding different ingredients will create a tool
completely suitable for a particular type of hair.

Cognac and Egg The table below lists the components for
making the most effective masks.

Ingredient Act Notes
Honey The source of vitamins and valuable amino acids, prevents the loss of
hair and a beneficial effect on their health
In combination with brandy – an excellent tool for oily hair,
when adding vegetable oils – for dry
Egg yolk Contains vitamins A and E, gives hair smoothness, strength and
When adding brandy and oils, you get a good composition for
brittle split locks, with brewer’s yeast – for those prone to
fat curls
Vegetable oils Nourish the scalp, give shine and elasticity The most effective in combination with cognac proved
almond, castor and burdock oil. In the manufacture of masks for
greasy hair is desirable to dilute brandy with lemon juice oils
or honey.
Oak bark Contains tannins with anti-inflammatory effects,
stimulates hair follicles
In combination with brandy and egg yolk, you get excellent
mask for weak and brittle hair
Red pepper Thanks to capsaicin it actively stimulates hair growth. Mix cognac and pepper can only be in equal quantities.
Be sure to add vegetable oils or honey to the mask –
otherwise the irritating effect will be too strong. For dry hair
should not apply
Citrus juice Tones the scalp, nourishes the hair with vitamins A, D, C Grapefruit and lemon juices are considered the most effective.
which it is desirable to mix in a 1: 1 ratio. At the same time in the mask for
dry hair is recommended to add egg yolk, for oily –
Brewer’s yeast Their special composition contributes to the rapid absorption of vitamins and
active acids, and the microorganisms contained in them are actively
struggling with fungal skin diseases
The product is suitable for treating scalp and strengthening curls.
To enhance the effect, it is advisable to mix the yeast with the warm
with milk
Onion Contains substances similar in composition to keratin, as well as a whole
a complex of vitamins, so that significantly strengthens the hair
When mixing onion juice with cognac in a ratio of 2: 1
it turns out an excellent firming mask

Beauties serious about caring for themselves recommend
choose brandy for a mask just like men choose it
for a relaxing pastime: the product should be
quality and have at least five years of exposure. Drink,
It may be expensive, but the beauty is worth it.

Masking rules

If you use brandy in its pure form, the recipe for beautiful hair
simple: just rub a couple of spoons of the product into the hair roots on
several hours. But in order to give the curls maxim benefit, it is better
make more complex masks and apply them, observing the following

  • The amount of brandy in the mask depends on the type of hair: the more
    they are prone to fat content, the more drink should be added. AND
    on the contrary, to get rid of dryness, you should make an advantage in
    the use of vegetable oils.
  • All masks are applied to the tips, and massage is applied to the roots.
  • The warming cap is obligatory: only heat will help completely
    release all the useful components of brandy.
  • Keep the composition should not less than an hour, at least – 40 minutes.
  • Apply products based on the product can be weekly 2-3
    times, the usual course – up to 15 procedures.

After a month and a half, the curls will delight with pomp and healthy
kind of. And another pleasant surprise: as a result of using
cognac masks hair will become less sensitive to aggressive
action paints and hot curls! Freedom of experimentation and minimum
damage to your scythes – what else does a true woman need?

Video – mask of brandy

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