Spit fish tail: popular options weaving

The simple fishtail has another one
name – spikelet. This hairstyle fits all
the fair sex, regardless of

Spit fish tail

  • 1 Who will fit
  • 2 Recommendations for the type of hair
  • 3 Combination with wardrobe items.
  • 4 For what cases
  • 5 How to weave
    • 5.1 Classic version of the model from the tail
    • 5.2 Option with grabs
    • 5.3 Child models
    • 5.4 How to braid yourself
  • 6 Fishtail on the side
    • 6.1 Option to start from the temple
  • 7 Option with rubber bands
  • 8 Spit reverse
  • 9 double fish tail
  • 10 How to make a volumetric fishtail braid
  • 11 Fishtail hairstyles
    • 11.1 Fishtail Bundle
    • 11.2 Malvinka
  • 12 Fishtail with Kanekalon
  • 13 Jewelery for fishtail braids

To suit

Best of all braid looks at long and medium length
hair. Owners of smooth and straight curls cone will
look perfect. But if the strands have different lengths, then the ends of them
will knock out hair in different places.

Recommendations on the type of hair

The beauty of the fishtail spit is that it looks good on
any curls as thick and very rare. In the latter case
To create a hairstyle will require a preliminary
bouffant. You can give styling a neat look or
negligence. It all depends on the case, mood, state

Hair does not have to be straight, you can braid
wavy, even curly. To deal with them it was easier
You should use the iron and mousse for styling.

Combination with wardrobe items

Braid in combination with wardrobe items

Fish braid goes well with a simple home dress,
a business suit, a party outfit and a leather jacket.
There are many types of styling of this type, and
it’s easy to choose the one that most accurately tells about your
mood and highlight the dignity of the dress.

For what cases

On weekdays, the fishtail is used so that the hair does not interfere
work. On weekends and holidays, making it a bit more complicated
technique, it is easy to achieve a combination of hairstyles with a dress.
Going on a date or a walk, you can collect a little hair
casually in a braid and catch admiring glances of others.

How to weave

How to weave a braid

The weaving scheme is simple and does not require much effort:

  1. It is necessary to divide the hair into 2 parts.
  2. Take on a thin curl alternately with one and the other
    hand, consistently weave them, swapping.

It’s simple: send the right strand to the left, left – right.

This video shows a free course of weaving fish spit

The classic version of the model of the tail

The simplest performance. Pre hair is collected in
tail at the height, which is more like it.

The beam is divided in half, each part is picked up
hands: right – right, left – left. From the part that
is located on the right, a thin strand is separated, translated into the left
hand and grabbed her. Then the left hand on the left takes the same
strand on the left and turn right to the right hand.

This series of simple actions is consistently repeated until
until the weaving is complete.

Then you need to fix the hair, for example, a rubber band.

Helpful advice! To close the gum in place
fastening braids, you need to separate the small strand, wrap it
gum and using a pin to stretch the tip of the strand under

Pickup option

Fishtail with grabs

For this model, it is required to divide the strand taken into 3 parts.

Step plan:

  1. Begin weaving a fishtail spit with grabs should
    as well as the familiar French pigtail. Right strand
    shift to the left through the middle strand. From the left come
    similarly: shifted through the next strand and 2
    collected in one. Thus, it turns out 2 workers
    strands from which spikelet begins.
  2. Further, in turn, on each side is required to separate
    thin strand.
  3. Hitting her bottom with your index finger, shift to
    the opposite side through the upper curl and pick up the other
    by hand.
  4. Add strand from the same side, connecting with the previous one.
    Do the same on the other side.
  5. Alternating sides, you need to separate each time.
    thin strand of already existing braids, shift
    through the next lock in her other hand.
  6. Adding on the side order, continue weaving until
    the end.

Tacks can be performed at a certain distance, separating
wide curl from the total mass of hair. Disconnect on the left, add to
right strand, then, on the contrary, take the right and connect with the left.
After some distance make new pickups and continue

Baby models

Model for a child

On the basis of weaving fish tails turn out beautiful
hairstyles for young fashionistas.

You can start by shifting the center of laying to the side. Run normal
pigtail of two strands with grabs, placing it on one side
heads and gradually shifting to another. After sticking, continue
weaving two strands, then fasten.

The finished pigtail is carefully wrapped in the shape of a snail shell,
hiding the end under a spiral of hair. Fix it with
using studs. Leave in a natural state or
decorate the place of fixation.

Girls will fit any type of spikelet: one, two pigtails, from
tail, side, around the head. It all depends on the length of the curls,
the preferences of the young beauty and the case in which they make

How to braid yourself

Weaving Spit itself

It is difficult to braid yourself such a pigtail using thin strands.
Hands numb, so you need experience. After spit
docked to the neck, turn it on its side to
ease your task. First you can try to create it.
side, and use not too thin curls.

After a few workouts, you will be able to braid the braid all over.

This video shows how to braid the fishtail braid itself
to myself.

Fishtail on the side

Hairstyle is performed from one pigtail as well as from two
initially joined together later. All hair can be braided
or some part of them.

The option to start from the temple

The technique is simple: you should split the hair in half and shift
on one side. Weaving begin at the temple and continue with the selected

Spit fish tail to the side

Option with rubber bands

How to do:

  1. For laying you need to take a curl, collect it
    in a bun with the gum.
  2. Then stretch the tail from the bottom up to the middle
  3. Grab some of the hair from the head on both sides,
    connecting with a bunch, secure with a rubber band.
  4. Repeat pulling, re-grip and
    fastening in a new tail. Reaching the neck, continue in that
    the same sequence, but without grabs.

Having finished weaving, correct the resulting hairstyle.

Spit contrary

Admired many girls spit “fishtail opposite”
ideal for thin, sparse hair. For
the laying is done in the same way as weaving.
classic spikelet. Difference: strands separated on the side do not put
on the next strand, and under it.

Pay attention! Strands in this case
start up under the scythe.

Such a model can be made with stickings, as in the photo.

Spit reverse

To add volume to the “fishtail in reverse”, it is necessary for both
hands evenly pull the braided curls to the side.

Double fishtail

Creating hairstyles step by step:

  1. It should be separated fine strand in front, braid out of it
    pigtail, put aside so as not to interfere.
  2. The remaining hair is divided into 2 parts.
  3. Spit braid on the contrary.
  4. After 10 cm, i.e. when clear lines of weaving appear,
    highlight a narrow strand, put aside thin
  5. Continue weaving.
  6. After 10 cm release the strand.
  7. Continue creating the hairstyle by repeating
    described steps.

Good advice! To give volume worth
gently stretch the braided curls to the sides.

  1. At the end of weaving, fasten the braid with an elastic band.
  2. Now you need to weave a thin pigtail and make a reverse one of it.
    fish tail.
  3. Having reached the released strand, the braid needs to be divided in half
    and weave into a thin braid, fixing one element on
    a friend.
  4. Continue work, weaving into the rest of the spikelet
    released strands.
  5. To fasten.

How to make a volumetric fishtail braid

Spike spike

There are different variations of the volume spike. Consider in stages
creating one of them:

  1. Begin weaving in the usual way.
  2. One strand is turned on to another, under it, and thrown to the side
    (this will be the first additional order).
  3. From the opposite side take the next working strand,
    give birth to the main one, stretches under it, and folds in
    side (second additional).
  4. Re-add the order, give birth to the main, under it and
    throw back.
  5. The process continues until the appearance of 7 additional curls.
  6. Take the top of them, put on top of the main part,
    add grab under the strands.
  7. On the other hand, again take the top extra curl,
    laid on the main, perform grab under all strands.
  8. Continue weaving, and the resulting fragments are pulled to
    giving the necessary volume.
  9. After the extra strands run out, the braid
    braid first with grabs, and in the end without them.
  10. Secure with a rubber band.

Fishtail Hairstyles

Hairstyles from fishtail

Styling can be very diverse. Fantasies are limited
only by the skill of the hairdresser.

Fishtail bundle

The hairstyle is created on the basis of the tail, from which it is braided
classic spikelet. Strands evenly pulled to
give volume. The braid is twisted around the tail anchorage, and
the end of it is hidden down and fixed with stealth.

Tip! Using lacquer will prolong life


Side curls of the desired thickness are collected in a bunch or make them
flagella and fasten. Then from the fixed curls
perform a classic spike of the desired length.

This video shows how to make a high bagel hairstyle with
weaving a fishtail. ”

Fishtail with Kanekalon

A variety of colored curls easily woven into any spikelets.
Thanks to them, you can add hair volume, increase the length of that
especially happy fashionistas. It is important to start the process of creating hairstyles
carefully secure the synthetic strands under

This can be done at any height. Fixation of kanekalon
It is carried out by the invisible being, which is removed after the execution

Decorations for fish tail braids

The fish tail is good in itself, but you can additionally
Decorate it with accessories:

  • beautiful hairpins;
  • tapes;
  • studs with beads;
  • artificial flowers.

Decorations for fish tail braids

Hairpins and invisible beads with decorations are used to fix
individual strands and spikelets. With their help, it turns out the collected
hairstyle with braids fishtail.

Remember! It is important to comply with the measure in jewelry,
because illiterate use can ruin it
impression of hair.

Make a variety of colored crayons. However, there should
follow measure: do not use more than 2–3 at the same time


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