Spit for all tastes: 14 ideas for medium hair

A variety of braids are loved not only by girls, but also by adults
girls Depending on the way weave pigtails can be
strict and restrained or careless and playful.

Spit on medium hair

On their basis, you can create any hairstyle, including
evening and wedding.

  • 1 Hairstyles from braids with their hands
    • 1.1 Braid with bangs
    • 1.2 Spit to Spit
    • 1.3 Spikelet
    • 1.4 Half-hair
    • 1.5 Spit Boho
    • 1.6 Greek Spit
    • 1.7 French braid
    • 1.8 Little Dragon
    • 1.9 Spit-Plait
    • 1.10 Fishtail
    • 1.11 4-strand braid
    • 1.12 Waterfall
  • 2 Wedding braids
  • 3 Laying with braids on the final

Hairstyles from braids do it yourself

Braids can be very simple or extremely fancy. Their
weave vertically or zigzagged, laid crown around
heads shifted to the side or raised to the crown. It all depends on
structure and thickness of hair, as well as the preferences of their hostess. TO
The advantages of this type of hairstyle include:

  1. Ease of execution. Not necessarily perfect
    accuracy, easy negligence in fashion today.
  2. Relevance. A variety of braids are always in fashion.
  3. Versatility. Beautiful pigtails on average hair go to all
    regardless of age and hair length. Based on them, you can
    make hairstyles of any complexity.
  4. Durability. Properly braided hair lasts all day,
    without requiring correction.

Beautiful braids for medium hair can be braided at home
conditions with your own hands.

You need to start with the simplest options, gradually trying more
refined and sophisticated.

Before work you need

  • wash your hair;
  • apply mousse to hair, removing excess static
  • unruly strands straighten iron;
  • prepare all the necessary accessories: pins, hairpins,
    gum, decorative items.

Council The basis of most braids – French
spit. Having mastered the art of weaving the main strands with
attaching curls from the sides, you can learn new options and
even invent your own.

Braid with bangs

braid with bangsHairstyles with braids on medium hair can be
supplemented with bangs. It is thick and filleted, laid on
forehead or tucked behind the ears.

One of the most spectacular options is a wreath around the head,
complemented by a long bang with an even cut.

Hair is carefully combed and cleaned back.

The bangs are separated and secured with a barber clip.

The bulk of the curls are treated with a moisturizing spray. Part
hair at the ear is divided into 3 strands.

Pletenka is conducted around the head, slightly moving on the forehead. With
crossing small strands of hair are added to them with
top of the head. Braid should be smooth, but not too tight.
She is led to the opposite ear, then work continues until
back of the head. The tip of the braid tuck under the base and pinned

Council Pigtail attachment can be masked
an artificial flower to match the outfit.

At the end of the bang. It is carefully combed.
comb dipped in moisturizing spray.

braid with bangs on medium hair

Too long curls can be tied down by a thin curling iron, but straight
thick bangs also look very beautiful. Fix styling
help varnish.

long bangs-braidA more unusual option – the inclusion of
long bangs in a braid.

This hairstyle is suitable for school or institute, the strands are beautiful
frame your face without falling over your eyes.

Long, trimmed oblique bangs fit to the side.

Hair on the other side of the head spreads and connects to

Very low parting is located near the ear.

The hair from the side of the bang is divided into strands and woven into
classic spikelet.

Additional curls join from the top of the head.
Pletenka goes vertically, most of the curls remain
free. The tip of the braid is tied with a thin elastic band in color.

Spit in Spit

Very unusual and beautiful option. Network
It seems extremely difficult, but it can be done in just 10

braid in braidHair combed on the side parting.

At the temple a wide strand is separated and divided into 3 parts.

Weaving of braids is carried out by the principle of the French cone.

Strands intersect, they are joined by thin curls with
both sides of the head.

Before each interlacing a thin strand is taken out of the braid and
left before work.

When the main braid reaches the back of the head, it is led down the
vertical, the tip is fixed with a thin elastic band. After this comes
queue fine pryadok. They are woven into a simple straight pigtail,
which is placed on top of the spikelet. Hairpins and studs are not needed, both
braids firmly hold and do not fall apart.

The easiest way to learn how to weave this spectacular braid on video. AT
This case shows how to do it for a girl, but for
Adult girls such braids look no worse:

Council This hairstyle looks best
on perfect straight hair. Wavy strands before work
pull the iron or process smoothing cream.


Weave braid on medium hair begins with
classic spikelet. It can be located on the back of the head,
move to the temple.

At the front of the head, part of the hair is separated and divided by 3
parts. When weaving, curls join to the main braid on the right and
left. Strands should be thin, the bulk of the hair remains
inside. Having reached the end, the braid is tied with a cord and tucked
inward, fastening studs.


There is also a back spikelet, which is woven on the main
scheme, but the work begins at the back of the head and goes to the crown. In that
video speech is just about weaving of the back spikelet and options
hairstyles based on such weaving:

Council For special occasions, hair can be decorated
small live or artificial flowers.

Half hair

A variation of the classic spikelet.

Pletenka is located on the side and when crossing strands to them
hair join on one side of the parting.

The second half remains free.

Half-hair is especially beautiful if you weave it on a wavy or
curly strands.

Straight hair can be curled using curling or curlers.

Kosa boho

Option in a trendy casual-elegant style.
The essence of the hair – a combination of braids with flowing hair. Strands
weave loosely, hair looks slightly disheveled. To give
hair mousse or spray based on marine

The hair is separated by a deep side parting. One side
a wide strand is separated, divided into 3 parts and woven into
french braid. In the process, thin strands join the strands.
silk ribbon. After the spit is ready, braid lightly
stretch your arms. And combined with loose strands.

In the photo are different versions of boho spit:


Greek braid

There are a lot of options for Greek braids. More details can be
look here. They beautifully frame the head, recalling the elegant
the crown. The hair is divided into a deep oblique parting from the forehead to the occiput. WITH
one side is separated by a narrow strand.

Pletenka is free, with the accession of the side strand. Spit
It is conducted in a circle and stabs in the middle of the crown. Same
way to braid hair from the other side. On the back of the head pigtails
unite and twist into a sloppy bundle.

French braid

Hair can be made from hair of any length and texture.
There are a huge variety of French braid options.

French braids on medium hair

It is desirable that the hair was cut exactly,
step haircut is difficult to lay in the basket. Hair
combed back, bangs fastened clip.

At the front of the head, a strand is separated and divided into 3 parts.
When weaving braids through each crossing, even ones are added.
strands on the right and left side.

To braid turned out beautiful, right strand always goes to bed
over the center. The finished braid can be left on the back or
tuck under the braid, securing the studs. Bang laid on
side or forehead, fixing the shape of varnish.

This video shows how you can braid the French braids

Little dragon

A variation of the French braid, which mothers of little love so much
girls. Pletenka is located on the back of his head or moves to the side.
The difference from the classic version is that the right strands,
woven into the braid, stacked under the central part.

A pigtail can be made even, but it looks no less interesting.
twisted dragon. During weaving work shifts then to one, then
in the other direction, the bending angle depends on the degree of strand tension,
like in this video:


Simple and effective option suitable for
everyday wear.

Hair is collected on the crown in a high tail.

It is divided into 2 parts.

Both are alternately twisted in the form of a bundle, and the coils should
go one way.

The ends are fixed with thin rubber bands.

The harnesses come together and twist in reverse.

A scythe is tied with a ribbon or a rubber band.

Fish tail

The fish tail is practically the same as the spikelet.
Pletenka seems very difficult, but can even cope with it
teenager. To achieve the volume you need to slightly comb the hair and
smooth with a brush.

The temples are separated 2 strands. From the right is separated curl and
fit to the left. The same order is on the left side
to the right. Work continues until the hair runs out. the end
tied with elastic or drawstring.

4-strand braid

Very effective option, suitable for a wedding or
parties The thicker the hair is of medium length, the more
voluminous and expressive will hairstyle. Clean curls
process texturizing mousse, combed back and divided by 4
straight strands.

The first one on the right is turned on by the second. The other hand is the third
part superimposed on the second, located on top. Fourth strand
get under the first, the second is placed on top of the first, the third – on top

Weaving continues to the desired length, the hair can not be tightened
too hard. Loosely braided braid looks much
more beautiful. It is best to braid it strictly in the center of the head, ready
braided can be thrown over the shoulder.


Romantic combination of French spit and loose
curls. Pletenka is carried on the braid, while the strands are not
dragging down and falling down, reminding jets of water.

Work begins from the low side parting and lead diagonally.
To the braid join strands from the top of the head, the bottom
curls remain free. After weaving the bulk
hair can curl curling.

Wedding braids

Modern wedding fashion is very favorably
to scythes. Of these, high stacking bundles are created which
perfectly fit with the veil. Make a similar installation is easy.
The main thing is to carefully stretch the hair with forceps and process
smoothing cream.

Another option is hair going to a high tail and
braided in a simple braid. She wraps around the base,
securely fastened with studs and decorated with decorative pins.
A veil is attached at the base of the beam.

Council High styling is ideal for strict
dresses with a smooth bodice and a fluffy skirt. For outfits in trendy
mermaid style fit romantic waterfalls.

Braids for graduation

On the basis of braids, you can make stylish and spectacular high
hairstyles suitable for prom. They are fine
combined with open dresses and tops with spaghetti straps.

Clean hair is treated with mousse, slightly combed at the roots and
collected in a high tail at the crown. On either side of the base
rollers are laid and secured with pins. Roller hands
form an even ring.

The strands in the tail are divided into several parts and woven into
simple braids, securing the ends with thin rubber bands. Roller
turns into braids, the ends are tucked inside and secured
studs. The base of the lush knot can be decorated with satin ribbon in
tone of a dress or a thread of light beads.

Council High styling looks great with
long jardin earrings.

Hairstyles with weaving on medium hair – a great solution for
everyday wear and special occasions. They are easy to braid
home conditions. Start better with the simplest options, after
several workouts before the mirror
will please.

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