Spit for every taste, 28 photos

Already what season braids remain one of the most popular and fashionable
hairstyles There are even contests “The longest braid”, where
girls show gorgeous hair. Thanks to the different
braiding methods you can pick up a braid for any occasion – be it
daily hairstyle or solemn event.

beautiful pigtails

If there is a long braid in the photo, there are also enthusiastic
views of others on its owner. When selecting weaving need
take into account the features of the face, so that the hairstyle emphasizes
dignity. The main thing is that the spit should look neat and

  • 1 Selection of weaving in the shape of the face
  • 2 Spit for long hair – types of weaving
    • 2.1 Weave braids in the classic version
    • 2.2 Fishtail
    • 2.3 Spit-tow
    • 2.4 French braid
    • 2.5 Reverse French Spit (“dragon”)
    • 2.6 Air Spit
    • 2.7 Spit of 4 strands
    • 2.8 5-strand braid
    • 2.9 Double Reverse Spit
    • 2.10 Spit Crown
    • 2.11 Spit-shell
  • 3 Spit and bangs
  • 4 Weaving with ribbons
  • 5 Options for every day
    • 5.1 Spit with a tail
    • 5.2 Spit with beam
    • 5.3 Spit Twist
  • 6 evening hairstyles
    • 6.1 Spit Falls
    • 6.2 Flowers from a braid

Selection of weaving in the shape of the face

It is best to weave pigtails for long hair – it allows
to demonstrate the skill of the master, the beauty of weaving. You’ll find
many weaving options that need to be selected depending
on what shape the face is. Properly selected, it will allow
hide flaws and emphasize the dignity of the owner

  1. The most ideal shape is oval. Him
    owners are suitable for almost any way of laying and
    hairstyles with weaving for long hair. Hair need to pick up
    so as to emphasize the oval shape.
  2. for round faceTo owners of round face
    It is worth choosing weaving, which originate over
    head to visually face seemed longer. Kosu
    braid on the entire length of the hair.
  3. Owners of a square face should hide it.
    angularity, so they suit hairstyles with smooth
    lines. A scythe is woven all over the head, leaving the side or
    back at the end of weaving a small tail.
  4. Girls with the shape of the face “heart” need to visually
    make wider bottom. Therefore, stylists recommend
    wear long bangs, plait braid from the back of the head or side
    conventional way.
  5. Owners of a rectangular face should be carefully
    choose braiding for long hair. Need to visually shorten
    shape and smooth corners, so traditional braids will not work.
    It will look perfect volumetric views.

Braids for long hair – types of weaving

Braid weave for long hair has many variations
performance, so every girl will be able to choose the perfect
hairstyle Not everyone can go to beauty salons, where a professional
will be able to do a high level braiding of long hair. therefore
below it will be written how beautifully braid different types with your own hands

Weave braids in the classic version

  1. Divide hair into three equal parts.
  2. Move the right side to the center so that it is located.
    in the middle. Thus this strand occupies the position
  3. Do the same with the left row: it must be placed between
    central and right strand. In this way weave a braid to
    desired length.

Fish tail

If you choose this weave, then remember that it is very
painstaking process. Another name – “spike”. This is due to the fact
that weaving resembles an ear of a kind. Best to do “spikelets”
on long hair.

fish tail

The braid will seem volumetric due to the fact that its weaving
consists of fine strands.

  1. Make a low (or high) tail and divide by two
    the same parts.
  2. Take the right thin strand and move it to the left side.
  3. Do the same with the left side. Relocatable
    strands should always be laid on top of the main one. So alternately you need
    weave the whole braid.

how to braid a fishtail

Important! Strands should be made thin and the same.
by volume. The thinner the strands will be, the more accurate the look will be.


braid plait

  1. High tail should be divided into two equal halves.
  2. Each strand is needed so as to get a “harness”.
  3. Then twist the “bundles” between them in the opposite direction.
    original direction. Weaving should remind

French braid

types of French braids

  1. Separate the strand in the middle of the face, on the side, take another
    so that they are of equal volume.
  2. Bind them like a classic braid. Then grab by the order
    on each side and in this way, weave further, while
    loose hair will not end.
  3. Finish the braid in the traditional way. Leave small

French braids can be made with elastics, as in
this video:

Back French braid (“dragon”)

  1. At the crown, separate the strand, then divide it into 3 more
    small rows.
  2. Braid a regular braid, and on the second weave add thin
    curl on the left side.
  3. In the next step, take a curl on the right side. Keep going
    weaving, alternately adding thin strands.

The video shows how to weave a dragon and make two braids
one smart:

Air braids

The basis is the weaving of reverse French
braids. Doing the same, just to create an effect.
lightness, do not need to weave tight. The resulting braid can even
slightly tousled hands to give it more lightness and

4-strand braid

The four-strand pigtail looks very impressive and something
reminiscent of Celtic style.

4 strands

  1. Divide hair into 4 parts.
  2. Strand, located near the neck, perekin to the nearest
    her. Then skip it under the following order.
  3. Take the most distant strand from the neck, perekin to the nearest and
    pass through the next.
  4. Repeat the described steps until the spit becomes necessary.

Here it is shown how to weave such a braid:

5 strand braid

To create such a luxurious hairstyle, especially on long
hair, you need to practice. But the result will impress everyone.

5 strands

  1. At the crown, take a strand and divide it into 3 small
  2. The beginning of weaving is a spit in the French way.
  3. On the left side, separate the thin strand. Pass it from below under
    next strand. Then flip on top of the third curl.
  4. Do the same with the right one.
  5. Continue to weave, alternately picking up thin strands with
    both sides.
  6. Finish weaving need technique “inverted” braids.

Follow this scheme:

weaving scheme

Double back braid

This weaving refers to bulk. At the base – two braids,
therefore, making this hairstyle will be a little more difficult than creating
simple styling.

double braid

  1. Divide hair into two parts. For weaving the main braid
    take the bulk part. Other, smaller, bye
  2. Braid the main braid in the traditional way. From strands,
    closer to the face, should be separated thin curls. It is necessary
    in order to weave another pigtail.
  3. Stretch your hair so that the braid appears bulky.
    Lock the weave.
  4. Additional braid plait in the classic version.
    Gradually weave the thin strands left behind.
  5. Connect the resulting pigtails with one rubber band. Interesting
    volume weaving is ready!

Or do as shown in the video:

Spit Crown

  1. Split the hair into two equal parts
  2. Secure one piece with a barrette so that it does not interfere. From the second
    pieces separate the small part and divide into three small
  3. Weave braid the easiest way. Gradually add from
    the rest of the thin curls. It turns out the French weaving
    upward direction.
  4. When you have reached the middle of the forehead, take the locks from that part
    which you fastened with a hairpin.
  5. Then weave from what remains. If ended in
    the place where you started, just fasten it there

It may be easier to do this video tutorial:

Scythe shell

shell The basis of this hairstyle – weaving technique “spikelet”
in french style.

  1. Take a strand above the right ear and divide it into two parts.
  2. From the right wide strand, take the smaller part and transfer to
    left side, not forgetting to “pick up” a lock on the right.
  3. Do the same from the opposite side.
  4. After reaching the occipital zone, do pickups with only the right
    parties. On the left, separate the thin curls for weaving. Turns out
    direction – from the left ear to the right.
  5. Doveletting the braid to the end twist it in the form of a shell. Fix
    on the sides invisible.

how to weave a shell

Spit and bangs

Bangs can complement the image, make it more stylish.
Properly selected, it will make the features more expressive. WITH
classic style or oblique – “rim”, “basket” well
combined straight bangs. Looks very stylish and luxurious with
bangs french braid.

bangs of different types

Weaving with ribbons

Weaving braids with ribbons has been known since ancient times, now
girls rarely use ribbons to create
hairstyles But gradually they come into fashion, because with them
any styling becomes elegant and unusual. The simplest is
weaving a three-spit braid using a thin ribbon.

  1. Divide hair into 3 strands. Central tie up with tape.
  2. Throw the left strand through the center, passing under
    ribbon, place on the third.
  3. Similarly, weave on the right side.
  4. Lightly fan the links so that the braid appears airy and

braids with ribbons

Variants for every day

It is not always possible to find time for complex weaving. But if you
tired to walk with her hair, tail or beam, then their
You can vary the braids.

Spit with a tail

with a tail

  1. Make a high ponytail.
  2. Braid a regular braid. Secure it with a transparent rubber band.
  3. Before weaving you can separate a thin strand from which then
    braid a very thin braid. Wrap it around the base of the tail,
    to hide the gum.

Spit with beam

  1. Make a high tail.
  2. Take a strand from which you will weave a braid.
  3. The remaining hair collect them in a bun, fix it
  4. Braid the braid from the highlighted strand and lock around
    the base of the beam.

how beautifully to braid

Spit Twist

twist To create this hairstyle, you need to take
several gum. Best to choose silicone or suitable.
to your hair shade.

  1. Move your hair to the side, make the tail.
  2. Make a hole above the gum attachment point. Lift up
    tip of the tail and pass it there, so “turning out”
  3. So do it with each rubber band as far as the length permits.

This video clearly shows how to do this hairstyle:

Evening hairstyles

Spit waterfall

waterfall for long hair

  1. Separate 3 identical volume strands from the face.
  2. Begin to weave like a classic braid. After creating the first
    links, release the lower strand, changing it to a new one –
  3. To get a waterfall spit, weave loops, taken from above,
    additionally grabbing others from the loose part of the hair. And the bottom
    strands leave out of weaving.

weave step by step

It turns out openwork and gentle hairstyle that will give your
image of romance.

Spit flowers

It seems that the creation of such a hairstyle takes a lot of time. But
in fact, the technique is simple, but it looks elegant and spectacular.

flowers from braids

  1. Make a simple braid.
  2. Pull each link slightly on either side so that
    to the other side, it seemed dense enough.
  3. Twist the braid in the form of a spiral so that the “convex” links
    turned out to be from the outside.
  4. Pin mark the middle of the flower. Unusual flower

Weaving long hair allows you to create very beautiful,
openwork hairstyles. Looking at them, others will admire your
the ability to weave braids.

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