Spit on its side: 10 beautiful ideas with photos

Fashion is a naughty lady who is used to sorting out her old ones.
“chests” of memory and pull out of them the forgotten and interesting!
Spit on its side – a kind of spikelet, which
braided on one side of the female head next to the ear.

Hairstyle spit on its side

Hair-braid, perhaps, will always be in fashion. With time
only weaving and pattern variations are changing.

  • 1 Who would suit this hairstyle?
  • 2 Features of weaving on the side
  • 3 Hairstyle spit on side, popular varieties
    • 3.1 Features of weaving the French braids on the side
    • 3.2 Bulk weaving on its side
    • 3.3 Hairstyle “Fishtail”
    • 3.4 Plain rope
    • 3.5 Greek weaving
    • 3.6 Double braid
    • 3.7 Weave on the side with bangs
    • 3.8 braids edging
    • 3.9 Wide braid with ribbon on its side
  • 4 Wedding hairstyle with sideways

Who would suit this hairstyle?

The side braid is adored by modern women of fashion. This weaving
able to give the face of mystery, style, romance.
Spit on the side gives a woman the opportunity
demonstrate your individuality.

The side braid harmoniously harmonizes with the narrow face,
an elongated or oval silhouette, it also smooths out angular
facial features.

However, this weave is able to weight the round or
square oval face. To avoid this, it is recommended
leave a few flowing curls with free from
side braids.

The most advantageous braids look on the hair, the length of which is lower
blades. Braided long hair to the waist, pigtail will
look rich If a young lady has shoulder-length hair, then to create
side weaving should use the overhead

Laid on

Pigtail on the side looks stylish and elegant. it
the perfect solution for women who are in debt
services must pick hair. Having a certain skill you can
braid hair in 5 minutes.

Important! Fluffy side braid –
universal. She will suit a woman of any age.

Features of weaving on the side

Lateral braid – the easiest laying on the basis of weaving. None
however, it always looks gorgeous. She can
combine with fleece, temporal curls, tufts, tails.

It is formed from several or two strands. Often used
combination of side braid with tail, pile, wrap.

To create braids on one side you will need
hair clips or crabs, hairpins, hairbrush, brush,
gum, as well as a means for laying.

Crabs, hairpins, combs, gum

To create a great pigtail worth watching
numerous pics on the Internet, and also consider the following

  • yesterday’s fresh hair is more obedient than freshly washed hair;
  • to pacify smooth curls should use wax
    or styling gel;
  • pretreated structure
    styling, keeps its original shape well;
  • performing weaving it is advisable to be in front of the mirror so that
    control the stages of work.

Recommendation! Practice
home braid side braid. Do this many times in order to
An important moment of weaving was attractive.

Hair braid on side, popular varieties

Diversified braid on its side

Many young ladies wonder: how to braid the braid on its side
own hands? Today there are a large number
Variations of creating a side braid are:

  • volume weaving;
  • spit-rope;
  • two in one;
  • french lace;
  • fish tail;
  • inverted version with chelochkoy;
  • spit fringing;
  • wedding with a decor;
  • graduation tape;
  • Greek of curls;
  • and etc.

These options are the most stylish and

Features of weaving the French braids to the side

The French braid is amazingly beautiful and elegant.
styling. It can be worn not only in everyday life, but also
in solemn days.

This video shows how easy it is to braid a french

Fashionable pigtail weave takes 5
minutes, but the effect remains for the whole day. How to braid
french braid yourself?

Weaving instructions:

  1. To part the side, then comb the hair on one
  2. Where there is more hair, separate the small strand by dividing it
    3 identical sections.
  3. Start weave a classic braid.
  4. On the second proplet, lock the lock on the left and add it to the left
    extreme strands.
  5. On the third – weave braids in the right strand
    curl taken from the right.
  6. Move down vertically, interlacing alternately
    extra curls.
  7. Reach the place behind the ear. Complete the weaving of the usual three-strand
  8. The end of the pigtail fix barrette.

Sprinkle the French construction with lacquer.

Attention! You can not touch the strands
pickup, otherwise the weaving will fall apart!

Side weaving

Volume weaving on the side

Volumetric braid on its side has the original look. Such
a work of hairdressing will certainly highlight
a girl from the crowd. To hairstyle turned out textured
create volume using dry shampoo.

Weaving step by step:

  1. Spray the shampoo at the roots.
  2. Comb the hair back and beat with your fingers.
  3. Next, start creating a spit. Choose a side on
    which it will accommodate.
  4. In the area of ​​the right or left temple to select the strand and divide
    its 3 parts.
  5. Weave a braid, grabbing thin on one side and on the other
    thick strands. It is necessary to move vertically. One side of the braid
    get a much wider other.
  6. Do the ends weave in the usual way.

Gently stretch the weave in different directions. Fluffy side
pigtail ready.

Hairstyle “Fishtail”

A stylish variation of the fish tail is a scythe on its side with curls.
This layout looks great with a bang, and without. On
weaving a braid takes a little time: from 5 to 10

Spit spike on its side

The process of weaving is as follows:

  1. Comb your hair and divide them into thin strands.
  2. If the hair does not curl, then each curl in an arbitrary
    order to wind the curling iron, having the form of a fork.
  3. Disassemble the hair with your fingers, after a good beat.
  4. From ear to ear (through the crown) to part,
    dividing curls on parietal and lower occipital
  5. Comb the upper sector forward and fix it with a clip or
  6. The lower sector is divided into 2 sections. Scroll to the right extreme
    strand on the left side, then throw the right strand to the left.
  7. Do the “fishtail” to the very ends of the hair.
  8. Pinned hair to wind on the forceps, forming

Secure the form with a strong hold lacquer.

Tip! Stretching strands, spit
will look bigger and thicker. This technique will give light onions

Plain rope

Technique “rope” – a simple weaving that can without
labor to perform any young lady. Spit-rope is made of
two strands, it looks like a regular rope.

Simple weaving braids

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. On top of the head will separate the shock of hair. Remain under it
    loose curls that are not yet
  2. Separated hair of the head zone is divided into two parts.
    Cross them counterclockwise.
  3. Twist each crossed strand along the watch
    arrows. This trick will allow the weave to keep the shape.
  4. Then dangling curls are used. On both sides separate by
    strand and attach them to the weave.
  5. Cross the strands again counterclockwise and then
    each is clockwise.
  6. Continue steps until all dropdowns enter the spit.
  7. When the braid is over, fasten it at the bottom with a hairpin.

Tip! If you want to roll the “rope” in a beautiful
textured beam.

Greek weaving

This video shows how to make a Greek tail, and from
him braid braid.

Fashionable Greek hairstyle
suitable for any occasion. Working process:

  1. Comb all the curls to the side and hold the side parting. Then
    I split into 3 steps.
  2. From the middle strand braid three-spit braid. Tie her end.
    Repeat weaving with side strands.
  3. A scythe can continue to the tips, and then wear on
    shoulder. You can intercept the weaving of rubber at the back of the head.
    Loose hair twisted with forceps, creating
    curls in the Greek style.
  4. Put on a stylish headband.

Note! Greek braid
Looks great with small decorative flowers.

Double braid

Double braid on the side

This beautiful hairstyle looks unusual and
intriguingly. She will decorate the head of the young lady watching
fashion trends.

Working process:

  1. Well comb your hair.
  2. Divide hair into 2 different parts
  3. A thinner strand reclines to the side (you will need to
    come back later).
  4. From the thick part weave the classic braid. Performing weaving,
    pull a thin curl out of the braid (it is pulled out of the strand,
    closer to the face).
  5. In the course of weaving the braid of such curls will be approximately 8–12
  6. All separated curls will be used when
    shaping the next spit.
  7. Starting to weave an additional braid, add to the middle strand
    curls left in the process.
  8. Having finished weaving, connect the ends of both braids and tie them
    rubber band.

Visually, the double braid looks complicated. But
it is worth starting the work, as everything becomes clear.

Weave on the side with bangs

Spit on its side with bangs

Inverted side braid looks original with
forelock (long, short, oblique, milled). Such
laying without much effort can be done independently.
You only need to follow the instructions below.

Working process:

  1. Separate bangs and twist her tips curling large
  2. All hair combed and combed into one
    the side.
  3. Grab the hair in your hands, in the area above the temple, slightly displaced
    to the back of the head, and divide it into 3 equal sections.
  4. From one section braid tight three-strand braid, tucking
    strand down. Tie her end with a small rubber band.
  5. The resulting weave to apply as a third
    strands to form a new braid.

Tip to tie. Spray the hair spray.


Edging braids

Such pigtails are a wonderful opportunity to hide
bangs The technology of performing the edging of the spit reminds
french spikelet. Weaving is performed on both long and
medium hair.

How to do:

  1. Comb the hair and separate them with a deep side parting.
  2. To separate part of curls at the beginning of parting.
  3. Start weave ordinary braid.
  4. Replenish the top strand by adding a thin curl to it from above.
    (i.e. from the mound of hair that is closer to the top of the head).
  5. Repeat the action every prolet.
  6. The lower strands of pigtails (which are closer to the forehead) are braided
    in the usual way: without adding curls.
  7. You can finish the weaving in the ear or bring it
    to end.
  8. Secure the finished work with a rubber band.

The result will be amazing beauty pigtail in the form

Wide braid with ribbon on its side

Weaving braids with ribbon

Side wide braid – a good choice of hairstyle for prom. After all
such styling is self-sufficient, it does not need
additional decorations. However, if desired, in her
You can weave a ribbon.

Working process:

  1. Comb a pile of hair and brush it with a styling agent.
  2. Comb the hair on the selected side.
  3. In the area of ​​the bangs, separate the large strand and divide it into
    3 equal parts (1 – left, 2 – middle, 3 – right).
  4. To tie a ribbon middle strand.
  5. Put the left strand (1) on the middle (2) and right (3), and on top
    to lay the tape.
  6. Hold the ribbon under the middle strand (2), then lay it between
    middle (2) and right (3).
  7. Repeat this pattern until it forms.
    pigtail. Her ends tie a rubber band.
  8. Gently stretch the links of the finished weaving to become

Hairstyle with woven ribbon adds extra volume to thin
and sparse hair.

Please note! It is advisable to pick
ribbon to the color of the graduation dress.

Wedding hairstyle with a scythe on its side

Wedding hairstyle

Laying with a side oblique for the bride is performed in
various options:

  • Greek weaving – volumetric braid with flowers
    or laced hairpins;
  • waterfall – a type of hair spike with
    bundle. For disentangling all nodules recommended
    use a special tool.

Work step by step:

  1. Clean wet hair with a hairdryer and screw on
  2. Carefully comb the hair with a massage brush and
    split into two using the side
  3. Grab a thick strand over your forehead and weave the side
    french braid. Secure it with a rubber band at ear level.
  4. Weave to stretch your fingers so that it becomes free and
  5. Grab the loose hair and gently comb through
    brushing without breaking the weave.
  6. Comb the top of the head area and smooth it again with a brush, creating
    small volume at the crown.
  7. Grab a small rubber band all loose hair and end
    weaving (from the side of the braid).

Comb loose hair and shape of them
chic bunch. To secure the form use studs.

Fashionable braids

Ready wedding hairstyle decorated:

  • miniature buds of fresh flowers;
  • laconic diadem with rhinestones;
  • studs with pearl beads.

The note! If the image of the bride provides for a veil,
then it must be of the thinnest and transparent material so as not to
hide the splendor of wedding hairstyle.

Choose your favorite option and be irresistible!

This video shows how to perform asymmetric
Greek style bridal hairstyle based on voluminous braid and

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