Spit on side: fast casual or elegant solemn hairstyle?

spit on its sideToday braids are fast
regain their former popularity. They are included in their intricate
images of fashion stylists, apply famous characters to their heroines
Directors, they are worn by actresses and pop divas, and ordinary girls
increasingly pay attention to the braids. But the usual braid is very
quickly get bored, and young ladies are looking for diversity. Such a variety
becomes a scythe on its side. The beauty of it is that it is woven at all
not difficult, but the appearance can change dramatically. We’ll see,
how to weave a braid on its side in several ways.

The fastest option

The easiest way to make the most ordinary braid of three strands.
The usual pigtail on the side is suitable for going to work, if its
braid tight, in a simple style, and for a romantic date,
if you weaken her links a little, maybe even a little
strands. If you want to braid a strict braid, carefully comb it.
hair to prevent cockerels neither on the head, nor in the braid itself,
then distribute into three parts on any one side, and
begin to throw alternately side strands on the middle.
Better to fix with a neutral hair clip or matching color
clothes. If you are going on a date or a walk, you can
do not specifically comb your hair, so the spit on its side will be more
bulk. For fixing, bright unusual elastic bands are suitable, or

“Fishtail” on the side

fish tail on its sideIf you want to
make yourself a more unusual braid, then try to braid it in
technique “fish tail”. In order to get a beautiful braid on
side, your hair should be perfectly straight. You can them
straighten with forceps or just comb it wet and start
braid, not waiting until the hair dries to the end. So,
perekinte all the hair on the side convenient for you and divide them all on
two equal parts. First, separate a small piece from one part.
and transfer to the side of the second part, and then do the same with
opposite strand. Weave like that until the tips remain.
about 5-7 centimeters, and fasten a larger, better relief
rubber band.

Spit on side for wedding

braid on the side of the weddingToday
Wedding hairstyles are often based on various kinds
weaving, and spit on its side is becoming increasingly popular in such
sort of hairstyles. But the usual braid does not fit here, you need to do
something more festive and intricate. For example, it would be appropriate
hairstyle french braid to the side, braided obliquely.
Start weaving at one temple, remember that with the French
technique side strands run under the middle, and not above it, as
This is done with ordinary weaving. Direct the scythe to the opposite.
temple, gradually adding to the main weave strands of free
hair. How to make this hairstyle more solemn? Use
beautiful accessories: various studs with rhinestones, ribbons, brooches –
in general, everything that suits your wedding look.

We use not all hair

How to braid a pigtail on the side without using all the hair? Simply
take a small part of the hair at the temple and braid a braid along the face,
without taking back hair. So continue to weave until the second
temple, and the tip of the pigtails remove the ear. Get such a tiara from
hair is an excellent option for publication.

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