Spit on the contrary – 3 super-ideas and their variations on all occasions

One of the popular trends in modern hairdressing
art – reverse braid. Just by changing the usual way.
weaving, you get the original image that
suitable for almost any situation.

Scythe the other way

Eversion braid looks voluminous, original and
transforms even thin and sparse hair, fits
to any type of face.

Important! What is the secret of creating such a miracle? Everything
very simple: connecting the strands together, we put them not on top, but
under each other. That is, we sort of weave the usual braid, but
on the inside

  • 1 idea first. Back French braid – where appropriate and how it
    to make

    • 1.1 Step One
    • 1.2 Step Two
    • 1.3 Step Three
    • 1.4 Step Four
    • 1.5 Step Five
    • 1.6 Step Six
    • 1.7 Step Seven
  • 2 The second idea. Fishtail the opposite
  • 3 The third idea. Inverted braid of 4 strands. Complicated? Not,
  • 4 Tapes and kanekolon in inverted braids – beauty yes and

The first idea. Back French braid – where appropriate and how it
to make

The French braid, on the contrary, is a real find for those
loves novelty, romance and beauty, as in everyday
life, and at celebrations.

Variations of this type of hairstyle such a huge set – from
traditional braids, braided in the center behind, up to two
parallel braids from different sides of the head, luxurious
a wreath that covers the head when most of the hair falls


How to weave such braids? Yes, whatever, above and below, on the side,
around the head, completing the hairstyle with a bun – low or
high, neat or with loose strands.
A harmonious addition to the inverted French spit for a special
cases will be rhinestones, buds of fresh or artificial flowers,
beads, ribbons.

Important! For best results, braid spit on
clean and dried hair. You can use the minimum
number of styling products, but distribute it light
movements over the entire length of the hair.

To make you closer to creating such a masterpiece
On our own, we are making a step-by-step weaving instruction.
french braids the other way around. So, focusing on our
tips and photos, let’s get started:

Step one

We separate the large strand, with which we start weaving (on
top of the head, at the forehead, temple – where it will be convenient for you).

Step two

Divide the strand into 3 parts – right, left and middle.

Step Three

We put the left strand under the center.

Step Four

The right strand is placed under the center.

Start weaving

Step Five

We carry out grab: to the left of the main mass of hair we separate
thin strand and attach it to the main left. Now this strand
again we put under the average.

Step Six

Repeat the pickup only on the right side: small
the amount of hair is attached to the right strand, and then we start it
under the middle part.

Step Seven

Now we continue to alternate the fifth and sixth steps
before our braid is fully prepared by fixing the tip
rubber band.

pull on the links of the braid – so it will look more impressive
and stylish. Do it carefully, achieving the perfect

Having mastered this simple pattern of weaving, you can further
create amazing and unique hairstyles every time. Spit
Turns around is suitable for prom, wedding, day
birthday, corporate party, and for shopping, and for classes in
the gym. It all depends on your creativity, skill and feeling.

This video shows how to braid a French braid.
vice versa.

The second idea. Fishtail the opposite

One of the most unusual and spectacular variations of the French braid
on the contrary – the fishtail is the opposite. This hairstyle is obtained
very stylish and elegant. Although a similar type of weaving and
it seems difficult, in fact it is not. Worth
a little practice and you can amaze others
stunning images.

Spit fishtail vice versa

The fishtail is perfect as a classic performance when
lagging high from the top of the head, and in numerous variants, when
spit begins from the side, on top of the forehead, is performed
zigzag or diagonally, captures all hair or
includes only part of them.

Important! Simply assemble the finished braid in a bundle or
having formed a fancy flower, and having fastened it with pins, you
Get an elegant evening hairstyle. Giving preference
free weaving, you get a romantic image by collecting
hair is tight, you will look neat and noble.

If you are interested in the question of how to braid itself
perfect fishtail upside-down, then our diagram to you
this will help:

  • Let’s start weaving the usual French braid over the top by making
    about 3 props.
  • Connect the middle strand to the right. Then separate from right
    strand a small part of the hair and, placing it under the braid,
    connect with the opposite, the left strand. Repeat this
    reception again.
  • We also act on the left side: separating from the left side
    thin strand, wind up under the braid and combine with the right. Also
    repeat this action again.
  • We continue to alternate our actions in this way, until
    will not work spit.

In this video, the stylist explains how to braid a fishtail braid.
vice versa.

The third idea. Inverted braid of 4 strands. Complicated? Not,

At first glance, 4-strand inside out –
real art, which is worth only the hands of the master. Look like
hair gathered in such a way is wonderful. Similar hairstyle
able to revive the everyday image or become a highlight for
luxurious evening bow.

Such a scythe is suitable for both a young schoolgirl and a mature lady, and
fits perfectly on any type of hair. Elegance
weaving here is so attracting attention that you even
can not resort to additional funds
decorations – the inverted 4-strand braid will be bright and
A stylish accent in itself.

Inverted braid of 4 strands

We offer to practice and try to braid such
beauty alone the easiest way:

  1. We brush the hair on the back of the head and divide it by 4 identical ones.
    thickness and size strands. For further convenience and better
    understanding we number strands from 1 to 4, starting with
    extreme left.
  2. We start weaving on the left side and start the first strand under
    the second.
  3. The extreme right order at number 4 is put on top
    the third.
  4. Then we cross the central strands: first impose on
    the fourth.
  5. We continue to weave according to the scheme (paragraphs 2-4).

Important! Do not forget about the creation of basal volume.
Just make a little bouffant, you will achieve a stunning effect.

Ribbons and kanekolon in inverted braids – the beauty and yes

If you want to make your braids even more attractive,
Try weaving ribbons in them. This will not be difficult, but
The result will be amazing! You can
to decorate with tape both one and parallel two braids over it.
Underline a straight weave line, diagonally or even
crosswise – it will turn out equally original and

Tapes and kanekolon

To make it easier to handle, we suggest using our
guide to weaving tapes into braids. Choose any of the 5
of the methods presented here:

  1. Before starting work, separate the strand and at the base
    fix a transparent elastic band. Thread the end of the ribbon into it.
    Start weaving in any way. A place
    fastenings can be decorated with a hairpin or just neatly
    hide a loose tip under the hair.
  2. On a small clamp we wind the end of the tape and fasten
    a hairpin on one of the strands. We start weaving, in a couple
    links remove the clip and stretch the free end under the braid with
    using studs.
  3. We take two ribbons (you can have different colors), putting them one under
    another one. Fix ribbons to the hair need a pair of invisible
    crosswise. Next, weave a braid of four strands (the role of
    two of which are performed by our tapes) according to the previously attached scheme.
    From the remaining free ends we tie beautiful
  4. Separate a large thick strand (it will hide the mount
    ribbons) and under it with two invisibles crosswise fix the ribbon.
    Weave any of the inverted braids (French
    fits perfectly). Then the invisible can, if desired, be removed or
    leave if they do not spoil the look.
  5. We start weaving directly from the hairline. With
    clamping aid we fasten the tape at the very borders of the hair
    cover and weave, for example, 4-strand braid. Through a couple of
    prolettes gently remove the clip and tighten the ribbon.

This video details how to weave a braid with a single ribbon.
or four-strand braid.

Well, if you won the particularly fashionable
The trend, called “boxing braids”, we recommend adding to
twisted French braids Kanekolon – artificial
colored strands as close as possible to the texture
hair. Making two parallel inverted braids, add to them
Kanekolon – it will turn out volume, brightly and youth.

Important! Kanekolon requires strong fixation at the beginning
weaving, otherwise the braids will look sloppy. For this
gum or tight interweaving in natural hair is used.

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