Spit on the reverse manner

reverse french braidThe beautiful half of humanity is always
Seeks to look charming. To do this, girls resort to
a variety of methods. But the most common way
draw attention to itself is probably a hairstyle. Spit on
Today is a very comfortable and elegant look of hairstyles. The
more if we are talking about such an original version as the reverse
french braid.

Inverted braid can be woven for a variety of reasons. AT
first of all such weaving is perfect for everyday
socks, as any French braid keeps its shape well during
of the day, always looks neat and feminine. You can also
weave such braids for some special occasions. For example,
Modern brides very often prefer hairstyles
which includes pigtails. One way or another, twisted braid
may well be called original, practical and elegant female

Weaving scheme

Let’s learn weaving technology, thanks to which
It turns out this fashionable French hairstyle. Pigtails inverted
Type weave is no more difficult. Weave looks like french
Spit, only the side strands every time you put not up, but down.
Thus, it turns out that the pigtails are laid upwards.
Trying to independently weave such a hair, you will soon
understand the most suitable principle for you and will do it
very cleverly and quickly.


The French model of weaving braid reverse type can be
decorated in various ways. First, of course you can
slightly improve the weaving itself by stretching each strand into
process so that you end up with a voluminous
styling. You can also decorate your hair with a ribbon. This is even more
diversifies your appearance. In this case, you can choose the color
ribbons to match your outfit. Especially elegant it will look
in the summer with a bright dress.

If you make this version of hairstyles for a wedding or prom,
it is perfectly acceptable to decorate hair with flowers – alive or
artificial. In the case of fresh flowers, it is recommended to contact
for help to a professional hairdresser who will help you choose
and place the flowers in such a way that they hold out on
throughout the festivities.

Twisted tail

twisted tailFor those who are not too
loves braids, can twist the tail perfectly. Hairstyle
The “twisted tail” is made extremely simple. Enough for that
to collect all the hair of an ordinary rubber band (can be thin), slightly
move it away from the base of the tail. Hair between head and elastic band
you divide into two halves, between which you thread the tail
together with a rubber band. At the end of the gum pull back to the head.
Thus, you get an inverted tail. If you took
thin gum, it will not be visible at all. This option introduces
some variety in everyday look and looks pretty
natural and unusual.

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