Spit waterfall in all versions for everyday life and celebrations

Spit Falls got its name for descending through
braiding strands of hair, like the flow of water from the mountains. At first sight
hairstyle may seem complicated in performance, but
If you figure out that such a spit is not more difficult than the French spikelet.

Spit waterfall

  • 1 hairstyle features
  • 2 What hair is suitable for weaving
  • 3 Options for hairstyles from waterfalls
  • 4 Schemes of the waterfall spit
    • 4.1 Classic
    • 4.2 Bilateral
    • 4.3 Pigtail with a bundle
    • 4.4 With curls
    • 4.5 With woven ribbon
    • 4.6 Unusual waterfalls
  • 5 How to braid a waterfall braid itself
    • 5.1 For short hair and medium length
    • 5.2 To myself on long curls
  • 6 How to weave a braid waterfall of 2 strands scheme
    • 6.1 On the model
    • 6.2 Weaving a waterfall of 2 strands of its own self
  • 7 Falls of 4 strands
  • 8 Multi row option
  • 9 around the head
  • 10 Bulk
  • 11 Kosa waterfall for princesses
  • 12 Crossover harnesses
  • 13 For even hair
  • 14 Lace braid from the waterfall itself
  • 15 Wedding hairstyle braid french waterfall

Hairstyle features

This hairstyle allows you to leave your hair loose, adding
charm and originality braided part

Strands are removed from the face and do not interfere with work or home


  • Highlighting or coloring adds waterfall volume and
    modulations of color.
  • With a cascading haircut, descending curls can
    vary in thickness. The solution can be winding
    tips for curling.

What hair is suitable for weaving

Minimum hair length for braids

The most impressive hairstyle looks the same on the hair.

  • The minimum hair length for weaving a waterfall is up to
    chin without a ladder and cascade.
  • Straight or wavy. On too curly curls braid braid
    It will be difficult, if you wish, you can pre-hair
  • Thin and rare strands hairstyle will give
    volume, especially in the version of the spit around.
  • Desirable healthy condition of the hair and the absence of sections.
    tips. You can use hair oil or spray
    for masking flaws.
  • Head must be clean, apply suitable if necessary.
    hair type styling product.

Hairstyles from waterfalls

  • One spit behind the back of the head.
  • Waterfalls in several rows.
  • As an addition to another kind of styling (bundle, tail).

Waterfall Spit Schemes

An important basis for all options is one principle:
weaving begins with the top strand, and after
the first cross over the lower grabs are released and change to curls
from the loose part of the hair.



Spit waterfall classic

A classic waterfall spit, the photo of which is shown
schematically, as follows:

  • Separate the strand at the temple on one side, divide it into 3
  • Start weaving, throwing the upper part on the middle.
  • Throw the bottom part on the top, which
    now you can let go.
  • Select a strand equal to it from
    free mass.
  • Repeat the previous paragraphs, starting from the top, moving to
    the opposite temple, secure the tip with a rubber band or

From two sides

Pigtail from two sides

It is woven in the same way as a classic waterfall,
only the direction of weaving from the temple to the back of the head with
both sides. Two braids are connected with an elastic band or decorated.


  • Spit the braid waterfall from the temple on one side to the ear with
  • To wind loose hair at the tips with a curling iron.
  • Collect strands that do not go down to the ear and form
    asymmetrical beam.
  • Secure invisible.

This video shows how to braid a horizontal waterfall braid,
and then create a bunch on top.

With curls

  • Spit braid waterfall classic method or two
  • Screw the free part on large
  • To fix a varnish.

With woven ribbon

  • Prepare the tape a little more than the length of the hair.
  • At the beginning of weaving attach it to the middle
    strands, remove the tip under the braid.
  • Make the installation in the usual way, weaving the ribbon in the middle
    go weaving.
  • Braid the end in a pigtail, tie a ribbon at the bottom with a bow.

Hairstyles with curls

Unusual waterfalls

Weaving braids waterfall can be even more diversified,
if you make a braid out, holding the strands under the middle

An unusual version with pigtails:

  • Start weaving classic method for 4-5
  • Temporarily fix the tip, and released the curls
    braid in separate pigtails.
  • Continue the main weaving, picking up the bottom is not strands, and
    pigtails one by one, starting with the first.
  • Pigtail weave not tight, forming soft waves, secure the tip
    rubber band.

Unusual waterfalls

How to braid a waterfall braid itself

It’s possible, of course, not to braid your braid the first time
it will work out, but after a few attempts the hands will
automatically repeat all actions.

For short hair and medium length

Short and medium hair is more supple. For the first attempts
need to sit between two mirrors in front and behind
for a comprehensive review.

Important! Hair above shoulders is easier to adjust.
hold with your fingers, not the whole palm.

This video shows how to quickly braid a pigtail in 5 minutes

Himself on long curls

Long hair may be tangled during the process, therefore
It will be useful to apply a remedy
styling and carefully comb the comb.

Tip: for beginners easier to master the technique
classic spikelet, and when weaving comes to automatism,
Try to make it harder to spit a waterfall. To not be disappointed
Immediately, first weave in technique from 2 sides.

How to weave a braid waterfall of 2 strands scheme

Spit waterfall of 2 strands

Weaving in this way imitates a braid and
suitable for hair from the shoulders.

On the model

  • Separate the strand at the temple and divide it into two.
  • Cross the 2 parts together, putting the bottom on
  • Separate curl thicker from parting.
  • To hold it under the top thin strand and over the bottom, that is
    put between them, let go.
  • Cross the thin parts together again.
  • Repeat steps to opposite
    temple or diagonal.

This video shows how to braid a pigtail waterfall of two

Weave a waterfall of 2 strands independently to itself

Weaving technique is the same as on the model, only
it should be done at the widest possible
review between the mirrors.

4 strand waterfall

  • Selected starting strand divided into 4 parts.
  • The first part is held under the second and put on
    the third (numbering from crown to face).
  • The fourth to hold under the third and put on the first.
  • Make the upper pickup and hold together with the second under
    fourth over third.
  • The first strand to let go, hold the bottom under
    third over second.
  • Continue weaving in the desired direction.

Hairstyle Waterfall of 4 strands

Multi row option

Spit waterfall in several rows is very spectacular, and in
performance is not much more difficult than the classic version.

  • Cover the waterfall in the classical way diagonally or between
    temples, secure the tip with a rubber band.
  • The second row begins under the previous one, and the top
    locks of the first row become strands.
  • To hairstyle looked neat, weave must
    be under each other.
  • The number of rows is limited only by length

Multi-row braids

Around the head

Weaving technique is identical to the classic version.
waterfall spit, only the direction comes from the forehead with one
side to the temple opposite the back of the head.


Volumetric braid trudges inside out, holding the top and bottom
curls under the middle strand. After binding, curls
stretched out from the end of the weave to the beginning for
giving volume. At the end of sprinkling styling varnish.

Spit waterfall for princesses

Hairstyles for girls

Little fashionistas always need fast and reliable
to collect hair, and the waterfall braid allows you to leave curls
loose, removing them from the face.

Important! Also weaving provides not tight
tightening that will not provoke a headache by the end of the day.

Such styling is also suitable for holiday
activities without spending much time and money
to prepare.

A variety of ways to perform will make every day
beautiful and varied hairstyles.

Crossover harnesses

The technique is similar to weaving a waterfall of 2 strands, the difference
only twisting the cross-pieces into a bundle in front of
another interweaving.

For even hair

All braids are good for even hair.
waterfalls, only curls can hold out for long, demanding
maximum fixing styling.

Lacy braid from the waterfall itself

Lace braids from a waterfall

Lace of hair is considered the height of craftsmanship, therefore
to embody a lacy waterfall on itself will require
great skills and patience.

  • Braid the first half of the braid in the usual way.
  • Then continue weaving, picking up the loose strands,
    starting from the first, one by one in the lower turn. Curls down
    no longer let go.
  • The subsequent strand is carried out under the top, forming a loose
    the waves.

Wedding Hairstyle Spit French Falls

Hairstyles for brides

The French waterfall makes the image of the bride romantic and
light due to its simplicity. Enough to decorate
classic waterfall with curls or beautiful flowers
hairpins to create a festive look.

If you complete the weaving bundle, gently putting curls on
the back of your head, you get an elegant collected hairstyle.

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