Splicing “dragon”

spitSpit is a hairstyle that
in different periods of history was born in all parts of the world.
Men and women, adults and young, in most countries of the world in
Different eras preferred this particular hairstyle. Of course,
Many consider braids to be exclusively feminine, but in China, even with
XVI century men shave the frontal part of the head, and the remaining hair
braided. Almost always braids appeared in connection with any
events in areas that were later put off by serious
imprint on the history of the whole nation.

Spit “dragon” has its own unique structure, which sometimes
mistakenly combined with the French braid. Common features really
a lot, but there are some fundamental differences, which distinguish
weaving pigtails in a separate column. Each people in their own way
came to the hairstyle, so the approaches, how to do this or that
option, they differ at times seriously enough.

Scheme of weaving pigtail dragon

Externally, the “dragon” turns out very unusual, even in comparison
with Russian spit, so its popularity is only growing with each
new day. Instructions on how to braid a dragon pigtail,
fairly simple and unsophisticated:

  1. with the help of an ordinary manual spray (spray)
    slightly moisturize hair to make it smoother;
  2. perfectly comb your hair with a thin comb with sharp
  3. make a smooth parting from the left ear to the right. If parting
    will be uneven, the pigtail will not look so
  4. hair is divided into 3 equal strands;
  5. the right strand is superimposed on the middle one, after which it is covered
    left. This step will serve as the basis, i.e. weaving of a pigtail
    the little dragon actually starts only from here;
  6. each step of braiding is accompanied by interweaving of hair into
    main strands from the right side;
  7. when the pigtail is finished, all those remain in the hands
    same 3 identical strands that are intercepted
    rubber band.

There are some nuances that must be considered when weaving.
Weaving begins near the temple (on the side of the head, but not with
middle), while it does not matter which side
weaving begins. Weave braids ordinary, but at the same time
additional strands are regularly added to the right if weaving
goes to the left and vice versa.

Special attention should be paid to additional used
strands: strands are not tightened close to the head, but slightly
are suspended, which creates the effect of a thicker braid. Sometimes length
additional strands increases as weaving.

Some additions on weaving

Despite the basic tenets, there are deviations in the rules
weaving. The main deviation is the starting point. That’s what she
hairstyle to sometimes change its shape. For example, how to make
spit “dragon”, if you want to get a spiral shape? Here
weave braid will have to top.

tips on weaving a braidSometimes weave
double pigtails “dragon”. Weave a braid of such a plan is much
more difficult, because initially it is parted from the forehead to the occiput, and
only then can the braids be made in separated places
the above method.

There are many variations, such as “openwork
braids “that require the mandatory use of varnish. Sometimes
imitation of the rim along the forehead is done. Wreath make much
more difficult, because the hair will have to be woven around the head.

If the hairstyle is done not for the weekly exit, but for a holiday, not
use of various tapes for decoration is excluded.

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