Split ends. A lot of solutions one

The treatment of split ends of the hair is handled as professionals in
beauty salons, and ordinary citizens at home. Have
each has its own methods and methods, but are they effective?

split ends of hair In order to cope with this
a nuisance, should know, first of all, about the causes of the cross section
and about the causes of hair loss, the treatment of which should
to do.

Causes of split ends

The content of the article:

  • Causes of split ends
  • Balsams and creams
  • Folk remedies
  • Hot haircut
  • Diet

The tips are split due to improper care of them.
For example, frequent combing or painting will make them more
fragile. Hot and heavy drying will also lead to this,
combing wet hair and perm. The reasons are still very
many, but one thing unites them – the application of mechanical harm


Cleavage of the tips, violation of the structure and increased fragility
– all this expects a person who loves to direct on the head
beauty, but forgets about simple ways to care for your own

The next cause of split ends can be called natural.
This happens if a person does not have enough
vitamins or with long but thin hair. Hair again
break and split

Dry Hair Treatment Scheme

Balsams and creams

There are three main directions in terms of external
exposures that allow to treat the split ends of hair
quite effective. First of all, these are balms, which
A great many can be found in specialized stores.


You should pay attention to the products for washing the head, which
contain vitamin B5, extracts of various herbs, such as
chamomile and peppermints, for example, and other substances that contribute to
strengthen hair.


Creams and gels work a little differently, but, also, will be very
helpful. They cover the hair with a special film, at the same time
nourishing and strengthening them. This allows you to give hair not only
vitamin base, but also partial protection from environmental influences

Folk remedies

In addition, there are many popular recipes that
will help strengthen the hair and make it more vivid and alive.

Burr oil

Compressions for hair are widely used. Their
must be done twice a month. Act as follows
in the following way:

  1. Warm vegetable oil should be gently rubbed into the skin.
    head and hair. It is desirable that the oil was burdock;

  2. Now you should wrap your head in cellophane, and on top of it
    roll up a terry towel, preheating it, that would
    it was warm.

  3. It is necessary that the hair was in a similar state for an hour.
    After that, the oil is washed off with shampoo and diluted lemon
    acid, slightly acidified.

The following composition is suitable as a mask:

  1. 1 yolk;

  2. Henna powder;

  3. Olive oil;

  4. Cognac;

  5. Honey.

All these components should be in the same proportions, one by one.
teaspoon. After mixing, the rotating movements should be rubbed.
composition in the scalp.

A good way to treat split ends of hair is to use
Castor oil. It can be used as a part of various
mixes, and separately, as a mask. This product is one of
the most important and beneficial hair care products
their beauty for long.

Castor oil

One of the most unusual ways to care is rinsing.
beer! Any one you like is suitable, even the cheapest. It
will allow hair to get enough vitamins, will save from external


Beer is easily washed off with water, but the odor problem remains. it
one of the downsides of this method. It only remains to strengthen
use of aromatic products.

Hot haircut

The most radical way to deal with split ends
is a haircut. But the haircut is not ordinary, but with the use of hot


The main advantage of this kind of haircut is that
scissors, heating to the appropriate temperature, do not damage
hair structure with clipping. The end of the hair is not porous,
and sealed, which prevents the cross section.


The final stage of the treatment of secant hair ends is
normalization of nutrition and saturation of the body itself
substances that are beneficial to the condition of the hair

healthy food

You should limit yourself to eating sweet, fatty,
fried, smoked, spicy and flour. It will have a positive effect
consuming large amounts of water, cereals, fruits, boiled
proteins and vegetables.

Finally, a series of tips to help you avoid such

  1. Use hot hair dryer only as a last resort;

  2. Refuse to work with curling irons and hot curlers;

  3. Protect hair when going to the pool;

  4. Use shampoo less often, so as not to wash off the natural fat
    hair covering;

  5. Use hair conditioner;

  6. Regularly trim hair.

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