Split Hair Care

prick hair photo 1Beautiful and well-groomed hair always
attract attention, serve as a real decoration and are
pride of the hostess. But this is only if they
really well maintained and healthy. But lifeless, dry,
brittle and splitting is already a problem that requires immediate
solutions. And do not think that the use of varnish, foam or
mousse will help get rid of the problem, here we need other ways
more effective and therapeutic.

So, if you have split ends, the treatment should be
complex, systemic. One option is a haircut, which
allows you to remove the split ends, make your hair healthy
view. Long split hairs must be cut,
performing this operation once a month. Good haircut helps
“hot” scissors, hair becomes a natural structure,
look beautiful. But on the fact that you remove the split ends of the hair,
the treatment will not end. Be sure to apply nourishing masks like
on all hair and on the scalp. And here is a proven option –
rubbing a slightly warmed burdock or scalp into the scalp
vegetable oil, then about half an hour to head
put on a cellophane bag and wrap everything with a towel. After such
procedures gently wash your hair and rinse cool

Good effect gives a mask of kefir and crushed leaves
fresh plantain, taken in equal parts. Helps and mask for
which you need to take 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon of honey,
spoon of vegetable oil and onion juice.

But, by treating splitting hair with folk remedies,
forget about proper nutrition. In general, hair, as well as skin –
This is an indicator of how your body works, what kind of food you
use what bad habits you have.

If the hair splits, then you need to eat more cereal, croup,
vegetables and fruits, salads in vegetable oil. Take over
the rule is to drink 2-2.5 liters of water every day, while
exclude carbonated sugary drinks. It is very useful to eat seeds:
pumpkin and sunflower.

Carefully pick up shampoo for washing, see to it
The composition matched your hair type. Do not abuse
chemical dyes, use gentle and mild formulations
Be sure to let your hair “rest” from perm and complex

Use hair dryer only for hair styling, after bath or shower
dry your hair in a natural way, gently soaking it all over
length of a towel.

And do not forget that stress and bad mood also affect
condition of your hair. So be optimistic, and beauty to you

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