Spoil your hair with chocolate masks

Cocoa has long been used in the care of the face, body
and hair. In addition to its excellent taste, it has
positive impact on the structure of the curls, entering into numerous
cosmetics. Mostly hair mask with cocoa solves
following problems: increased fragility and hair loss,
restoration of their natural shine, growth stimulation.

Such masks are suitable for the treatment of lifeless, split ends.
strands. In addition, cocoa will give a delicious flavor that
will cheer up, relieve irritability.
Cocoa Beans Cocoa beans contain a large amount of
fats, polysaccharides, protein, as well as zinc, sodium, calcium salts,
iron, copper. This makes cocoa an indispensable care product.

Especially should pay attention to the mask with the content of cocoa
people with weak and damaged hair. As a result of her
application activates blood circulation in the scalp, bulb
“wake up”, begins an intensive growth of strands.

In addition, the hair becomes more elastic and strong.
A similar product in cosmetology is able to improve the appearance
hairstyles, can be used to prevent split ends

The most effective recipes

The content of the article:

  • The most effective recipes
  • Important nuances of using masks
  • Universal mask for hair with cocoa – video



It is necessary to mix a chicken egg and 100 ml of kefir. In the received
composition add dessert spoon of cocoa powder. Stir to
state of uniformity. Put the composition on strands in layers, as
drying up by continuing to do this until the whole is over

Next, the head is warmed with polyethylene and a warm towel on
half an hour. Then the hair is washed with warm water and shampoo.
The procedure must be performed twice a week. The course should be
about three months. The hair after such a mask becomes thicker and
more voluminous, bald areas disappear, curls become alive and shiny,
their loss stops.

To add shine to hair, enhance their growth

Hair Oils

It is necessary to mix the yolk with a glass of kefir and three tablespoons.
spoons of cocoa powder. The composition is thoroughly mixed, pour into it.
some apricot, almond or olive oil. Mass should
consistency resemble liquid sour cream. Its necessary to warm
lay on curls, insulate the head with polyethylene and wool
a handkerchief. Mask stand an hour and washed off as usual. If hair
dry, then kefir must be replaced with sour cream in the same

From enhanced hair loss


Perfectly nourishes, prevents balding next mask.
Heat the milk almost to the boil and add cocoa to
The consistence of thick sour cream turned out. When the mixture has cooled, into it
add one yolk and dessert spoon brandy. The resulting composition
rubbed into the scalp, half an hour wash off in the usual way.



For weak and lifeless hair, you can prepare a healing
mask Combine warm cocoa butter (two spoons) and burdock (two
spoons), pour in vitamins E and A (5 drops). Mask impose
evenly on strands. Warm and leave for two hours. Course
spend weekly twice (14 sessions).



Improves hair and at the same time gives a chic rich
chocolate shade of dark hair composition of two egg yolks,
three tablespoons of cocoa powder and five spoons of olive oil. Everything
ingredients are mixed and put the composition on the head for 40 minutes.
For better color, you can hold the mixture more
a long period.

Important nuances of using masks

  1. Since cocoa is valid for about two days after
    use a mask then you should avoid using
    any care products.
  2. Before you put a mask on your head, you should check
    Is there any cocoa allergy? To do this, a little mask mixture you need
    apply on the wrist and follow the reaction. If the skin does not
    there was no trace – everything is in order.
  3. Cocoa masks have a coloring effect
    especially if the composition also contains vegetable oil.
    Owners of light strands of their best not to use.

You can constantly experiment with the compositions of masks, picking up
various components suitable for your hair type and skin
heads as well as depending on the presence of various problems with

The table below describes the most popular
components that are used in masks with cocoa
Component Useful property
Egg yolks and butter (almond, peach, burdock) The combination of these ingredients moisturizes and restores dry,
damaged curls.
Rye bread It nourishes, strengthens.
Honey Moisturizes, strengthens, makes curls smooth, restores
their structure.
Henna + rose oil Give silkiness and shine.

Thus, cocoa is not only tasty and nutritious.
drink, but it is also an excellent cosmetic.
Using masks based on it you can achieve results.
comparable to that obtained in beauty salons, significantly
while saving money.

Universal mask for hair with cocoa – video

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