Stem cells: hopes and disappointments

Modern cosmetology does not accidentally imposes
cell regenerative technologies are high hopes. Fantastic
discoveries in the field of regenerative possibilities of the organism,
the dream of saving man from old age, the prospect of creating
“Makropulos means” today are associated with stem
by cells. What are the prospects in this direction? Why so
stem cells connected so much hope? And how
Is it possible to use them in cosmetology?


  • What are stem cells?
  • Why stem cells are so important
  • Induced pluripotent stem cells in
  • What is the substitution of concepts?
  • Plant stem cells – what’s the catch?

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are the essence of life, the first immature cells
without a specific orientation. That is, they are capable of
self-healing and differentiation (able to turn into
different tissues of the body, depending on the need). Stem
cells are a kind of matrix giving rise to all human
to the body. Stem cells are present in all tissues and organs and
at all stages of life – before birth and after it. Why stem
Are cells so important to humans?

For example, when a person is injured, they are damaged and
some cells, and some even die. To minimize
cell death process, another type of cell is activated –
stem. They repair damaged cells and replace
dead cells to new ones. Stem cells strictly monitor
condition of our health, prevent the terminal state
body and premature aging. We can say that it is ours
invisible “army of salvation”, which is always ready to come to us on

Why stem cells are so important

There are different types of stem cells. Every body of ours
The body has its own specific stem cells. but
stem cells are present in our body at the earliest
stage of its formation. In this case, they are called embryonic
stem cells (ESCs). Science has advanced so far that
scientists have managed to grow embryonic stem cells in

The reason for studying stem cells is the fact that
of them can form any cell of our body, and from
a set of such cells – any organ of our body. Quite still
recently only stem had such creative ability
embryonic cells, that is, still immature cells. And in this
was not so much the medical aspect of research, how many
ethical. Since embryonic stem cells could
extract only from human embryos.

After some time, the Japanese scientist Signa Yamanaka, who received
Nobel Prize for his discovery, wondered: if out
embryonic stem cells can get any cell
organism, why it is impossible to force the mature specialized
cell turn into something else? And now, after some time, he
found the mechanism of regeneration of a mature cell. These cells became
call induced pluripotent stem cells
(IPSc). Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSc)
managed to get from the cells of various tissues using genetic methods
engineering. In other words, they were reprogrammed: mature cells, and
it was fibroblasts that began to “behave” like young cells,
able to differentiate to form all tissues
organism. Of course, above all, pluripotent stem cells
needed in medicine. This discovery will give unlimited future
Opportunities: from complete recovery from terrible ailments to
growing your own organs.

Induced pluripotent stem cells in

In cosmetology also have high hopes for stem
cells, but only in the future. Imagine that using
stem cells will be able to grow whole areas of new, and
most importantly, young skin. Or, let’s say, technologies will appear that
quickly and efficiently will be able to reprogram old cells. With
this will not be necessary either in the surgeon’s scalpel or in long
rehabilitation periods, there will be no dangerous complications and adverse
effects. After all, they will reprogram their own cells, and
This means that there will be no rejection and allergic reactions.
In other words, here it is – the dream of mankind.

But so far, unfortunately, there are many nuances of technological
nature, not allowing the use of stem cells in practice.
Scientific research on stem cells is just beginning. And be
it may take years of research and experimentation
cellular rejuvenation methods or stem-based cosmetics

What is the substitution of concepts?

Unfortunately, new advances in science are skillfully used in
for profit. Many manufacturers, parasitizing on
brand stem cells, promise to uninformed consumers
instant rejuvenation. Let’s see why this is impossible.

First, there is a very reasonable question: how are living cells
can survive in a cosmetic cream? Many people do not understand that
any cell is a part, albeit small, but a part of the living
organism. Our body consists of a million cells, and all of them –
alive. If we extract a living cell from our body and place
her in some other environment, she will immediately die. Since for
its existence needs a certain nutrient medium and strictly
a certain temperature. Only in this case she can live and
playable Cream is not an environment that promotes
life and activity of a living cell. From the above it follows that in
The composition of such a cream may not include live stem cells, but
the dead. Then what’s the use of them? Similarly, the situation with
plant stem cells.

Secondly, a cream with human stem cells is impossible with
ethical point of view. Use of human stem cells
banned all over the world. Such activities are considered not only
dangerous but illegal. For this reason, neither cream with stem
cells or injection techniques based on them cannot yet
see the light.

Thirdly, using someone else’s stem cells is very dangerous.
both in medicine and in cosmetology. Foreign stem cells
involved in the transmission of exogenous oncoviruses. Using
laboratory-grown stem cells are also
not safe. Scientists from the University of Madrid conducted
experiment. They grew in vitro stem
cells for 8 months. During this time, the cells managed to share
up to 140 times Then they put these cells in animals
after a while they noticed that the oldest cells initiated
cancer Scientists around the world sounded the alarm. And that’s why:
uncontrolled cell division outside a living organism can
provoke oncogenesis. If you do not allow uncontrolled division
cells outside the body, the risk of oncology is low. But tom and
the thing is that stem cells are stored for years in special
repositories, the so-called “stem cell banks” based on
the whole world.

Fourthly, there is a certain substitution of concepts. In cosmetology not
human cc are used. But when they talk about creams with
stem cells imply that it’s in the cream
they. But it is not. The name of the cream is not entirely correct. On this
moment using cells or extracts of animal embryos,
human placenta, body fluids, and ingredients,
obtained by biotechnology using microorganisms.
There is no connection with human cells. Not only creams with
plant stem cells also do not contain the stem
cells. For this reason, it is more appropriate to call cosmetics containing
the above ingredients, “cellular cosmetics”.

Plant stem cells – what’s the catch?

In the consumer markets, there are cosmetics containing
“plant stem cells”. Manufacturers of similar cosmetics and
in this case, do not skimp on metaphors and epithets, writing
revolutionary properties of its product. But is it really
really? Plant cells used in cosmetic creams, or rather
called meristem, not stem. Miraculous
plant cells are contained in the meristem. Such cells are rich
peptides, antioxidants, amino acids and growth factors.

Let’s open the secret: the stem cell does not enter the cosmetics, but its
active substances. In other words, enzyme (or peptide)
complex and nutrients. For example, the active substance
Absolue Precious Cells cream from Lancôme is not a stem
cells, and apple extract. Can be, apple extract and
works favorably on our skin, but how much? Testing
cream on volunteers proved that the cream is very effective and
helps to improve skin characteristics.

But what gives such effect, apple extract or other
Ingredients? After all, it is known that many
other ingredients that have always improved the stratum corneum
epidermis. And then the experts rendered their ruthless verdict:
skin aging is the wrinkles, flabbiness and dryness of the skin. All these
processes arise due to the lack of elastin and collagen in the dermis.
Cream with plant stem cells is not effective, it is not
able to activate fibroblasts and regenerate processes in

Plant stem cells do not contribute to regeneration.
human cells. They can only effectively affect
plant cells. If from human stem cells you can
grow a living organism, then from plant stem cells it can
grow only a plant.

It can be said that a plant stem cell based cream
none other than a herbal remedy that would bring more benefits to
as a dietary supplement. After all, eating an apple is much more useful than putting it
extract on the skin.

Cream manufacturers claim that in plant stem
cells contained in a large number of phytohormones. And phytohormones
very close in structure to our own hormones. But is it
this? Phytohormones are plant hormones. They are not able to render
hormone-like effect on the human body. How to act
hormones in our body? They bind to the receptor by
the key-lock principle when all the cavities are completely filled
structure of the hormone. Only in this case, the hormones “recognize” and
stimulate the necessary receptors. In other words, in the case of
phytohormones key does not fit the lock. So, it does not happen
no activation of fibroblasts. No active fibroblasts – no
synthesis of collagen and elastin.

And some similarities in the structure of phytoestrogens (which, to
by the way, are not phytohormones) and human estrogen
may not always have a positive effect. For example,
phytoestrogens in the human body sometimes act as
estrogens, and sometimes as antiestrogens. These mechanisms, like themselves
phytoestrogens are not yet fully understood.

And another problem, which do not like to spread
cosmetics manufacturers are the penetration of cream into
skin Even if the cream really contained miraculous
substances, it can not overcome the stratum corneum of the epidermis. If
anti-aging creams with miraculous compositions really
dramatically affected the skin, they would fall under the category
drugs, not cosmetic products.

Thus, plant stem cells in a cream are just
only herbal remedies, which would be more appropriate to take orally in the form of
food additives. To date, the “top” of cosmetology
are injection methods based on hyaluronic acid and
cell regenerative technologies: plasma therapy, placenta
and SPRS-therapy – injections based on our own fibroblasts
patient cultured by a special method.

And the most miraculous anti-wrinkle cream is effective.

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