Stinging nettle for beauty hair

nettleEveryone remembers from childhood how they were scared
nettle for disobedience, and they themselves more than once ran into it
burning plant and sincerely feared him. Now almost everyone knows
that it is a useful and important plant for beauty and human health.
On the basis of nettle are medicines and shampoos. Cooks are cooking
delicious soup, factories sew clothes from it. Nettle is useful for
hair, used against bleeding, asphyxiation, heart
diseases, allergies and much more.

Feedback on the use of nettle is very positive, but how can
be different? It contains a large amount of vitamins and
trace elements. However, only young nettle is useful, which has not yet
I managed to completely absorb all the bad stuff.

Nettle decoction for hair is a panacea, as it removes
excessive fat content and helps to get rid of split ends,
gives incredible shine and silkiness. The broth itself is prepared very
just: 2 tablespoons of nettle diluted in hot water, and then
add cold. This is the easiest way.

But it’s better to pick this miracle plant and boil it in
a saucepan with water, after which you do not need to dilute with cold, but give
water cool. By itself, boiled water is already taking care of the hair,
they get dirty less and look healthy. In the cooled broth and
need to wash my hair. Then, as everyone knows, you can add a little
vinegar for more shine. A month later, the hair noticeably change,
Yes, and their owner herself will certainly feel it.

Infusion of nettle for hair will help to lighten the hair with natural
in a manner and perfectly harmless, unlike chemical paints.
Of course, the effect will not be so radical, but with regular
use will become noticeable.

This tincture will need 1 tablespoon of nettle and 1
tablespoon of chamomile. The mixture is poured boiling water of 1 liter.
and insist about 30 minutes. The resulting infusion rinsed
hair and wrapped in a warm towel for half an hour. 30 after
minutes you need to remove the towel and rinse your hair with strong chamomile
infusion. Dry naturally.

Nettle leaves for hair help and from their loss. 30 minutes
insist 3 tablespoons of nettle in 500 ml of water. This infusion
need to rinse hair every time after washing.

Rescue nettle masks

Nettle-based masks strengthen hair and reduce its fat content.
For this you need to grind fresh nettle, you can use
blender or grinder. In the end, it should turn out to be half a cup
shredded nettle, a teaspoon is added to the resulting composition
sea ​​salt. After that, the mask can be applied to the hair. Wrap up
head in a warm towel for 30 minutes and rinse.

The use of nettle has long been mastered by our ancestors. Its seeds, roots
and the leaves served as a medicine for almost all diseases. In modern
nettle medicine treat hemorrhoids. Having eaten 20 leaves of young nettle,
a person gets all the vitamins and minerals that he
are needed.

Also nettle infusion is useful to take inside, but should
remember that it removes a lot of water from the body
constantly monitor its completion. In some cases, nettle
promotes weight loss, but it needs to be taken regularly, then
the result is not long in coming.

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