Stone and marble manicure

Stone and marble manicure is a new summer trend.
in a manicure that just drove the internet users crazy.
And although stone or marble nails sound quite “hard”, the look of
these are extremely glamorous. marble manicure

Such a manicure looks valuable and expensive, like real jewels.
This trend perfectly combines precious stones and colors of luxury.
– purple, black and gold.

Stone manicure involves the use of multi-colored
stones that imitate precious stones. If you
have great taste and style, then from miniature pebbles
can make real manicure miracles on nails: stone
flowers, leaves and patterns.

Marble manicure is what you need.
try this summer not to reproach yourself for missing
opportunities. Marble in delicate pastel shades of pink,
blue and yellow colors look luxurious on a white background.

Rose quartz and blue marble are all about nails. Of course,
such a manicure requires the establishment of aerobatics skills, but
The effect is impressive. Sure that these nails will be the main
the accent of your image.

Tenderness in stone exists. The proof of this this manicure,
which combines white marble nails and transparent rhinestones on
silver background. Manicure worthy of a princess!

Gems and gold nail stickers can
form incredible combinations. I can not believe that it
nail plates, not precious brooches.

Turquoise pieces “drowned” in the lacquer coating look like
real rings. It may not be very comfortable to wear, but
very impressive!

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