Stone face massage procedure

Stone face massage, or stone procedure, is a
facial treatment with hot healing stones. This type of massage
came to our country from tibet. He is so fond of our
compatriots that has become one of the most popular methods of care
behind the face.


  • What is the procedure of stone massage?
  • Features of the face massage stones
  • Indications and contraindications to the stone procedure

What is the procedure of stone massage?

For Tibetan massage select special treatment.
volcanic stones. They are of two types:
basalt black (hot) and white marble (cold).

Each stone has its own shape (round, flat, oval) and
can be either natural, unpolished, or polished.
The cost of such stones is high and can be compared with

Stones for massage

Facial massage with stones is differently called stone-massage.
It is made with the help of two stones along the massage lines. Stones should
be about 4 × 5 cm in size, smooth, without sharp

Each stone has its own unique energy, which
transmits to a person through the skin in the process of touching Often their
used in reflexology, having during the session on the face in
biologically active points and zones for maximum effective
energy performance.

With the help of hot black stones in stone therapy are treated
lymph nodes, improves blood circulation and saturation of the body
oxygen, accelerated metabolic processes.

This is a pleasant and useful procedure with which you can
achieve and excellent cosmetic effect. In Tibet with
black hot stones remove mimic wrinkles and wrinkles around
eyes, and the skin of the face as a result of their impact becomes healthy
color and look.

White (cold) stones relieve inflammation from the skin of the face, as well as
pain syndrome. They have a more relaxing effect on everything.
facial muscles. Most often they are used in cosmetology for the treatment
various inflammations (acne and not only), cosmetic scars
after operations.

Features of the face massage stones

The success of any treatment depends largely on the environment in which
it happens. In Tibet, it is customary to combine the useful with the pleasant,
so that a person can relax and get the most
effect of the procedure. As a rule, stone massage takes place in
a special massage room where a dim light is lit sounds
relaxing music, lit incense sticks.

Before the procedure, the stones are seriously disinfected.
because they are reused. For heating black stones
special stone heaters are used. Heating temperature
usually 10-15 degrees above human body temperature and
is 45-50 degrees. At this temperature almost
possible to get burned even the most sensitive and tender

Stone face massage

Face stone massage in its history includes
millennia. Already in ancient times people used hot stones.
for the treatment of various diseases.

Cold white stones have a temperature of from 0 to 25 degrees.
Stone therapy specialist selects the required stone temperature,
to impact on biologically active points and areas of the body
was the maximum.

Before starting the procedure, a specialist applies essential oils on the face.
and makes massage, as much as possible relaxing facial muscles. Impact
It is made on massage lines, smoothing them.

Further, depending on the purpose for which the client turned to
stone therapy, put stones on his face. However, they can
fit also on the neck and decollete. Easy
with pressure movements, the specialist massages the zones with
stones. If necessary, it can change their location to

If you experience any discomfort during
massage should immediately inform the specialist to
he changed tactics. After the procedure, the client is usually offered a cup
fragrant green tea to enhance the effect of the massage procedure,
and accelerate metabolic processes in the body.

Indications and contraindications to the stone procedure

Any therapeutic and prophylactic methods have their own indications and
contraindications to use. No exception and
Stone face massage.

Most often it is recommended for relaxation of the nervous system,
improve the skin of the face and prevent the formation of new

Stone therapy is good for:

  • persistent or recurrent headaches;
  • hypertension;
  • fatigue and chronic fatigue;
  • stress and prolonged depression;
  • skin diseases such as: dermatitis, psoriasis, acne
    rashes, abrasions, cuts and others;
  • treatment of lymph nodes.

In addition, it is recommended for improving the skin tone of the face and
restore its color, increase immunity and improve
blood circulation.

When you can massage stones

Hot stone massage is a wonderful way.
relax muscles and speed up metabolic processes. During such
massage vessels expand, blood circulation improves and

But there are also contraindications to the use of stone therapy and
massage stones. Among them:

  • acute chronic diseases;
  • oncological diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • infectious diseases;
  • circulatory disorders.

Stone massage is an excellent preventive measure, with
through which you can easily and pleasantly restore not only your
beauty, but also to return health and youth.

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