Straight hair is easy!

Rarely what woman is completely satisfied with her appearance. Women
all the time they change something in themselves, improve. Many people apply a lot
efforts to change the original structure of your hair: constantly
wind the curlers at night or get up early in the morning to
straighten curls.

Saving time to straight-haired women will help chemical
perm, and the owners of curls – long-term straightening
curls in the cabin. Make your hair obedient, straight and shiny
help brazilian, japanese, hot, bio or chemical
hair straightening. Consider in more detail all kinds
long-term smoothing curls.

Hair straightening


  • Keratin hair restoration
  • Chemical smoothing curls
  • Japanese hair straightening and treatment
  • Bio-smoothing hair

Keratin hair restoration

Keratin or Brazilian hair straightening is the most
safe of modern methods of restoration and smoothing
curls. Keratin is the basis of the structure of each hair, and this
the method allows to compensate for its loss due to chemical
waving, frequent dyeing, lightening, etc. This type
smoothing is good because it does not change the structure of hairs,
filling scales with artificial keratin.

The method was invented in Brazil, which is why the Brazilian is called
hair straightening. Keratin-straightened curls
become shiny, resilient, soft, not confused
throughout the day, get a beautiful healthy look and noticeably easier
comb after washing. In addition, braids perfectly keep their shape
even in the rain and exposure to wind, without requiring repeated

Brazilian hair straightening in the salon is carried out in several
main stages:

  1. The hair is thoroughly washed with a special cleansing shampoo with
    the goal is to completely get rid of any dirt and skin
  2. The excess water is removed with a towel, then the curls are dried.
    with a hairdryer in a gentle cold air mode, or they dry out completely without
    hair dryer.
  3. Slightly wet strands are treated with special keratin
    composition, which envelops each hair with a protective protein
  4. Then hot processing of the strands is carried out.
    an iron straightener, sealing keratin in hair scales and
    straightening cuticles.
  5. After that, straightened hair is lightly treated with warm
    water and apply a firming mask for 1 minute, then
    washed off.
  6. Then spit moistened indelible means and

The session takes about two hours. In this room
must be well ventilated, and the master and the client must be
wearing protective masks to avoid poisoning
formaldehyde. The effect of the procedure lasts up to 5

Brazilian hair straightening allows you to perform any kind of
styling, including curl curls. A couple of weeks hair
can be painted and tinted. You can only wash your hair without sulfate.

Brazilian straightening

Chemical smoothing curls

Chemical or permanent hair straightening resembles a process
waving, but the result is quite the opposite – curls
become straight. Since chemical agents are always used here.
compositions, the procedure is often called the operation, because the chemical
hair straightening completely changes their structure, and by itself
This procedure is very dangerous and harmful. Therefore, to conduct a session should
highly skilled master.

The word “permanent” translated from English means
“permanent” and really permanent hair straightening
involves smoothing curls forever. I.e
regrowing curls will curl, but already regrown – will remain
straight for life Therefore, choosing a chemical hair straightening,
it will be necessary to regularly carry out the regrowth correction procedure

Performed chemical hair straightening as follows:

  1. First, the hair is richly moisturized with special
  2. Then one of the smoothing compounds is applied: weak,
    medium or high strength, depending on the condition of the hair and
    what result you need to achieve.
  3. The duration of the applied reagent, 15-20 minutes, is expected.
    after which the hair is washed abundantly.
  4. Then a fixative compound is applied that enhances the effect.
    smoothing, left for 1-2 minutes.
  5. After that, the hair for 3-5 minutes lubricated neutralizer
    restoring new hair structure.
  6. The hair once again thoroughly washed and stacked.

Chemical hair straightening has a significant drawback –
when using the strongest reagent (sodium hydroxide),
which smoothes out curls as effectively as possible,
to the fact that the hair is weakened, will become brittle and dry. Besides
an individual approach to the client is necessary, since the same
The composition will suit one woman, the other will have an allergic
reaction, and the third will not see any effect at all.

Chemical straightening

Japanese hair straightening and treatment

Japanese hair straightening also completely changes the structure
curly strands, making them shiny, smooth and straight. it
a kind of chemical smoothing, however from a previous species
Japanese hair straightening is different in that it restores and
treats hairs damaged during the procedure.

Contributes to this unique substance – cystamine, included in
composition of the reagent. Cyastimine is enriched with proteins that
have a therapeutic effect and contribute to the overall improvement of the condition
hairs, especially if they are dry or damaged.
The cyastimine reagent penetrates deep into the hair structure,
straightening keratin molecules, and as a result – the whole hair.

Japanese hair straightening is very complex and temporary.
expensive process, the essence of which is in applying a special substance
on small strands. For a certain time, the composition
aged, then washed off. Then every single strand
Curls subjected to careful and prolonged stretching. From
the complexity and thoroughness of this procedure depends on the degree
straightening curls.

Therefore, the duration of the session is 3.5 – 6 hours, in
depending on the thickness and length of the curls. Time spent
worth it, because unlike the traditional chemical
smoothing hair straightened by Japanese technology
much healthier. Re-smoothing is carried out
only on the roots after 8-12 months, when the roots grow by 7-10

Japanese Alignment

Bio-smoothing hair

Another chemical type of smoothing is bio-straightening.
curls. Like the Japanese method, this technology changes the structure
hair at the molecular level, but not forever, but only on
some time – up to six months. Aminocysteine ​​complex included in
the composition of this reagent significantly reduces the negative effects
chemical processing.

The bio-smoothing procedure takes place in just three stages:

  • • each small strand is treated with a valid chemical
    an amino-cysteic acid substance;
  • • then, waiting for the desired reaction, the composition is washed off;
  • • after which each strand is straightened and ironed
    fixative, which will increase the term “straightness” of curls.

Carry in the salon will take up to six hours if the hair is thick
and very long. As a result, the hair will be straight, shiny and
much healthier.


Also in the cabin, like at home, you can spend hot (thermal)
alignment of hair with the usual iron with a ceramic nozzle. But,
thanks to special professional tools, salon styling
last not until the morning, but before the first washing of the head. But this way with
big stretch can be called a long-term straightening.

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