Styles and types of men’s hairstyles: choose the best decision

Men's hairstylesMost men
by nature conservatives, so men’s hairstyles are not so
as diverse as females. Men’s hair care most often
limited to washing, about styling, even speech is not. And although
owners of short hair among them are more long-haired men
also not uncommon. Male hairstyles are divided into types depending
on the length of the hair – for short, medium and long, as well as

Men’s hairstyles styles

Classic is always in fashion. Typical classic hairstyle – smooth
hair styled with flat side parting or combed back. Their
prefer not only men of mature age – among young people
there are also adherents of the classics.

The culture of punk rock and rock has enriched the stronger sex hairstyles in
Grunge style: disheveled hair, chaos on the head. Such
style more often choose rebels and individualists, so they are so
popular with young people. New direction – grunge chic, in which
more attention is paid to style.

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Hence shaven temples, long oblique bangs, coloring.

Military style is suitable for long and medium hair. Piling
performed on the basis of multi-level haircuts and specially attached
careless and disheveled look.

Sporty style is very short haircuts and neat.
laying in which small irregularities and asymmetry are permissible.
Sports haircuts usually assume the same hair length, but
There are other options. Men appreciate such haircuts for simplicity and

The main types of hairstyles

Types of male hairstyles are numerous. However, there are major
who chooses the majority.

Almost all fashionable haircuts are performed on the basis of the main.
A little improvisation master – and it turns out a new hairstyle.

Classic haircut – short, of equal length throughout
head, no more than 3-5 cm.

Boxing – short, with shaved temples and the lower part of the neck,
very commemorates the gladiator helmet.

An extended version of the haircut is a half-box.

British – classic, with side parting, volumetric top and
smoothly laid temples.

Bob – elongated strands wrap inside, bangs
round out.

Canadian – short, with a long bang, emphasis on the frontal

Hedgehog and beaver – very short, with a length of not more than 2 cm; Hedgehog –
rounded shape, beaver – square.

Double-caret – sporty, with short hair at the bottom – not
more than 4-5 cm, and long on top – 7-8 cm.

Sagittarius – a high line of parting and elongated bangs.

Playground – short down and long at the top.

Voyage – for medium length; large volume top and very short
bottom, clear cut line.

Stylish solutions for your hair

Short men’s hairstyles vary in the ratio of hair length
on the sides and on the top. Leaving hair of different lengths on certain
parts of the head, you can get different stylish haircuts.

For example, one of the popular options: as short as possible
hair on the side and above the ears and longer hair centered on the line
forehead to occiput. This hairstyle must be styled special
by means of lifting up and forming either a pointed cone, or
deliberate negligence. Cool men’s hairstyles emphasize
masculinity and some brutality, so often their
accompanied by a slight unshaven.

If you want to look stylish, but there is no time to spend on styling
wishes, you can choose a haircut with a bang. A little mousse or gel for
hair – and today you are a good-boy with a smooth bang, tomorrow –
a serious guy with hair back, and in a day
dude with casually hanging strands.

Asymmetry is a short haircut for the bold, happy
owners of thick hair. If nature does not give you much
thick hair is best not to risk it.

Men's hairstylesPopular
enjoy men’s hairstyles with a pattern. Drawing helps to revive
haircut and create an interesting informal look. Geometric
patterns or drawings can be made across the entire surface of the head or
only on the temples and the back of the head. The latter option is chosen more often. To
the drawing looked good, it is performed on hairs with a length of 6-9 mm, in
depending on the color and density of hair. Of course, the term “life” of the picture
short, it needs to be updated at least once every 10 days, otherwise
he will lose a clear outline. You can wait until the hair
fully grow and make another.

Express your individuality, great sense of humor and freedom
from stereotypes you can with the help of funny hairstyles, of course, if
You are not threatened because of this conflict at work. Fun example
hairstyles for guys can not meet every day on the street. There are not many who
dare to walk every day with a creative “soccer ball”, a spider on
spider web or sunflower on the head. At your request, stylists
will create a whole picture, the only question is whether you are ready to paint
a sulfur everyday life.

How to choose a hairstyle?

Choose a haircut, not guided by fashion, and features
own appearance. If you have an irregular head or
round, too short haircuts are not for you. Bulging ears
You can cover the hair of medium length. Bangs best suited
people with a high forehead. Talk to the stylist, he will help
pick the best option. Better to look good with simple
classic hairstyle than ridiculous with the most fashionable.

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