Stylish and trendy men’s hairstyles for curly hair

men's haircut for curly hairIf you are the owner
curly hair, you should know that in order to haircut on
long curly hair was as attractive as possible, their length
should be average or slightly lower. It is worth agreeing with the fact
what if such strands are cut short and do not stack them with
special fixing means, the hairstyle, like its cascade itself,
will look ugly, and short or medium curly hair
will stick in different directions.

Today, both young men and men are carefully watching
their appearance, they are also actively interested in the latest
fashion trends. As practice shows, the fashion for men’s hairstyles
does not stand still. And if you are interested in the question, what haircuts for
wavy hair in the new year will be the most relevant, this article
for your reading.

It is believed that among girls and women curly hair today,
whether it’s long curls, medium or short,
current trend. Men’s haircuts for curly hair today are not
less fashionable. Particularly relevant today, men’s haircuts on
curly hair with pronounced loose curls. Fashionable
haircuts with casually sticking curls give more romance
and make a man more attractive and sexy. Again regardless
how long his hair is, medium or long


The leading stylists recognized that fashionable are male
haircuts for beautiful wavy hair based on a cascade
with short and slightly loose strands. And who said that guy
can not change the color of their curls? If the guy is
the owner of dark strands, he can lighten them a little. If you
make curly curls of different shades, it will give even more
stylish and attractive.

Today, among young guys and teenagers, the most popular
enjoy a fashionable haircut for wavy hair in Korean style.
This is a relatively short haircut, but on one side only.
forehead – no matter which one – strands are slightly longer. And as for
more young guys, they prefer casually laid curls. Of
It is worth making a definite conclusion that curly male curls
in the new year will be very popular.

Short hair

Statistics show that there is no big curly hair.
number of model hairstyles, but certain popular and fashionable
models still exist. Curls in men are extremely
rarely, often you can see a man who has a wavy or
curly curls. Due to such a special invoice arises
pleasant sensation of a curd cascade.

The main negative feature of such hairstyles is that
the fact that they are difficult to lay, but if the final result
laying positive, sexuality and playfulness of the owner of such
curls even more than enough. It is very difficult to cope with such
hairstyles, but this cascade implies almost imperceptible
flaws and errors.

Some may say that curly or wavy male
hair grows rather slowly, but this is only a visual effect,
in fact, they grow at the same rate as regular curls.
Some stylists claim that short haircuts with wavy
strands, unlike elongated ones, are not the best option – with
over time, the hair begins to push, and the shape is lost, as is the volume.
The exceptions are tighter curls or permanent
use of hair styling products.

If you are ready for this, feel free to choose short fashionable ones.
hairstyles for their curls.

Hairstyle for long curly hair

If you decide to let go of your wavy or curly hair a little
hair, for them there is a great solution. In this case, strands
sheared with asymmetric layers and stacked with wax. AT
The result should be a whirlwind in the hair. Cascade such hairstyle
It will be ideally combined with a relatively short bangs. For
to put it, you need to put a little bang on the same

haircut for long curly hairOther win-win
option – haircut without bangs, slightly covering the neck. Laid
back and styling-treated styling of this haircut will suit even
pretty brutal men.

For wavy strands a cascade square is perfect. Laid
using wax with a wet effect, it will give a light holiday
mood. Even if the strands grow back, hair style
will persist.

For curly curls of medium length, haircut is also suitable.
“Canadian”, in which strands on the occipital and temporal parts
slightly shorter than on parietal. The length changes gradually.

Another option for medium hair – “Parisian caret” in style
The Beatles. Ripped careless strands and elongated bangs in this
The interpretation of the bob haircut will give a romantic mysterious look.

Professional Tips

Comb wavy hair when it is still wet, so
This way you can avoid excess volume, which affects the appearance

If you can use styling for
quality styling strands are strongly recommended
this, thanks to which you will not suffer in the morning, laying
naughty curls as you need. For quality care
such hair professionals recommend using air conditioning
or moisturizing shampoo. Some experts advise
use serum for styling medium and long hair.

To do this you will need to squeeze a little styling yourself
on your hands and evenly distribute it over all hair. After
use of these funds naughty curly hair will lay down
just the way you want. It is also worth noting that such funds
eliminate the possibility of electrifying hair, and curls become more
soft. Probably everyone knows that if the hair is electrified,
Cascade hairstyle begins to resemble a dandelion.

So what is better to choose: bob, boxing, quads, Parisian quads,
bob-square, Canadian or something else? Decide for you and your stylist.

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