Stylish braids for short hair

pigtails for short hairPigtails are exactly the kind
hairstyles that never go out of fashion. Thanks to its
universality, allowing you to create a variety of images, they
popular with women and girls of all ages. And not
It is worth thinking that a beautiful elegant braid can decorate your
head only owners of long hair. Now there is enough
many options to make stylish pigtails for short
hair, absolutely not requiring for this special skills and abilities.

French braids

french braids for short hairCreate original image
French braids will help to emphasize individuality
(“French”). By doing this haircut sometimes you can express
your mood and character through appearance, becoming for
surrounding whatever: mischievous, restrained, romantic or
cheeky. At the same time, a special weaving technique allows maximum
use the available hair length and fit the French tightly
pigtails for short hair, making the hair not only beautiful, but
and well fixed.

“French” are created in a few simple steps:

  • First, comb your hair well and brush your fingertips.
    some kind of fixative (varnish, foam or gel).
  • Separate a small strand just above the crown and divide it into
    three equal parts.
  • Throw the right part on the central part, swap them, and
    then throw the left on the central part.
  • Returning to the right side, attach a small strand to it.
    from the total weight of the hair and continue weaving. Then the same
    attach additional strands do the left side
  • Continue weaving, grabbing new strands each time,
    until you braid all your hair.
  • The remaining hair secure with a rubber band, barrette or bow.

This is one of the classic versions of the French braid, where it
starts at the top and ends at the back of the head. Using this
weaving technique, you can create different variations by choosing
the desired starting position for the braid, its thickness and “path
running through. ”

In the same way are created and stylish children’s braids on
short hair. You can make your little fashionistas sweet and
naughty hairstyle, decorating her head with two symmetrical
French braids and tied at the free tips bright
elastic bands or magnificent bows. In general, experiment, embodying
any ideas of your own.

African braids

African braids for short hairVery stylish look on
Afro-braid short hair. Their main disadvantage is the complexity
performance, therefore, without the services of an experienced master in creating such
hairstyles can not do. But, here are the minimum requirements for hair length,
what allows to do them even on hair in 5 cm.

Technique of weaving braids for short hair in the African style.
It looks noticeably like this: all hair is divided into equal strands and
weave many thin braids, pulling them as tight as possible. If a
hair is too short, then when creating afrokrosichek in natural
braids weave artificial strands with which to increase them
length Very often in these hairstyles also use multi-colored
floss threads, thanks to which the finished hairstyle looks not only
original, but bright.

On the head afrokosichki hold for a very long time, which is their
main advantage. Walking with such a colorful “miracle” can be about 4
months, after which the hairstyle completely unravels from the master.

Greek style braids

Greek braids for short hairIf you
owner of luxurious bangs, beautiful braids will suit you
short hair in greek style. Traditionally, such braids trudge
around the head, giving a romantic appearance and emphasizing
femininity image.

The starting position for a Greek pigtail can be like a temple,
and forehead. Choose a suitable option and you can proceed to
weaving. First you need to separate the strand from the bulk of the hair and
divide it into three parts. Next, adding thin strands from
Remaining loose hair, weave a braid towards the back of the head.
If you decide to make a braid around the entire head, its free end
will need to hide in the beginning of the weaving. Provided that some
the hair will remain loose, the tail of the braid is just tying
rubber band and leave together with the free strands.

Alternatively, you can try to make a double Greek braid.
To do this, bangs need to be divided in the center and make two
symmetrical pigtails, starting their weaving on the forehead and ending it on
the back of the head (along the temples). Free ends can be neatly assembled in
small bun or tail.

“Fish tail”

Make a “fish tail” can a girl whose hair reaches
shoulders or at least to the middle of the neck. Technique weaving this option
braids easier than even the beloved all the “spike”, but the appearance
This hairstyle is much more original.

To make yourself such a pigtail, divide all the hair into two
equal parts. Then take identical strands on both sides and
twist them together. Going further, you must alternately
add strands to the weave from the bulk of the hair, connecting them
now to the right, then to the left. In this way you need to weave in
“fishtail” all the hair, making them a kind of tourniquet. In the end,
strands of pigtails must be slightly tousled, and loose tail
tie a rubber band and decorate with some accessory.

It is possible to perform such braid weaving on short hair in different
options: to collect all the hair in a braid or decorate with thin “fish
ponytails “loose hair. You can also create different
variations in their placement: two braids on the side along the temples, one
large braid in the center of the head or asymmetry with lateral placement

Overhead braids

patch braidsCreate braids on
Short hair can also be made using overhead strands and tails. AT
In this case, the main thing is their correct choice in color,
which should perfectly match the shade of your hair. Fastening
overhead strands on your head, you can create pigtails on them
different styles, using techniques known to you and types of weaving. how
option, you can also consider buying a finished braid,
sold already braided.

Short hair is not a reason to limit yourself in choosing hairstyles.
Even on them you can create real masterpieces of hairdressing
art. Express your imagination and weave in hairstyles on
short hair pigtails to always be fashionable, feminine and

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