Stylish haircut – the secret ingredient irresistible image!

stylish haircut sessonOn
throughout the human history of the master of hairdressing
arts are looking for original solutions that will allow
the fair sex constantly amaze and shock
world. That hair has long been considered the strongest weapon
women. And to the present, the haircut and hairstyle is an object
special attention. In this article we will tell about the hair sesson,
which has become revolutionary in the world of hairdressing.
Haircut Cesson was invented by a brilliant stylist and hairdresser,
Englishman Vidal Sassoon in the 70s of the last century.

The revolutionary idea of ​​the model sesson was the simplicity and
convenience. The fact is that almost any fashionable haircut to order
time assumed perm, combing or applying fixing
varnish. Haircut same sesson allows women not to bother
excessive manipulation. It was enough just to wash your hair. With
than the hair could initially be both long and short.

What is the secret of success?

Of course, first of all it is important that a haircut, including
sesson, was made by a highly professional craftsman who
conscientiously and meticulously suited to their work. Hair, in
regardless of whether they are short or long, you need to cut
thin layers. Starting at the back of the head, each next layer is cut.
so that it overlaps the previous one millimeter.

The author himself hairstyles sesson first in his business was instead
combs use your fingers. He came to the graduation technique.
Thus, a certain strict cut makes the hair
in a special way to bend inward without using additional

What is such a hairstyle?

The described haircut has a natural volume that is not
afraid of neither wind nor sharp energetic movements. She is enough
it is mobile, that will provide to your image naturalness. Similar
hairstyle, as already noted, still on the idea of ​​the author should have been
to be comfortable. Therefore, you will not be difficult to put beautifully washed
curls. In addition, the considered hairstyle has many
modifications depending on the type of bangs: torn, asymmetrical,
slanting Bangs can also be long or short, etc.

who is suitable haircut sessonThe very same haircut sesson does not have
special restrictions. She is perfect as a young girl, so
and lady of elegant age. Changing the type of bangs, you can pick up
the best option depending on the features and shape of the face. Color also
can be changed in accordance with the fashion trends of one or another
of the season. Perhaps the single most essential requirement
regarding this type of hairstyle will be the thickness of the hair. On too
thin and sparse hair sesson will not look expressive.
Therefore, this option is best suited for girls with thick

The classic version of the considered hairstyle does not imply
exhausting styling. It is enough to wash your hair and blow-dry,
using a round comb. But if desired, especially for
ceremonial events, you can easily experiment with
irons, light waves, curls or even intense
curls. It may be appropriate to use additional
accessories such as headbands, flowers, ribbons, etc. The most important thing is
express desire and show imagination.

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