Stylish haircut will set you apart from the crowd.

Egyptian haircut photo

Fashion is changeable. We don’t put on what
We are “told” by designers and fashion designers, we are not always comfortable
shoes because it is fashionable. But fashion is not only clothes and
footwear. Fashionable (or unfashionable) are also haircuts. You have long
hair and you don’t know how to cut it so it is beautiful?
Or hair of medium length, and you are wondering how to put them in order to
look stylish? Hold for a moment and you will find out which
Fashionable haircuts offer us stylists this year. Believe you
be sure to pick something for yourself.

Haircut: a bit of history

It is believed that for the first time women began to cut their hair long before
Our era – scientists refer to the papyrus and wall
paintings of tombs and temples of ancient Egypt. It is on them that you can
to see Egyptian women with medium length haircuts, amazingly
reminiscent of modern square. However, after this hairdressers
many countries have forgotten about haircuts for several centuries – fashionable
various curls and hairpieces, all kinds of styling and braids; on
creating hairstyles of ladies belonging to the upper class, go
hours of operation. That hairstyles pointed for many years to age
women, her marital status and social status.

But here comes the twentieth century – and with it changes in life
societies: wars, revolutions. That gave impetus to the fact that in the 20s
years, almost all the ladies began to wear a short car. So into fashion
re-enters haircut. If you go through the history of hairdressing
art further, it can be noted that, as a rule,
women wore haircuts or hairstyles that were fashionable in this or that
a different period of time. And only in recent decades, women’s haircuts
become extremely diverse – today ladies granted
the right to choose.

stylish haircut photoModern hairdressing is gone
far ahead – twenty or thirty years ago you would not see
such a variety of stylish short haircuts and amazing
masterpieces of long hair. Today you will meet the original
women’s and stylish men’s haircuts, not only on the catwalks and
contests hairdressers, but also on the streets of our cities. And, perhaps,
Many ladies’ favorite hair length is slightly higher or lower than the shoulders. More
Moreover: the average length of hair is chosen today not only
the fair sex – stylish haircuts for
boys and men offer this year many stylists
international class.

Stylish haircut – what does it mean?

stylish haircuts photosWhat
Still, is it a stylish haircut? Perhaps everyone has their own
definition of style – someone will say that this is a haircut, which is now
in fashion. Another will contradict – they say it is something
extravagant, such a challenge to any fashion. Writers called style
“aristocratic” and “the kiss of God.” And after all, in essence, each
will be right. Style is what helps a person to emphasize.
their individuality and not become at the same time a clown. Style is charm
and magnetism in one bottle. Style is a sense of fashion and feeling
measures. That stylish haircut will allow you to stand out in the street
crowd, do not get lost among the many very different people. Sometimes it
simple simplicity and sometimes carefully thought out

There are several styles to choose from: one for classic likes – in
In this case, the hairstyle is distinguished by clear lines and complete
by forms. Others prefer extravagance: torn ends,
colored strands – so look their stylish haircuts. For fine hair,
perhaps the best is romantic style – in this case
hair is arranged in soft wavy curls. Haircuts like
classic, but at the same time characterized by greater elegance,
relate to elegant style. In short, stylish women’s haircuts
2014 give you the full opportunity to find yourself – new and

Medium Length Haircuts

Hairdressers around the world today offer women
extremely rich selection of styles and models of haircuts
middle length. You will look stylish and slightly elongated.
cascade or ladder, do not get lost with a square or bob. Besides,
It is the hair of medium length will look good in the business
option, and in the holiday. Take, for example, an extremely beloved and
popular ladies ladies. During this haircut hair cut
the rear is longer, and the front is much shorter. If necessary, you
You can make her a variety of hairstyles. If you
invited to a restaurant, you can make a side parting, curl your hair on
curlers, and then unwind them and lay in the form of corrugated waves
or spirals and fix gel or varnish. Easy from this haircut
make and retro hairstyle: hair should be divided into two parts
(transverse parting). The back part rises and
it is rolled up by a cockleshell;
and, slightly scratched, lay over the resulting shell. Today is very
Spit in all their variations are popular. With this haircut you
you can afford if you want a lot of different
options with braids. For example, braid the braid over the forehead spikelet – from
ear to ear. Or braid two ordinary braids, and then lay them on
type of rim for hair. As an everyday hair
you can simply collect in tails; but in order to have a haircut
more youthful, spin a few strands all over your head
sticking ends and secure studs.

A variety of hairstyles can also be made from haircuts.
“page” (or sessun). Classically – it is straight hair with even
bangs, but today hairdressers offer you a variety of her
options. If you are the owner of this stylish haircut, as
festive styling options can try to curl your hair in
curls, winding them vertically on the curling. Pretty stylish
This haircut looks when slightly curled hair is styled with gel
backwards As an everyday hairstyle hair just fit
round brush inward along the entire contour of the haircut. For youth
hairstyle option is enough to braid a few braids or
flagella from the face back, and behind collect them in the tail and fasten
beautiful rubber band or decorative hairpin.

We select the haircut to the type of person

Hairdressers are sure: it is the average hair length that is the most
universal – because it fits any type of face. Unlike
stylish haircuts for long hair, haircuts medium length can be
choose and to any type of appearance – because they fit as complete,
so thin ladies, both tall and short.

If you are a happy owner of an oval face shape (which
It is considered ideal), you can safely choose any you like.
haircut. With a triangular face with a narrow chin and a wide forehead
suitable haircuts medium length with a short bangs. But the square
with oblique torn bangs hide a high or wide forehead. If you
the owner of the pear-shaped face, when a rather narrow forehead
combined with a massive jaw, you are most suitable haircut,
which visually enlarges the upper part – for example,
graduated bean (can be no bangs, and a variant with a rare
bangs: during laying it should be lifted upwards, thereby
creating additional volume). Hide massive square face
the same cascade will help, but at the same time it will be highly graduated throughout
length haircut. Will remove excessive angularity in this case also
asymmetrical caret.

Hide the flaws

haircut photoDid you know haircut
It is able to hide the flaws of your face? For example, among
Medium length haircuts, you can choose one that will allow
hide too high forehead – for this it is best to prefer
models with bangs, preferably graded. If you have a low
forehead and full cheeks, you should prefer haircuts without bangs and forget
about those that visually increase the volume of the head – choose something
type of elongated classic bob with side parting.

But hide the wrinkles on the forehead, hide protruding or ugly
ears or vice versa – to emphasize the elegant line of the chin and neck to you
will help sessun. Asymmetrical cascade will help the ladies who are not
satisfied with her heavy jaw: this stylish haircut softens
face contour and aligns it. Among the haircuts for medium hair
there are many that will help the owners of large features –
Of course, do not forget about what model to face your type,
however, in any case, choose the one that goes down smoothly,
without sharp transitions and torn edges. The face is the best.
leave open.

Stylish haircuts attract and delight with their unexpected
solution, an extraordinary approach and an amazing combination sometimes
seemingly incompatible things. Therefore – if you are tired of your
short hair or you decide to finally part with long
braids, haircut for medium hair will be your best
by choice.

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