Stylish hairstyles with their own hands at home conditions

hairstyles for long hair with their own handsLong hair always
were and remain still the benchmark of female beauty, constantly
admiring men’s looks. Long hair can be made
many hairstyles, currently in fashion braid, tail, various
weaving. Simple styling for long hair done by hand
houses. And it takes a few studs, curling iron,
good styling for hair, minimum professional skills and
maximum effort

Before styling, do not forget to put on hair repair
remedies – balm and shampoo. After all, only from healthy and brilliant
curls get a truly attractive hairstyle, fascinating
a man’s views. The main requirement that is put forward
Modern hairstyle – is the presence of volume, naturalness,
ease of use of creativity.

In addition, each girl has her own secrets for creating beauty.
For example, you can make a tail, and from it three braids, and as a result
get a wonderful hairstyle. And with the help of elastic hairpins
in a couple of movements you can make a beautiful lush bunch of long

Both the girl herself and her hairstyle for some time can be
frivolous and refined, homely temperate or
presentable, cute or unapproachable. In the image of any girl
hairstyle is one of the main accents along with make-up,
clothes and shoes.

Even the simplest styling of curls is the most
real art that every girl should own
aspiring always to be desired and attractive. The main
the advantage of a home barber is that neither models
neither the master does not need to make an appointment and discuss all the nuances

DIY hairstyles

Take a look, what a nice hairstyle, and most importantly, what has absolutely
simple technology. Just need to comb the hair on the side and
collect in the tail. With her, you will feel confident, everything
very simple, nice and tasteful

hairstyleCurrently big
Popular styling called “chrysanthemum”. Also
it is known as the basket and the fountain. Applying this
original technology, you can effectively lay long hair.
Watch the master class on the Internet. Initially to perform such
hairstyles will need the help of a girlfriend or sister.

For medium and long hair styling, which is called
“Tenderness”. Laying method is quite easy: you need to turn the tail
and leave a beautiful curl on the back of your head. Men’s eyes without fail
impressed by this uncomplicated, but very cute styling.

Hair “Bow”, which is done on long curls, has long been
gained great popularity in the world of fashion and beauty. She does not require
having some accessories because it’s great
addition to the exclusive girlish image. Need to tie curls
on the occipital part of the tail and divide it into 2 parts, of which
Lay the left and right halves of the bow with the help of studs. At the very
In fact, many original and simple styling begins with
hair ties in a tail.

Features hairstyles with bangs on the side

Bangs on the side looks spectacular on the curls that have different
length Bang visually narrows wide cheekbones and increases volume
hair. With the help of bangs on the side, you can hide the defects of the face and profitable
correct his form.

Short bangs on the side gives the image openness and brightness, making
lips more expressive and fascinating male eyes. Piling
bangs, trimmed to the side, requires only the presence of the usual
hair dryer and hairbrushes. To properly put the bangs, you need to send
warm air blow dryer up from the roots to the side, to the ends of the hair.

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