Stylish men’s haircut

Haircut box came in great popularity in the 90s
last century. However, these days there is enough
number of fans of this style.

male haircut

There is a simple explanation for this: in this hairstyle
rather harmoniously combines convenience and style. And in
in fact, in the structure of the hairstyle there is a symbiosis of long and
short hair, and a smooth transition between the strands.

  • 1 Features haircuts
  • 2 What is better box or half box
  • 3 pros hairstyles
  • 4 Who better looks?
  • 5 Execution Technology
    • 5.1 shearing process
  • 6 Laying

Features haircuts

This type of haircut is classified as short
haircuts. The length of the hair on the main part of the head is not
more than 5-8 centimeters, in other areas they are still cut
shorter or shave completely. In addition, depending on the structure
heads left bangs of the required length.

photo haircut halfbox

The box is interesting also because it fits most
type of men. This hairstyle is worn with bangs and without, as
brutal men who dress in t-shirts and jeans, and
those who prefer to wear classic suits.

It is equally suitable for both young and mature people.
age Hair type for such a haircut does not matter.
Separate attention will be required only to curly hair, they should be
will be stacked more often.

What is better boxing or half box

In both cases there is a smooth transition from
short hair or fully shaved hair, starting from the neck and
temples to the crown, where a lock of hair of the required length is left in
Depending on the structure of the head and the wishes of the wearer hairstyles.


When shearing boxing hair cut as much as possible
on temples and nape. Closer to the crown length gradually
increases, but it does not exceed 3 centimeters.
The main feature of this hairstyle is that the boxing line
is at a high level and does not fall below the occiput and lateral
boundaries bangs.

Behind the edging is trimmed above the level of the head and whiskey
completely shave off. The fashion also includes creative haircuts boxing,
when hair is shaved and parting remains at different angles between
short and long strands on different parts of the head.

Such a strict and neat haircut at the same time makes the face
open, she emphasizes all the virtues of a man. She will be
by the way if the hair is not obedient or too greasy. And despite
originally a sporty or military look, this hairstyle will be
look stylish and at a business meeting. She as they say, can
useful for all occasions.

photo box and halfbox

As for the male haircut box, it is more free.
There are more options to choose from.
styling: banging forward, bouffant or tousled
hair. This can be achieved due to the fact that with such a haircut
it is allowed to leave strands of greater length in the main zone. Line
the halfbox is slightly lower than in the case of a haircut

What is the difference between boxing and halfbox? It all comes down to
that the second option will have to pay a little more attention than

IMPORTANT! If you are a thin or
elongated face, then you better give up such a haircut. Insofar as
a gradual reduction in the size of the strands will create an effect
more elongated outlines.

Regarding boxing, there are also a number of caveats here.
With this hairstyle, it will be difficult to hide the defects on the scalp
head or flaw of the skull. In addition, it is not suitable for people with
curly from the nature of the hair.

Pros hairstyles

Shorn so men look more
courageously, and it gives them more confidence.
Everything else with such a haircut does not need to spend much time
to care for such a hairstyle that is valued in our modern
the world.

male hairstyle halfbox photo

Everyone who prefers such a haircut is noted apart from others.
positive qualities of her unpretentiousness and
convenience. In fact, this hairstyle does not require
increased attention and quite easy for busy men. Hair
no need to wash every day, lay and dry. And in the morning you can
easy to straighten your arms, thereby giving a sort of hairstyle

Who looks better

Boxing suits more males
because it allows you to hide some features of the head,
who do not want to show people around. If on the head
a person has scars, the shaved part of the head will not be able to hide this
nuance, but with a halfbox the hair remains slightly longer, which
allows you to mask such places.

It is most suitable for men who have:

  • The face is oval;
  • Round head shape;
  • Wide cheekbones;
  • Square face type.

men's haircut boxingNobody forbids wearing such a haircut
professor or scientist, but all the same, it would be more appropriate to look at
younger people not burdened with any obligations to
by society.

Haircut boxing is more suitable for young people strong
physique because it slightly lengthens the oval of the face.

It may be noted that in the past few seasons young
the girls began to turn to the masters in order to get their hair cut
under halfboxing.

With such a haircut girls become more sexy and

Execution technology

To get the perfect haircut best
turn to a professional master in hairdressing

If this is not possible, then you can mow yourself
by myself.

To understand how this haircut is done you need to know the basics.
technology. At the same time you need special tools:

  • Electric hair clipper;
  • Thinning and straight scissors;
  • Comb (metal or plastic).

Haircut process

  1. Before you start cutting, you need to wash your hair and
    dry them thoroughly;
  2. The approximate line from one top is carried out by means of an eye meter
    ear tip to the other;
  3. Begin to shave hair with a machine with two edging, the first
    from the bottom, and the second to an imaginary line, for this purpose
    use a nozzle (3-4 mm long).
  4. After the back of the head is finished, go to
    temples. The top of the temporal part is trimmed by a machine at an angle of 45
  5. Then switch to the top of the head. Top can be cut at will.
    hair cut, as an option to leave the bangs, and the rest of the hair
    Cut to length 5-8 centimeters.
  6. To give a general view of the hairstyle you need to process the hair ends.
    thinning scissors.

This video details how to make a smooth transition.


This installation does not pose any difficulty. Those who
doesn’t want to give her much time in the morning
ruffle your hair and leave it at that. Wish
refresh hair can wash your hair and dry them in the direction

You can walk a hairdryer: combing the strands forward. Among youth
there is a trend when the curls are stacked using styling
means, hair rises up and are fixed by gel.

male hairstyle halfbox

The half-box hairstyle looks perfect on men, especially if
the stylist picked the right length of hair and was able to take into account all the nuances
head structure. An experienced specialist can always add a special
highlight in their work in order to profitably identify strong
client side, while hiding the external flaws.

As an option, the master can always shift the transition line from
short to long hair. Or he will leave elongated or small
oblique bangs in order to make the asymmetry of the face invisible.

Your task is to find a suitable hairdresser and let him
transform your image.

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