Summer hair care – simple rules

hair care summer photoEverybody loves summer, sunshine, opportunity
relax and swim in the open pond. But very often we
we forget that the scorching rays, hot air and water are not the best way
affect the hair and scalp. To not summer hair
faded and not thinned, you should stick to a few simple
rules, and by the time the hot days run out, it will be possible
boast no less lush and well-groomed hair than before

7 rules for hair care in the summer

Anyone who wants to learn how to care for hair in the summer, you need
remember the seven simple truths:

  • moisturizing
  • cleansing
  • protection
  • fortification
  • rare use of hair dryer
  • pause in hair coloring
  • wearing hats

Adhering to these principles, you can look at any heat
awesome, the hair will remain docile, shiny,
emitting natural radiance. By the way, the most fashionable hair color is summer
2014 defined as natural, so that women of fashion have everything in their hands
cards to preserve the health and structure of their hair.

Why you need to moisturize your hair in the summer, it is clear without further ado,
because the heat dries every hair separately, making it
brittle and split, resulting in a loss of gloss and difficult
combing Once nature dries, we must moisturize. it
completely easy, enough to stock up with aloe or

Once in any specialty store and even in a supermarket,
you will understand that hair care in the summer is not a problem, because
balms, shampoos and moisturizing serums for sale
abound. Hair protection is necessary to not only high
the temperature did not interfere, but the UV rays were not so

To protect against them are perfect as newfangled new products with
UV filters, and olive or sunflower oil. To butter
it is easier to wash off, it is worth rubbing it into dry hair, and only then
apply shampoo.

Masks to strengthen hair in the summer

As you know, hair growth in the summer and spring is accelerated, and so that when
this is all the hairs remained in their places, they need a little
to help. For strengthening it is worth learning a few recipes of masks,
suitable for your hair type. There is one universal
A recipe that suits almost everyone.

In a simple bowl, mix two raw yolks, a tablespoon
fresh lemon juice and almond (can be olive or
burdock) oil. The resulting mixture is evenly applied to the hair and
left for half an hour. Such an effective tool used
still our grandmothers.

Why hair care in the summer is worth without hair dryer –
obviously, already without enough hot air to even
start to dry your head yourself. Better to walk with more
natural hairstyle, rather than meticulously laid, than to stay with
tormented by hot air braids.

What color to dye hair in summer 2014

As already mentioned, fashionable hair color is summer 2014 – natural.
And this is a wonderful excuse to refuse from
use of paints and tonics, which contain a large
the number of substances that do not make the scalp, and the hairs themselves,
more healthy and strong.

The best part is that by giving up painting, you don’t care
undergo a natural coloring – the sun is very good
master. If there are reasons for not giving up
painting, it is worth temporarily prefer toning in
cabin, it is more harmless. Wearing a headscarf or a fashionable hat, you are not
You will only look stylish and elegant, but also protect your
head from exposure to aggressive summer sun, the main thing –
make sure the scalp breathes under the fabric.

Here are all the simple tips, have a nice summer!

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