Summer highlighting styles for dark hair of women

summer highlight photo 1Give your dark hair a summer look.
radiance with light highlighting. Several skillfully arranged
brightened strands can add volume and texture without
the need for constant adjustment and the risk of damage
hair. Brown hair shines stronger than blond hair, so do not
It is worth losing it, but bright highlights will attract
attention to your hair. Combine dark hair in your hair
hair and sparkling light strands.

Light clarification

Brown hair will look natural if brightened
small strands of hair, no wider than 2-3 mm. This highlighting is perfect.
suitable for business or sporty women leading an active image
life, dark hair which need only add a little volume.
Lighten 5-7 strands, and you get the effect of slightly faded on
the sun of the hair, characteristic of summer, is natural and not

Wide highlighting

If you are ready for significant changes in appearance, make
highlighting wide strands, which looks clearly deliberate.
If you have light brown hair, such highlights will create you
completely new image, perfect for summer. Strand around the face
color the color “dark blond” so as not to create a strong contrast
with a natural skin tone. This style of highlighting will give
expressiveness of light skin and dark hazel eyes.

Amber highlighting

summer highlight photo 2Make the brown hair red
shade possible through amber highlighting. Amber tones on
dark hair is easier to achieve than light hair, they require less
care and adjustments. Under the summer sun amber highlighting
looks even brighter, so don’t be tempted and don’t
get carried away by light shades. Start with partial highlighting,
or even with coloring just strands around the face to give the skin
summer shine.

Multi-level highlighting

“Mouse” brown hair will look brighter and
thick, if you make highlighting a few shades. Such
highlighting better reflects sunlight. Especially good
hair color suitable for thin and sparse hair colors
ash chestnut needing extra volume and
brightness. Choose a combination of shades of “blond” and “dark blond”,
who, connected with your brown hair, will create
fresh summer style, giving even hair the volume they need.

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