Sunburn without the sun – what it is, how it acts and how to apply?

Tanning is a way to create a tanning effect that
is carried out with the help of substances that stain the skin.
Tanning for skin and face appeared quite recently, but for
short time to become a full-fledged industry

An alternative to natural tanning besides cosmetic
tanning, is artificial – in the solarium.

However, fake tan is not cheap. It
involves regular visits to the solarium in the beauty salon. To that
same harm from ultraviolet radiation, both natural and
artificial origin proven by numerous
research. This is far from the most reasonable way to achieve

In order to maintain a beautiful bronze skin tone in
throughout the year, without the risk of developing skin diseases, while
without spending huge amounts of time and money, it’s better to resort to
cosmetic tanning. In addition, it is ideal for
people who are contraindicated to sunbathe, but I want
have a golden skin tone.


  • What is fake tan
  • What are tanning
  • How to apply tanning at home
  • How to choose the right bronzer
  • The advantages of bronzers
  • Is tanning harmful?
  • How to wash off the bronzer
  • Is it possible to sunbathe with fake tan
  • Through how much
  • Practical advice

What is fake tan

Artificial tanning is the immediate coloring of the skin in
bronze color with the help of special tools that
interacting with the epidermis, make it dark.

Instant staining can immediately make the skin darker on
several tones. This is due to the miraculous
the active substance dihydroxyacetate (DHA), which remains on
integuments during the week and not washed off. He is
natural pigment which, interacting with the stratum corneum
epidermis, promotes the active synthesis of melanoidin, in
resulting in its darker. This pigment is mined from
natural vegetable raw materials – sugar cane.

Dihydroxyacet is a derivative of glycerol and acts on
the skin as a result of the keratin protein reaction. Due to
melanoidin is produced, having some similarity with melanin,
changing shade to darker. Previously, this substance was prescribed
patients with diabetes, and then it became known about his
ability to influence skin color.

Currently developed special nanoparticles,
leaving on the skin the effect of flicker. These beauty products
called bronzatami, they are able to have the effect of tanning.

What are tanning

All funds are divided into two groups:

  1. Those that paint the skin instantly – called
    bronzers (bronzers). These drugs have two
    significant drawbacks – the short duration of exposure, they quickly
    washed from the skin, stain clothes and unstable, which leads to
    the appearance of light spots on the skin. To cream lay down exactly not worth
    achieve a very dark shade. The skin should darken by one –
    two tones, but no more. The drug is usually applied to those areas.
    skin where ultraviolet rays fall. So, cheekbones and nose
    darken slightly more than, for example, neck, elbows and knees.
  2. Car bronzers render prolonged
    Effect. These compositions are persistent and do not stain clothes. But
    bronze tint does not appear immediately, sometimes it is necessary
    wait for some time to achieve the desired effect. AT
    There are already aerosols that change color
    skin in an hour, in other cases you need to wait 3-4
    hours The auto bronzer includes dihydroxyatset, which
    applying to the skin changes its color. When the upper stratum corneum
    the epidermis peels off, then the tan loses its brightness and
    washed off.
  3. Accelerator (accelerator) tanning. Contribute to
    enhanced pigment synthesis in the dermis. One of the most famous
    accelerators – amino acid tyrosine. She is the predecessor
    melanin and when interacting with the skin, provokes
    melanocytes to enhanced melanin synthesis.

How to apply tanning at home

Very many people are interested in how to apply the product by themselves.
Before applying it, gloves must be worn, since
The palms will quickly become carrot in color. After all, they are
a large number of pores that absorb the active substance. If a
there are no gloves at hand, you must apply the cream very quickly or
take time intervals to flush the product from the hands. To
self apply the drug must have some skills
because it should lie evenly, without leaving white spots on the body.
To do this, shake the spray thoroughly, then apply
the first layer on dry skin from a distance of 25 cm. It should
carefully spread it on your body with your hand or sponge and give it
dry for 10 minutes. Excess drug eliminated paper
a towel. The procedure must be repeated to obtain more
dark skin tone. Self-tanning on the face is applied with a soft sponge or
gently with your fingers. It should be remembered that the bronzer does not protect the skin.
from the sun, it just colors it.

If it is difficult to apply self tanning at home
conditions, then in the beauty salon a qualified specialist is ideal
will apply the cream both on the body and on the face. Currently the most
Popular body tanning – bronzer, which is special
indoors (booth) is applied by a specialist on the entire surface of the body.
Facial tanning is applied even faster so that the skin does not
there are gaps that turn a person into a leopard.

To better cover the body, follow the following algorithm:

  1. Mentally divide each part of the body into several zones.
  2. Start applying bronzer with ankles, dividing
    pre-leg into several pieces.
  3. The product is applied with vigorous upward movements.
    against hair growth.
  4. First, the bronzer is applied on the calf, then on the front and rear
    parts of the thigh.
  5. After that, you can handle your knees and feet, remembering that
    these areas are never covered in a very natural way.
  6. When the feet are completely covered, you need to apply moisturizing on top.
    cream. This contributes to a better redistribution of the bronzer.
  7. Wash your hands and apply the cream on your back, stomach, neck and face.
  8. When processed hands should act on the same
    principle: last, apply the product to the inside
    hands and elbows, given that these areas are not heavily covered

How to choose the right bronzer

When choosing tools for tanning need not be guided
brand or price, and choose the appropriate color depending on
desired shade. It should be natural and look good.
on the skin. To find the right tone you need to apply a probe.
on a small section of the hand and compare the tone of the drug with the tone of the hand.
If they look natural and do not antagonize, then the drug
matched well.

Before the procedure I prepare the skin, for this they do
three things:

  1. Remove all the hair on the legs.
  2. Peeling is performed to eliminate dead scales, this will help
    cream lie flat and smooth. You can make a salt or coffee scrub
    or purchase an industrial cream scrub.
  3. Well moisturize the skin. When choosing a moisturizer
    you need to stay on a natural remedy, because chemical
    substances can react with the drug for artificial
    tanning Particular attention should be paid to such areas as elbows and
    your knees, since these areas are prone to dryness and need good

The advantages of bronzers

The advantages of this class of beauty products include:

  • instant tanning effect;
  • self-use at home;
  • the ability to wash and reapply if the result is not
  • absolute harmlessness to the body.

In contrast to the bronzer, tanning promotes the appearance of more
high-quality tan. To achieve this effect you will need
hold a few sessions. Why is tanning bad? In the solarium
produced by ultraviolet, which is similar to natural
ultraviolet radiation. It irradiates the skin, damages
its cells, violates its structure, reduces elasticity and
elasticity of collagen and elastic fibers. Also in progress
exposure may cause burns as ultraviolet dries the skin
and does not allow to control the level of humidity. Not to mention
that the sun’s rays provoke the development of cancer

All these troubles can be avoided if used for
achieve tanning effect drugs – bronzer.

Is tanning harmful?

Artificial tan – completely harmless. Because it is applied
on the upper stratum corneum of the epidermis, it only interacts with
dead cells of the stratum corneum. Besides, he, like any other
cream, not able to penetrate deep into the dermis and cause harm there.
Its only drawback is – dry skin with
frequent use. So, people with a dry tone should
use caution in such preparations.

For many people, it becomes a revelation that the funds
for artificial tanning does not protect the skin from harmful
exposure to ultraviolet rays. Recently, however
Some manufacturers add sunscreens. Choosing
products with an SPF filter can not worry about applying two
because they can react and cause a lot of

How to wash off the bronzer

In order to wash the tanning should follow the following

  1. Take a bath, lie in it for a while so that you can
    steam the epidermis.
  2. Using a scrub peel the skin well. Scrub can
    replace with a hard washcloth.
  3. Those areas that are difficult to clean, intensively
    wipe with a cotton pad with alcohol.
  4. After complete cleansing, apply a moisturizer.
  5. If the bronzer is not completely removed, you can use
    lemon juice, which has a whitening effect.
  6. Cosmetic clay will also help remove residues. For
    of this it is applied to the desired area, leave for five minutes and
    wash off.

Is it possible to sunbathe with fake tan

We have already said that tanning affects only
the top layer of the epidermis and stains it. He does not penetrate
dermis and does not prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays
in the skin because it is not a sunscreen. If a
in sunny weather put a bronzer, then be sure to put and
cream with sunscreens. If you want to come to the beach already with
self-tanning, then at home, first of all, you should apply sunscreen and
moisturizer to prevent epidermis dryness.

Through how much

On the packaging means the time of its manifestation. Usually,
it is 2-6 hours after application, but it also depends on the skin
cover. Naturally, after applying the bronzer it is not worth immediately.
take a shower because it will wash off. Also not worth it right away
to dress as stains will remain on clothes.

Important to remember! Funds that are very fast
manifest, also quickly displayed.

Practical advice

  1. In order to apply the tool to hard to reach places
    (back, back of the thigh) is better to use spray –
  2. To fix the effect you need to reuse
    cream every 4 to 5 days.
  3. You should choose a product that appears on the body is minimal
    amount of time. After all, it is impossible to walk around the house and constantly
    control every touch if tan appears through 3-
    4 hours. Currently, there are means that manifest
    already an hour later.
  4. It is better to apply a smaller amount of money, because you can always
    use the bronzer the next day.
  5. When applying the cream for the first time, you can ask someone about
    assistance, since the first time it will be difficult to cope
    hard-to-reach areas.
  6. Before applying the tool should take a shower with a special
    exfoliating gel, remove all hairs and apply moisturizing
    body cream.
  7. Then wipe dry with a dry towel.
  8. Bronzer start to apply from the face, then go to the neck, chest,
    shoulders, arms, etc. Carefully make a cream to its full
    absorption. Some areas of the body (knees, elbows and neck) are followed
    process only once.
  9. You can get dressed only after an hour. During this time, tanning
    completely absorbed and dry.

Thus, tanning is a great way to achieve
bronze skin tone, without harm to it. Its very simple
use and flush when you need to return to the natural tone.
It does not harm the skin and health in general, it can be applied
self at home. For those who need
the quick tanning effect is irreplaceable and effective

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