Sunglasses – fashion trends and tips

As soon as the sun begins to warm stronger, necessary
Sunglasses are becoming an accessory for every woman. we
offer an overview of the biggest trends in sunglasses 2016 right
from fashion catwalks.

Fashion sunglasses of spring and summer 2016 are not
just an accessory, and the main focus of the image. Unusual shapes
frames, colored lenses and expressive sunglasses
come to the fore and make your style this summer. Main
the emphasis on designers shifted to the art forms of summer glasses,
thanks to which minimalism in summer make-up is compensated
the maximalism of what you wear on the face – from jewelry to glasses.
The main reason to wear these glasses will be just a stylish look, and not
so much sun protection so get ready for the season
fascinating views.


  • Overseas glasses
  • Glasses cat eyes
  • Geometric Sunglasses
  • Aviator Points
  • Glasses with decorations
  • Irregular lenses
  • Glasses shields
  • Glasses with dark lenses
  • Glasses with clear glass
  • Mirror glasses
  • Glasses with yellow lenses
  • Colored frames
  • Futuristic glasses

Overseas glasses

Fashion Sunglasses

Big sunglasses are the main theme, which is worth
stick to the fashionistas of this season. Even if you are a lover
Tiny points, keep up with the trend and try on overseas glasses.
Moreover, this trend has every reason to stay on
next season.

Glasses cat eyes

Another powerful trend of sunglasses is glasses.
cat’s eyes. They are not as big as the previous ones.
However, in these glasses two fashionable forms are successfully combined: round and
elongated feline, which gives these glasses a completely new
kind of.

Geometric Sunglasses

If you prefer square shaped glasses than round or
cat eyes, you win this season. Marni and Costume
National offered such points that will definitely fall on
taste lovers of geometric shapes. Geometric
sunglasses continue the global trend of IT inventions,
therefore square, pentagonal or fantasy forms are now on
peak of popularity.

Aviator Points

Luxurious aviator glasses could be seen everywhere on trendy
catwalks and just wonder how fancy designers are
beat the classic shape. Continuing the trend of overseas points,
Aviators cover almost half of the face, focusing on
interesting frame or vice versa on multi-colored lenses.

Glasses with decorations

Ornaments, decorations and once again decorations— They have little space on heels
for hair, jewelry and clothing. Now they are also on points. Scoop
inspiration for your own images. Note, for example,
on these glasses with lace wave on top of the rim or glasses with juicy
sweet cherries like Dolce & Gabbana.

Irregular lenses

Lenses of various colors have become familiar, but lenses of different
Forms is a new word in glasses for designers. Hearts, stars,
butterfly wings and a flawed moon – all these forms have found their
incarnation in glasses with irregularly shaped lenses. Notice that even
in one frame can be combined two different forms, like this
presented in Giamba.

Glasses shields

Square, but not quite, these forms of glasses resemble a shield,
designed to close your face tightly or vice versa open your eyes.
The glasses from Ralph Lauren resemble tight visors behind which
no one will see what is in your eyes. Then, like shield glasses here
Emilio Pucci and Felder Felder allow the second to see your eyes with
barely tinted lenses. Fashionable advice from designers: pick up
lipstick under the tone of the rim – apple lips will suit brown, and
bluish-transparent – delicate pink shine.

Glasses with dark lenses

In flight, their fantasy designers still did not forget that
Sunglasses are designed primarily to protect from the sun.
Therefore glasses with dark lenses, impenetrable for sunlight
made in trendy style, will become your 2-in-1 attachment: and
stylish and really protective.

Glasses with clear glass

Some spring / summer 2016 fashion sunglasses are hard
called sunscreen, because their lenses are absolutely transparent or
light peach color. The main attraction of such points in
their attractive frames, each of which can be considered as
a work of art and select to the wardrobe to taste.

Mirror glasses

An interesting trend that has appeared on fashion shows is glasses with
mirror lenses that can be used as a mirror, and
like glasses in particular. This trend is reflected in all fashionable forms.
This season’s glasses: Chanel has become a mirror-like visor glasses, from Fendi
– mirror aviators, and in the Carolina Herrera – mirror circles.

Glasses with yellow lenses

In the midst of rich dark and very transparent lenses for glasses
there was a place and yellow lenses that stood out in a separate
trend. Yellow lenses look great on round uniforms and glasses.
oversized, and perfect if matched to clothes.

Colored frames

A girl who is not afraid to experiment with fashion
trends will always be the center of attention. And in glasses with colored
rimmed this is easy to achieve. Stylized aviators, pyatikutniki
or cat eyes in bright frames will turn you into a real fashion

Futuristic glasses

If you like futuristic things with sharp forms, trends
spring-summer sunglasses will give you a really cool and
Fashionable glasses, which you can only dream of. While
leading position remains behind big glasses and glasses with
with decorations, we can also wear glasses with clean lines
futuristic world, complemented by rims in 3D design and black
lenses from Marco de Vincenzo.

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