Sunscreen cosmetics: sunbathe wisely

For owners of light and thin skin, the sun’s rays can become
not only a source of joy and pleasant pastime, but also
serious problems. With the arrival of the long-awaited summer and our holidays
compatriots ruthlessly expose their skin under the sun
radiation, causing her irreparable harm.

In order to fully enjoy the rest, and then
pleasant memories, you need to follow a few simple
to the rules. The modern beauty industry offers a wide
range of cosmetics to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation.
Proper use of such tools will, without prejudice to
own health gain an even and lasting tan.


  • Why protect the skin from the sun
  • What are sunscreens?
  • How to choose a tool for tanning
  • How to use sunscreen

Why protect the skin from the sun

In our time, few people know about the harmful effects
ultraviolet. However, not all protect the skin and follow
safe tanning rules. But solar radiation is capable
run reactions that can lead to big tragedy.
Let’s clarify why the sun from a tender friend can become
insidious foe.

Ultraviolet radiation reaching the Earth, there are two

  • UVB radiation;
  • UVA radiation.

UV-B radiation affects the surface layer of the skin, causing it
redness, burns and sunstroke. This type of radiation is partially
absorbed by the ozone layer, does not penetrate through clothing and glass, but
its large doses are able to initiate skin cancer and malignant

UV-A radiation is not absorbed by the ozone layer, does not cause
sunburn and redness of the skin, but able to penetrate into her
deep layers. This type of radiation is much more insidious, since it does not
causes visible skin damage, but its effects may
affect after decades. Penetrating deep into the skin, UV-A
radiation provokes skin photoaging, cell mutations and
DNA breakdowns, causing premature aging, skin cancer and
melanoma (a particularly dangerous form of skin cancer)

As we managed to notice, solar radiation in large doses
may have serious irreversible effects. But dear
readers, do not think that for people living in northern latitudes,
a one-time trip to the sea in summer is not capable of harm to health.
It’s not like that at all.

Imagine that every year, traveling to the sea, a person
burns in the sun under UV-B rays, not to mention the fact that its
the body is constantly permeated by dangerous UV-A rays. All my life in
the average of such trips is about 30 times. And all 30
once mutations occur in the skin cells, which over time
accumulate and lead to breakage in the DNA.

The consequences of such exposures become quite predictable. By
Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to protect the skin, and especially
carefully to owners of light and thin skin living in moderate
climate zone.

What are sunscreens?

All sunscreens contain UV filters.
(UV filters). It is thanks to the filters that UV protection occurs.
radiation. UV filters are:

  • physical (reflective ultraviolet)
  • chemical (absorbing ultraviolet)

Physical filters, or inorganic absorbers, consist of
the smallest particles that act like small mirrors.
They do not absorb the sun’s rays, but scatter and reflect them.
Physical filters block, above all, UV-B radiation, not
allowing the skin to burn and burn.

They also do not cause irritation, allergic reactions or
have the ability to photoreactivity (the ability to join
reaction with sunlight). When applied to the skin physical
Filters act instantly, do not penetrate deep into the skin and do not
have the ability to accumulate in it. The composition of physical filters
includes zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Chemical filters, or organic absorbers, are substances.
able to absorb ultraviolet radiation. Chemical filters
able to penetrate deep into the skin and accumulate in it.

A big disadvantage of chemical filters is their ability
photoreactivity, they also cause skin irritation and
allergic reactions. Chemical filters include oxide
methoxycinmamate, retinol palmitate and oxybenzone.

How to choose a tool for tanning

Skin protection from the sun is an axiom that does not need
evidence. Protect the skin over everything, and especially
carefully to owners of light and thin skin. First of all, choosing
sunscreen pay attention to the packaging. On the package
designated protection factor, its generally accepted international
SPF name. SPF is an abbreviation for sun.
protection factor, which means a protection factor against
the sun).

The higher the level of protection, the better the skin is protected. For example,
owners of very fair skin should opt for
sunscreen with a SPF protection factor of at least 50.

Further on the packaging are marked UVA + UVB, UVA / UVB, with UVA and
UVB, which speaks to what rays it protects from
cream. In our time, it is rare to find a cream that would contain
Protected from only one type of ultraviolet radiation.
Modern sunscreens contain protection from both UVA and
UVB rays.

Do not forget that the sunscreen is chosen strictly
individually by skin type.

There are several groups of sunscreens that
Corresponds to a specific skin type. In our climate zone
use 4 groups of such funds.

  1. The first group includes remedies for very light skin with
    freckles that never get tanned but very quickly
    burns. Burns on such skin appear instantly. Power
    SPF protection must be between 30 and above. Owners of such skin can
    be in direct sunlight without protection
    more than 10 minutes.
  2. The second group includes sunscreens with SPF 20 for
    owners of light skin with blue eyes. People with this
    sunburn by phototype appears with difficulty and is accompanied by desquamation
    skin. They are allowed to be in direct sunlight
    more than 20 minutes.
  3. The third group of sunscreen has an SPF protection factor.
    It is designed for owners of light skin that is easy
    sunbathes and quickly turns into dark. Representative burns
    This phototype does not appear so quickly, but they are able
    damage the skin and strongly pigment it. They are allowed
    be without protection in the sun no more than half an hour.
  4. The fourth group of sunscreens is designed to
    people belonging to the fourth photo-type Fitzpatrick. how
    As a rule, they have dark, olive skin and dark brown eyes. They
    rarely burn and stay in direct sunlight without
    Remedies can within an hour. Representatives of this group
    must use SPF sun protection

krem dlya zagara

There are still the fifth and sixth groups to which
Indonesian and Negroid skin phototype. Representatives of this
phototype can be a long time in the sun without
use of sunscreen. But they should be
cautious with the sun, as the owners of the dark
skin risk of developing melanoma.

How to use sunscreen

Sunscreen containing UV-A filters and UV-B filters,
should be used 15-20 minutes before going to the sun
shine. Cream with physical filters acts instantly and action
chemical filters begins to appear after 15-20 minutes
after application. But since modern creams contain physical and
chemical filters simultaneously, then apply the cream to the skin
follows a few minutes before going out in the sun.

If you are on the beach, use sunscreen.
every 2 hours. As we bathe (and the water washes away the physical
filters), sweat and dry out. The amount applied is also important.
cream per square centimeter of skin. The optimal amount of cream –
2 mg per cm². Simply put, half a tablespoon of cream is applied
on the face and two tablespoons on the whole body.

It is recommended to apply cosmetic under sunscreen.
antioxidant serum. Under the harmful influence of ultraviolet in
free radicals are formed on the skin. In order to avoid them
education, you must take in the summer period food supplements with
high in antioxidants and at the same time use
antioxidant cosmetics.

After sun exposure, be sure to use a cream
neutralizing the effect of ultraviolet radiation, as well as apply moisturizing
agent that promotes abundant hydration of the skin. Always worth
remember that the sun starts photo-aging, it dries out and
dehydrates the skin.

The modern cosmetic industry offers a huge
range of sunscreen cosmetics. In order to avoid
unpleasant moments on the beach, it is worth spending a bit, but
purchase the highest quality and effective sun protection
products of famous brands. For example, Japanese cosmetics
brand Shiseido, French LOréal, Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein,
VICHY, Dior, American Peter Thomas Roth. At the time of buying
cosmetic products be careful beware

In conclusion, I would like to say that our beauty and health are in
our hands. We all look forward to warm and sunny weather.
The long winter, lack of sunlight is depressing
psychological state of a person. But no matter how much we miss
solar heat, it should be remembered that each medal has two sides,
and which one is better is hard to say. In any business worth showing
prudence and rationality, especially when it comes to
own health. After all, having lost it once, you will not return it back.

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