Surface peeling

Peeling is a cosmetic procedure, the purpose of which
is cleansing the skin, removing irregularities, small wrinkles and
scarring on it. This method prevents the signs of skin aging, and
also helps to correct defects that appear during age
changes. Peeling involves removing the top layer.
keratinized cells that promote skin renewal. Among
types of peeling has the easiest and most gentle effect
superficial peeling, due to the fact that its effect on the skin
is minimal. This is a completely simple procedure, affecting only
outer layer of skin.


  • Some types of surface peeling
  • Procedure at home
  • Benefits of Surface Peeling

Some types of surface peeling

In cosmetology, superficial peels are referred to as chemical
peeling, because the main tool used in the procedure
are acids. So, there are glycolic peels, salicylic
peeling, retinoic milky, lemon, apple and almond. Their
the only difference is in the acids or chemicals used in
the operation process.

Varieties of surface peeling

Superficial peeling is a simple
the procedure for peeling the upper stratum corneum with
using all sorts of acids used in

Salicylic peeling is carried out using a dedicated and
once synthesized by an Italian chemist from willow bark
salicylic acid. Indications for the use of peeling of this type
often acne or acne becomes severe and
inflammation of the hair follicle (folliculitis). Salicylic Peeling
also carried out with the aim to prepare the skin of the face or body for
retinoic peeling. This is due to the fact that it enhances
Absorbency of the skin.

Glycolic peels are based on the use contained in
grape glycolic acid. Unlike other acids, this one is more
penetrates the skin deeply thanks to the smallest
molecules. Therefore, the result of the procedure is the most

Milky peeling. This procedure is carried out using dairy
acid. This type of surface peeling is suitable for dry and
very sensitive skin with numerous small
wrinkles. The effect of lactic acid on the epidermis is the weakest,
so, careful unlike other acids.

The choice of a procedure is usually affected
individual recommendations of a cosmetologist and a kind of problems,
which women seek to eliminate, wanting to improve skin condition
and its appearance in general.

Procedure at home

Surface peeling of the skin of the face or body is carried out not only in
salons, but also at home using available means
which can be found in the pharmacy. No need
the presence of a professional beautician. However, with
recommendations and expert advice should be read before
the beginning of the procedure.

Most often in the process of surface peeling, performed in
home conditions, apply lactic acid and a variety of fruit
acids – strawberry, malic, citric, etc.

Peeling at home

Peeling face at home is different from
professional peels lower active concentrations
components that, in the case of application errors, will not allow you to inflict
yourself irreparable damage.

When the goal of the procedure is to solve a complex problem
– total removal of dead cells and elimination of pigmentation,
for example, then as a tool use such a powerful
a drug like glycolic acid or median peeling.

In order not to make a mess of anything and not to harm the skin of the face with abnormal
actions in the preparation of funds for peeling, the finished product
can be purchased at a regular pharmacy. Its use at home
conditions facilitated by the presence of the attached instructions. At the time of buying
cosmetic products need to pay attention to the composition of the funds
since it may contain certain substances capable
cause idiosyncrasy in some women.

Before use, you must check how harmless
the effect of the drug on the skin. This is done as follows:
a small amount of funds applied to the area of ​​the skin,
characterized by special sensitivity – elbow bend or area
behind the ear. Leave for 5-10 minutes and observe the reaction. If skin
blushed, so this type of peeling is not suitable. When
the absence of any negative reactions can be safely

Unlike salon, the superficial peeling which is carried out in
home conditions, due to the low concentration of acids used in
during the procedure is the most gentle and easy method of cleansing
facial skin. For oily skin types, this cleaning is recommended.
perform weekly. For skin prone to dryness and
sensitivity, peeling is desirable to carry out only once in

A few minutes after applying the product to the skin, you can
feel a slight tingling sensation. It started to act acid. Time
necessary for the procedure indicated, as a rule, in
instructions, and it is better not to violate it, otherwise it is fraught with burns or
other adverse effects. Finishing the procedure,
the agent is removed from the skin of the face, washing it off with warm water. First 10-20
minutes after peeling, slight redness may occur
skin cover.

Self means for peeling at home prepare
from coffee grounds or ground organic coffee, sea salt and
oils (sunflower, olive, corn, etc.).

Benefits of Surface Peeling

The first and main advantage of all types of surface peeling
Consider the safety of the procedures. No risk of irreparable consequences
which may occur after deep peeling. Result after
procedures for surface peeling, alas, shorter,
compared with the results achieved during the application of such
hard peels, as deep and middle peels. However their
regular holding, both in the cabin and at home,
can be an excellent prevention of aging skin.

Due to surface peeling it improves significantly
The degree of appearance of the skin, it looks radiant and healthy. After
the procedures disappear fine wrinkles and pigmentation, stimulated
collagen production. Improving the complexion, elimination or
smoothing of various irregularities on the skin, strengthening it
regenerative processes are the miraculous result

Another significant advantage of surface peeling
is the low cost of this service in beauty salons. And about
home care made possible by every woman
producing inexpensive safe and effective drugs, and
nothing to say.

Surface peeling, as well as deep and middle peels
– A stunning method of effective rejuvenation and skin renewal.
However, cosmetologists warn that multiple and uncontrolled
the use of such a procedure as superficial peeling is often
leads to the opposite effect. The best option would be exact
observance of the course of the sessions recommended by the specialist. Remember
that a sense of proportion must be followed in everything!

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