Sweetness and strength – luxurious curls: effective hair mask recipes with honey

Luxurious hair – the result of daily hard work.
Regular care, nutrition and fortification always come back.
A hundredfold, so the fair sex do not regret
it is neither time nor energy nor means.

Honey Hair Home treatments for the health of locks love
many: often they are not only useful, but also pleasant, and a mask for
hair with honey refers to such a wonderful means.

Russian beauties tasted honey for the beauty of hair
back in the 16th century. It is noteworthy that the inhabitants of the Volga region mixed it
with chastela juice, and northerners – with chamomile decoction

The benefits of honey

The content of the article:

  • The benefits of honey
  • Lightening, health, shine: what components are combined with
  • Mask application rules
  • Video, honey hair mask
  • Actively nourishes hair follicles and strengthens them.
  • Prevents breakage and fallout.
  • Maintains the level of collagen inside the hair and smoothes
    it, giving each strand shine and elasticity.
  • Heals and nourishes the scalp, helps to get rid of
  • It gives hair softness and healthy shine, makes it strong and
  • It accelerates growth (especially in the autumn-winter period).
  • Helps to lighten hair by 2-3 tones without exposure
    aggressive chemicals.

One of the advantages of a honey mask is its low allergenicity:
if using honey can cause a negative reaction
organism, then as a means for the hair, it will not bring anything
other than good.

Lightening, health, shine: what components are combined with

Honey can be used without additional additives: enough
add a tablespoon of delicacy to the bottle of suitable shampoo, and
after 4-5 applications, the result will be noticeable – the hair will become
stronger, softer and gain a healthy glow.

Honey Hair Masks Experts also recommend
rub honey into the scalp daily for a month: regularly
a half-hour procedure will help to significantly accelerate growth

Lovers of popular recipes claim that different varieties
honey affect hair in different ways: to strengthen and accelerate
growth is better suited buckwheat or lime, with dandruff and seborrhea
chestnut will do excellently, fruit will return strength and
elasticity, and for clarification there is no better than donnikovogo honey
The table below lists the products that are most often used for
honey masks: their beneficial effect on hair has been proven
repeatedly. Special attention should be paid to the notes – in
they indicate how to use this combination of ingredients.

Ingredient Act Notes
Cosmetic clay Cleans the scalp, stimulates the hair follicles,
fights seborrhea
Suitable for greasy hair. To enhance the effect of clay should
to dissolve in yogurt or kefir
Egg yolk It nourishes the hair from the inside, smoothes and strengthens In combination with honey is great for dry hair
Cinnamon Adds beautiful shine, brightens In order to have a brightening effect, cinnamon should be dissolved in
burdock oil or jojoba oil
Banana Strengthens hair roots, softens and fills curls with energy For masks, it is recommended to choose overripe fruits – they are higher
content of tryptophan and potassium, vital for hair
Cognac It gives shine and smoothness, strengthens, reduces
sebaceous excretions
In combination with honey and egg, this ingredient forms one
of the best masks for dry hair
Onion Strengthens, helps against seborrhea, stimulates hair growth The onion-honey mask has a peculiar smell, therefore making it
should be in the evening
Vegetable oils Struggle with brittleness and dryness, reduce the cross-section, give
Best combined with honey are olive, burdock, coconut and
jojoba oil
Aloe gel Moisturizes, nourishes, makes curls obedient, lush and
The gel is quite expensive, so in some cases you can
use the juice of indoor aloe

Ingredients honey masks are usually mixed in the ratio
2: 1: 1, where the first two parts is honey. The exception is
brandy – you can add it no more than 10 ml – and aloe gel, which
enough dessert spoons.

Mask application rules

To mask with honey acted quickly, should be observed
The following recommendations:

  • Use only fresh produce.
  • Before mixing all the ingredients are heated on water
  • Dilute too thick a mask can only milk, in the extreme
    case – distilled water.
  • Apply the mask before washing the head.
  • Rub the composition into the roots with massaging movements.
  • Spread over the entire hair length.
  • Keep the product under a warming cap for at least 40 minutes –
    for nourishing masks, at least an hour – for strengthening.
  • Wash off the mask preferably with warm water, rinsing hair
    herbal decoction.

Honey mask can be used once a week – for
prevention and monthly courses – for treatment and strengthening.
With proper mixing of ingredients and respect for all
recommendations curls will certainly thank for its purity,
pomp and healthy look.

Video, honey hair mask

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