Take care of your hair every day: right we select thermal protection

thermal protection for hairBeautiful healthy hair, not
knowing hair dryer and aggressive effects of paints, now you can
meet extremely rare. Thermal damage to the hair is inevitable when
current pace of life. The harmful effects of such damage
is ranked in the same row in intensity with chemical and mechanical,
Therefore, such a topic as thermal protection for hair is very

In the Middle Ages, the court ladies curled their curls
tongs that were preheated on an open fire, and
just a few decades ago were subjected to hair
straightening with ordinary iron. When talking about such
the victims, the health of the hair can not speak.

How do high temperatures affect hair structure?

First, solid keratin protein, of which
the hair itself consists of one weak point – heating for it
death is like. It is also worth noting that the cuticle of a healthy hair
covered with scales that fit snugly together and
cover up the cortex. Cortex is called the cortical layer,
containing a pigment that determines hair color.

If thermal protection is not used, the hair is heated and the scales
rise, thereby exposing the cortical layer. With regular
using hair dryers, tongs and curlers, especially when it comes to
wet hair, moisture is evaporated from the hair and split
lipid lubricant, which leads to protein breakdown. High
the temperature acts on the hair in such a way that they lose color
and shine, become fragile, their ends are split.

What is thermal protection for?

Women are still interesting creations – at first they are strenuously
spoil their hair, and then with even more zeal restore
their. However, they are not afraid of the consequences of numerous stains,
curling and blow-drying, and they, having restored their hair, again
taken to experiment. For decades for a woman these two stages
were major in the “hover beauty”. Coloring, curling and
other salon procedures certainly entailed a number of other
procedures – regenerating and healing.

Now, beauty industry technologies protect hair
from harmful thermal effects. That is, previously eliminated
the consequences, and now a thermal spray or mousse can
To prevent the consequences, do not let the hair deteriorate. If a
the use of a hair dryer and leveling irons is inevitable, then the means
heat protection for hair must be in the arsenal

Usually spray, mousse or lotion marked “thermal protection” contain
in sufficient quantity vitamins B and E, they also contain
natural proteins, essential oils and herbal extracts that
protect hair from high temperature exposure. Any
Thermal spray or lotion protects, restores and
strengthens the keratin layer of hair.

Thermal protection: what kinds of products exist?

A huge number of cosmetics with thermal protection
function can be found on the shelves of specialty stores.
Perhaps the most popular are spray and oil, but there are also
serums, conditioners, emulsions, gels, balms, lotions and
milk In order to correctly determine which means
it is necessary in a particular case, you need to know what they are like, and what
are different.

There is a conditional division into two large types of thermal protective
means – some are not washed off with water, others need to be washed off. TO
washable include shampoos with heat-resistant components,
conditioners, as well as rinsing and masks. Such means as
spray, balsam, oil, serum or cream do not wash off
need to.

The common properties of both types of products include the fact that they are
spread their protection from the roots to the tips. Besides all
Of course, almost all thermal protective equipment, whether spray or
shampoo, have additional functions aimed at
hair straightening, giving them volume and shine.

Who is shown to use thermal protection?

Features of mentality often leave their mark even on
areas like hair care. So, for example, there is
erroneous judgment that only those hairs need thermal protection
who have already been spoiled. That is, many people think that beautiful and
well-groomed hair without split ends can be on their own, and
this is not the result of titanic care work

In fact, the girls who watch their hair,
know that it’s better to prevent a problem than long afterwards and
painfully treat and restore. That is why in thermal protection
need all who use irons, tongs and hairdryer. Those who
does not use this technique, it is also worth thinking about buying
means such as heat spray, because in the summer
hair also suffer from the rays of the scorching sun.

Three rules for effective thermal protection

types of thermal protection for hairThermal protection sometimes
powerless, and the hair still grow dull and brittle, but
this happens if the basic rules are roughly violated
hair temperature protection. Before you use any
electrical appliances for hair with heating elements, you need to wash
head to get rid of residual styling products.

Thermal protection should not be applied to wet hair after washing.
they need to be dried naturally. Professional tools
such as spray, serum or hair lotion with a mark
“thermal protection”, protect the hair even at high
temperatures. However, it is worth remembering that if the hair dryer and curling iron
are used on a regular basis, it is better to use gentle modes.
It is also worth noting that professionals in this field recommend
use several different protective agents from one

Star thermal protection products

The most popular products from the category “thermal protection for
hair “are spray, mousse, foam or cream. These funds are applied
just before the hair dryer will be used, heated hair rollers
or curling. There are funds, an additional function of which is
hair fixation, and there are those that straighten hair and attach
they shine. It is worth remembering that you do not need to use funds with
oils in the composition, if you’re going to wind your hair. They are better
suitable for straightening.

For greasy hair that needs to be protected from heat
impact, it is best to use extra-strong foam or mousse
fixing. Dry and brittle hair can feed heat
spray that will do its job better than mousse.

10 precepts of hairdressers – specialists in thermal protection

One of the first tips that can be heard from a hairdresser
about thermal protection, this is a recommendation for the selection of funds one
stamps. Shampoo, conditioner and heat spray is better to choose in
specialty store with professional natural
cosmetics. Funds from one line harmoniously complement each
friend, which means the effect will be better than when using different

“Thermal protection”, or “protection during hot laying” is
markers that must be present on the package
funds in the most prominent place. The best are those that are not
contain alcohol. Thin hair need less burdensome
styling products that have a lighter texture, and vice versa
– girls with thick hair need means of strong concentration.
For curly unruly hair, heat-resistant cream, wax and
lotion, but the spray, mousse and foam are made for thin

tips on applying thermal protectionIf the question is,
which surface to choose electrical appliances for laying, then you need
give preference to a ceramic surface, rather than a metal one.
Thermal protection should be regular – this is one of the main conditions.
preservation of healthy hair. Every time used
hair dryer, you need to pre-sprinkle your hair with a heat protection agent
As already mentioned, thermal protectors should not be applied to
wet hair.

After washing your hair, wrap the hair with a towel for 2-3
minutes, then the towel can be turned over by the other side and again
wrap the hair in it. After that, remove the towel and give them
breathe for 15-20 minutes before drying. Spray needs to be sprayed on.
arm’s distance from your head and preferably not aiming at
the roots. Heat protection creams and masks are best applied from the middle of the strands
to the tips, and only after the lower part of the hair will
fully engaged, go to the roots. It is necessary in order
to evenly distribute the tool, and it does not accumulate at

When a heat shield is applied, the hair needs to be combed.
flat comb with sparse large teeth. During curling or
straightening hair can not be distracted, because under too long
exposure to hot temperatures can burn hair, and no
thermal protection will not help.

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