Tar shampoo against lice – the pros and cons, how to use and cook at home

The use of tar shampoo for pediculosis does not give a quick
result. It has no toxic components that
infect parasites in one application. But using it as
an aid, you can significantly improve the condition
hair and scalp after intensive care. Tar shampoo

Where lice come from

The content of the article:

  • Where lice come from
  • Properties of tar and how it acts against lice and nits
  • The composition and characteristics of tar shampoo
  • Cost of
  • How to make tar shampoo with your own hands at home
  • Instructions for use shampoo
  • Indications and contraindications, precautions
  • Pros and cons means
  • TOP — 3 folk remedies against pediculosis
  • TOP — 3 Alternative Pharmaceuticals
  • Preventing the disease or how to protect yourself from infection

Head louse is a blood-sucking parasite. Her
vital activity causes a lot of inconvenience, ranging from itching and
ending with pustular formations. lice and nits

Important. The faster the first parasite is detected,
the sooner it will be possible to get rid of the disease. Single adult
on average, an individual lays 15 eggs a day, which after
3 weeks turn into a whole colony.

Infection can occur in several ways. Although lice do not have
flying devices, they are very jumping. Any contact with
An infected person can cause pediculosis. In second place
among the causes of the disease is household contact. A joint
use combs, towels, hats or other
items in contact with hair, can play a cruel joke.
Even a harmless trip to the hairdresser, bath or pool with
stagnant water can cause infection. Homemade
animals do not fall under this list, as well as a rare wash

Properties of tar and how it acts against lice and nits

The main component in tar shampoo is birch
tar, consistency resembling tar.

Its properties are as follows:

  1. Tannins corrode superficial epithelium of skin
    heads, providing a burning effect, and essential oils neutralize them
  2. Phenols have an antiseptic effect, preventing the development
    bacteria, viruses and fungi;
  3. Simultaneously, protein denaturation of any origin occurs.
    as a result of which the louse loses tenacity, mobility and
    the ability to eat.

tar from lice and nits

In order for the procedure to have an effect, it is necessary to apply a remedy.
for at least 40 minutes, carefully massaging the scalp. Further
hair treated with a metal comb to comb
weakened parasites. The procedure is repeated throughout
several weeks daily.

The composition and characteristics of tar shampoo

The composition of tar shampoo depends on the goals
production (pharmaceuticals, cosmetology). The main
The active substance is tar (birch, pine).

As auxiliary components are:

  1. Herbal extracts and decoctions (burdock, nettle, chamomile, aloe,
  2. Soap base (alkali);
  3. Allantoin (moisturizing ingredient);
  4. Odorants.

All active substances are designed to fight active
the activity of the sebaceous glands, nourishing and nourishing the scalp.
Therefore, when pediculosis tar tar shampoos, including hard,
used as an aid.

tar shampoo for lice and nits

Their composition is saturated:

  1. Tannins (scrabing, antibacterial
  2. Alkaloids (anti-inflammatory effect);
  3. Organic acids (regenerating effect);
  4. Esters (nutritional sedative effect).

Important. In the presence of nits tar shampoo
ineffective. Pediculosis can be cured only when used
shampoo for 1-1.5 months.

Cost of

The cost of shampoo does not exceed 100 rubles. on average
to the market. Availability of advanced technologies in the composition
increases the price of the product at times. Natural therapeutic composition will be
cost about 400 rubles. price

How to make tar shampoo with your own hands at home

For the preparation of homemade shampoo will require only 3

  1. Birch tar from the pharmacy – 100 g;
  2. Natural baby soap without fragrances (laundry) – 100
  3. Red wine.

tar shampoo with his own hands at home

Soap grated. The mixture is gradually added to the tar,
carefully mixing the substance. After 10 minutes with help
cellophane form a bar or ball and leave for a day or two. With
needing to wash your hair you need to pinch off the right bar
the amount of “shampoo”, slightly knead it and mix with wine. Further
carefully treat the hair from root to tip. Keeping the mixture
30 min., Wash off with warm water.

Instructions for use shampoo

  1. Thoroughly wash dirty head under running water.
  2. Take an adequate amount of shampoo and churn well.
  3. Foam cover every part of the head with a scalp,
    incubated for 30-45 minutes under the hood.
  4. Thoroughly washed hair, lightly dried.
  5. Take a comb with lots of teeth and carefully
    comb through every strand.
  6. Re-wash head with moisturizing shampoo.

shampoo shampoo

Indications and contraindications, precautions

Tar shampoo is used for various skin diseases.
head (seborrhea, dandruff), excessive greasiness glands. As a means
To combat head lice shampoo is not recommended by doctors.


  1. Allergic reaction (redness and severe itching);
  2. Launched Pediculosis.


As a precaution test is performed on
allergic reaction. A small amount of shampoo
put on the inside of the arm. If after 15 minutes the skin does not
there was irritation, a folk remedy used by

Pros and cons means

In the treatment of pediculosis, the main advantage is
natural composition. It can even be used by pregnant women.
to women.

The disadvantages of shampoo include:

  1. Low effectiveness of aggressive components;
  2. Overdrying of hair;
  3. Inability to use daily;
  4. The recommended period of use is 2 weeks, i.e.
    less than the required duration of treatment;
  5. The possibility of modifying the color of colored hair;
  6. Bad smell and hair sticking;
  7. Need to rinse hair with lemon
    acid or malic vinegar.
  8. The result is not guaranteed.

dry hair

TOP — 3 folk remedies against pediculosis

  1. Wine vinegar with salt and alcohol;
  2. Kerosene;
  3. A decoction of the root of the elecampane and burdock stems.
    kerosene from lice and nits

TOP — 3 Alternative Pharmaceuticals

  1. Nittifor (cream); Nittifor (cream)
  2. Foksilon (lotion); Foxilon (lotion)
  3. Paranit (shampoo). Paranit (shampoo)

Preventing the disease or how to protect yourself from infection

Pediculosis was a problem of all ages and generations.
Infection is susceptible to every person, regardless of status and
social position. Given that lice are parasitic
only in person, any contact with others is potentially
is dangerous. And you will not notice the infection instantly. Incubation
the period lasts up to 3 weeks. It is possible to avoid the disease only when
staying at home without any contact.

Tar shampoo can be used as a folk
lice control products. However, this method of treatment will bring
a lot of trouble and severely damage the hair. In order to quickly get rid
from the disease is to use pink drugs that for one
application will cope with the problem.

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