Technique buccal facial massage

The discovery made a splash in the world of beauty, because earlier
It was considered inadmissible intensive impact on the skin of the face.
Buccal face massage is a fitness for women’s skin.
different ages. Experienced modern cosmetologists point out
that the procedure is significantly different from the classic options
sculptural massage on the facial area. Performing regularly such
Procedures need to face to improve the oval, giving the skin more
healthy looking.

For rejuvenation and even a slight correction of the shape of the face, buccal
Massage is the safest and harmless method for the body.
There are no contraindications to the procedure, massage does not lead to any
side effects. Such efficiency of the simple procedure makes
Buccal massage is extremely popular.

Variety of sculptural massage

Famous Frenchwoman Joel Siokko is the creator
outstanding technology buccal massage, which aims to
slimming face and cheeks. The unique procedure today
has won the hearts of many women. French method will give
women feel good, and they want to repeat it is not
once Some of the fair sex are treated with
caution to such manipulations because of a misunderstanding of the general procedure, but
it is completely unjustified. The procedure is applied for the purpose of
relaxation, gives a lot of pleasure and comfort. Often
patients fall asleep during the session, noting that first
sensations are unusual, and later it is easy to get used to them literally in
a few minutes.

Buccal facial massage

This type of sculptural massage provides
effects on the skin and muscles (both facial and chewable)
through the patient’s mouth.

However, do not ignore the general technique, it is better to perform it
immaculately, without experiments. Joel Siokko recommends
perform the masters procedure only with eyes closed. Performance
this procedure when applying too much pressure, force
will harm, but not favor to the client of any cosmetology salon.
Such experiments can even end with bruises on the face.
the patient.

Feature of massage technique

Buccal face massage is performed by hand through the mouth. Procedure
looks unusual, unusual, master puts his fingers in his mouth
patient, and then performs active movements. Due to active
effects on cheeks, cheekbones, muscles are sometimes observed in patients
painful sensations, but the result is worth it. The main thing is that
painful feelings pass, but the desired effect remains

Joel Siocco

Joel Siocco – inventor of the buccal technique

Patients without expensive cosmetics, cosmetic injections
get rid of small and deep wrinkles. In addition, nasolabial
folds almost disappear and cheeks are reduced in volume. On
Today, not every procedure can reduce the amount of cheeks,
therefore, it is buccal facial massage that best solves
cosmetology problems of modern women.

Creating a unique massage technique, Siocco took care not
only about the face of women, but also about the neck and decollete zone. Thanks
combined method of sculptural massage
improve the general condition of the most problematic parts of the face, neck and
woman cleavage. In this case, usually use a variety of creams, ointments
as masks.

The positive effect of the procedure is obvious after the first
procedures, so there are so many fans of buccal massage. And them
the number is constantly increasing.

The uniqueness of the buccal massage is that it provides
excellent effect on skin tone, stimulates the formation of new
cell smooths fine wrinkles.

Now many experts in the field of cosmetology note that
french massage from joel siocco is a great alternative
miostimulation or surgery.

Buccal massage allows you to save beauty and avoid
side effects from more complex cosmetic procedures,
which may be contraindicated.

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