Than to tint hair after highlighting – TOP 5 best paints, shampoos, skins, sprays, balms, photos before and after and how to choose a color

After the procedure of highlighting the hair, many masters recommend
hold the toning, which will fix the result and
will relieve curls from possible negative effects of coloring.
After the correct rendering, you can not worry about
strands become stiff, dull, yellowish or

Why do I need to tint bleached hair

The content of the article:

  • Why do I need to tint bleached hair
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • The main types of toning
  • How to tint hair after highlighting: paint or
  • TOP 5 best paints for tinting hair after
  • List of the best shampoos for hair tinting
  • Tinting balms and tonics
  • Mousses, foams, sprays
  • Before and after pictures
  • How to choose a color
  • Toning hair after highlighting at home
  • Hair care after the procedure

After highlighting hair need

Any type of highlighting is a clarification,
coloring or discoloration of selected strands.
This type of color change is considered the safest and safest.
sparing, however, and in this case, the state of the curls may worsen:
strands may become dry, and color – dull or yellowish.

In order to maintain a healthy and radiant look painted
strands, very often carried out toning, which is also called
careful color correction. Soft paints used or
Special shampoos do not penetrate deep into the structure
curls, acting only on the surface, securing the result
highlighting. Where do you want to highlight? In the salonHome

This procedure will help to preserve the spectacular look and shine of the hair, and
also softness and color saturation. Shading means will be
prevent paint from being washed out, allowing you to enjoy
impeccable type of hair for several months.

Most often, this procedure is carried out on light curls, while
the composition can be processed as all strands, and only
painted areas. Recently, using soft
delicate means, toning is subjected to all the curls.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tinting has its pros and cons

The procedure for careful color correction is both positive and
and negative aspects that you should definitely consider before
the beginning of the procedure.


  • beneficial effect on the condition and appearance of the strands, making them
    bright, shiny and elastic;
  • ease of holding. Such an event is able to hold
    independently, at home to every woman;
  • affordability;
  • a wide range of tint products with different color
  • tint tool will help get rid of the yellowness, as well as
    make the borders of the painted areas smoother and softer;
  • delicate effect on the hair structure;
  • with regular use, the shade will become brighter and
  • versatility. Suitable for women of any age and for any


  • tint composition, as a rule, rather unstable, so it
    need to update frequently;
  • the ability to change the natural color just a couple of tones,
    as the composition of the funds as soft as possible, ammonia-free;
  • the tinting color itself may become paler after washing
  • there is the likelihood of uneven coverage of the hair color

Despite the fact that toning is considered soft and safe
procedure, on a regular basis it is not recommended.

The main types of toning

Toning can be done by several
in ways

Among the main types of this procedure are two methods.
which differ from each other by the means used as well
way to curls and duration of the result.

  • gentle A gentle look will hold onto
    hair about one month;
  • intense. For intense coloring
    can be used as ammonia-free and ammonia paint, which
    will create a lasting effect and allow you to enjoy the new color on
    throughout 1.5-2 months.

Another method of this procedure changes the color just a couple
days before the first washing of the head. This type is called easy
toning and fits weakened curls, or those who
looks for a new bright shade and has not yet decided on the tone

How to tint hair after highlighting: paint or

The choice of means for highlighting occurs taking into account
desired result and effect duration

The choice of means for carrying out careful correction of color of curls
carried out taking into account the desired result and duration
effect. The right product will transform the hair
and add colored strands of brightness and brilliance, keeping
a spectacular view of straightened brightened strands.

  • tint paint. Shading paint perfect
    suitable for intensive toning. The effect in this case may
    last about two months, while the color is well established and does not
    will be washed out, becoming dimmer with each shampooing. Usually
    this product does not contain ammonia, so the paint is
    semi-persistent, but not detrimental to curls.

    Shading paint suitable for intensive

  • shampoo. Shampoo slightly changes the tone of the hair,
    making curls more vivid, rich and shiny. This product
    not suitable for cardinal repainting or for
    long lasting effect, however, for easy refreshment hairstyles
    This tool may be the best solution.

    Shampoo slightly changes hair tone

Paint is recommended to use 1 time in 2-3 months, and tint
shampoo can be applied no more than once a week. Shampoos often
have a cumulative effect that will manifest with each

TOP 5 best paints for tinting hair after

Toning can be carried out by different

To achieve a relatively long toning effect
it is recommended to use high-quality paint that is carefully
transform the color of the curls and add a long and healthy head of hair

Among the most popular products are the following

  1. Estel Essex Princess. Brand releasing
    products with natural oils olive and avocado in composition, which
    prevent moisturize and nourish curls. Buy such a tool
    can be for 300-400 rubles.
  2. Kapous life color. Popular series with
    sand, chocolate, color and copper tones that fit
    owners of any type of hair. In addition to direct staining,
    products of this series possess protection against ultraviolet rays,
    guarding curls. The cost of one bottle is about 500
  3. Matrix socolor beauty. Professional
    The tool of the famous American company is distinguished by its persistence and
    brightness, as well as a wide range of colors. Besides,
    This brand produces the so-called watercolor paints, which
    can be diluted with a transparent tone and get a unique tone.
    The cost of 400-500 rubles.
  4. Kaaral silk hydrolyzed hair color cream.
    A variety of color palette allows you to color the hair like in
    natural color, so give strands of brightness due to color
    compositions of purple, red, red. Price is about 600
  5. LOreal Professionnel majiblond ultra. Product
    intensive staining with reflective particles will give
    shine and shine to clarified curls. Such a tool will cost 500
    rubles per pack.

All tint paints produced by famous brands,
have a mild effect, not only carefully changing
color, but also energizing and moistening curls, and the UV filter
give curls additional protection from negative effects
the environment.

List of the best shampoos for hair tinting

The use of shampoo will allow for a few minutes to return the strands
the former brightness, as well as to save the hair from yellowness and

You can use this tool once a week, just washing your head with
tinted shampoo.

The list of the best shampoos:

  1. Wella recharge hair shampoo. Effectively
    neutralizes dullness and yellowness. In the range presented
    more than 9 colors from sand to dark chocolate. Price 300
  2. Tonic rocolor. Domestic product
    production, which returns strands rich hue and shine.
    The lineup contains about 10 colors. The cost of one bottle
    makes 150 rubles.
  3. Londa color revive silver shampoo. Does
    curls vivid and radiant, emphasizing the brightness of the colored strands.
    The color palette includes many tones, from natural to
    colored: turquoise, garnet, pink. Purchase a product
    can be for 300-400 rubles.
  4. LOreal gloss color. Means kept on
    hair for a long time and not washed out too quickly. Fits
    for coloring in natural shades with caramel or
    chocolate drips. Gives shine and shine due to the reflective
    particles. Price – 450 rubles.
  5. Schwarzkopf bonacure color freeze silver.
    Well-known brand that produces bright rich colors. In the lineup
    more than 5 tones are presented, including colored violet, mint
    and garnet. You can purchase the product for 350 rubles.
  6. Silver silk. With this tool, curls are not only
    will acquire a new color, radiance and freshness, but also softness, because
    This shampoo has a softening and nourishing effect due to
    natural oils in its composition. The cost per bottle – 450 rubles.
  7. Kapous blond bar. Capus specializes in
    masking the yellowness, so every product of any tone is successful
    will paint a yellowish tint, including on blond hair. Price
    varies from 300 to 400 rubles.

Tint shampoos, unlike paints, do not repaint curls, but
only emphasize the saturation and depth of natural color
hair and eliminate yellowness after discoloration. On light
curl this product can change the shade of the strands for a couple

Tinting balms and tonics

To give the brightness of colored hair, you can use and
tonics. Applying them is very easy, and the shade itself will hold
longer than shampoo. On average, tint balms and tonics
maintain several shampooing procedures and are washed out only after

The best balms and tonics:

  1. LOreal gloss protect system. Facilities,
    produced as an addition to the paint or shampoo of this company,
    will make a shade more bright, live and saturated. Such a balm
    can be used as a supplement to tinted shampoo,
    or separately, if it is necessary only to eliminate the yellowness. Price – 350
  2. Tonic RoColor. Famous tonic domestic
    delirium, having a huge range of colors, including
    saving from gray hair. Fits locks of any type. Cost –
    100 rub.
  3. Irida classic. This company produces tones
    separately for each color of hair, emphasizing the beauty
    the natural shade of the curls and making the colored strands more
    contrasting and dynamic. This product will cost 300 rubles.
  4. Indola color. Eliminates yellowness and
    eliminates dryness of the curls, making the color more expressive
    and deep. 250 rub.
  5. Estel love nuance. Available in keratin
    interferes with the cross section of the tips and feeds the colored strands, making
    their soft, docile and supple. UV filter protects against
    the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. 150-200 rubles
  6. Color lux. Can be used in conjunction with
    paint. This balm moisturizes and softens the curls, adding
    brightness and brilliance of bleached strands. 200 rub.
  7. Fara. Balsam shading colored areas and
    making haircut more saturated and colorful. Holds up to 30
    days The price is 300 rubles.

Balms and tonics not only add brightness, shine and slightly
change the shade of the hair, but also care for bleached strands,
energizing and moisturizing them. Therefore, to maintain and preserve
the right shade, you can supplement regular hair care soft
balm or tonic.

Mousses, foams, sprays

Mousses, foams and tinting sprays will help fix the color on
several days. This option is suitable for colorful color
Kohler, which if necessary can be easily removed with

  1. Schwarzkopf Igora. In the range of about 20
    tones of caramel, honey, chocolate, ash and wheat.
    Mousse lasts longer sprays, remaining on the head of hair for a couple of weeks.
    You can purchase the product for 600 rubles.
  2. Palette. Spray with a convenient dispenser that
    need to rinse after some time. Gives colored
    curls saturated and well-groomed appearance. 350 rub.
  3. Wella viva. Foam to be applied
    after washing the head, it will add brightness and color to dark curls. 200
  4. Wella color. Beauty mousse
    light strands, will cost 250 rubles.
  5. Manic Panic. Universal remedy that
    enlivens and refreshes natural shade and adds shine and radiance
    bleached strands. 400 rub.
  6. Syoss color activator. Soft grooming
    the composition feeds the curls and makes their color expressive and
    deep. 550 rub.
  7. LOreal sublime mousse. Light mousse suitable
    any type of curls will last up to 14 days without even washing out
    shampoos with deep cleansing action.

These foods are usually enriched with vitamins and useful for
hair by microelements, therefore such agents will not harm
colored curls, and vice versa, will help maintain a healthy look and

Before and after pictures

The use of tint makes the curls more
well-groomed, and the color – bright, rich and deep. Besides
In addition, the use of moisturizing tinting balms will give hair
softness, eliminating dryness and confusion.

The final result of tinting hair depends on
natural shade of hair. Color selection also
carried out taking into account the natural color of the curls.

  • for light brown hair. Refresh brown curls can
    with the help of caramel, nut, wheat, amber and chocolate
    tones, as well as using pearl, ashen or coffee
    toning. In the first case, the view will be as natural as possible.
    in the second – bright and contrasting;

    Toning hair after highlighting for light brown

  • for blond hair. Beige, honey and
    light wheat tones will give light strands shine, radiance and
    grooming At the same time the result of toning will look
    quite colorful and dynamic;

    Toning hair after highlighting on light

  • for dark hair. Make dark hair
    warm and expressive with the help of honey,
    copper, cognac and amber tone Kohler. These shades will liven up
    dark color and bring in the image of originality.

    Toning hair after highlighting dark

A head of hair with any color curls perfect caramel
shades, adding strands of soft contrast and naturalness.
This type of tinting is very popular on all types of haircuts, however
most effectively it looks on long curls.

How to choose a color

The choice of color of a tinted product depends on the natural
hair tones, as well as the desired result.

Recently, it is especially important to tint curls in
rather unusual colors: purple, pomegranate, pink and
purple. However, do not lose their popularity and natural
shades that adorn a woman who prefers classic and
strict business style.

The choice of tint depends on the color

When choosing a color, it is important to take into account the color type:

  • for owners of cold color type “winter” and “autumn”
    gold, copper, amber and
    reddish shades;
  • the fair sex with a soft color type “summer”
    and “spring” are ideal caramel, chocolate and
    coffee options Kohler.

For a brighter and more unusual result, you can
use the multi-colored Kohler, or use
ash silver, pearl or plum shades.

Toning hair after highlighting at home

Toned hair can be at home

Toned curls yourself, at home, pretty
easy and fast.

Important. Before the first use of the new tool
you need to test it for portability, making sure
no allergic reactions. To do this, apply
small amount of wrist care and wait a few
minutes If there is no itching, redness or other unpleasant sensations –
the tool can be used as intended.

It is easier and faster to toned curls tinted shampoo.
To do this, just apply the product to wet hair, lather and
wash off like regular shampoo. To achieve more spectacular and bright
result, after applying the shampoo, you can use
tinted balm or tonic. You can finish tinting when
spraying aid with a fine spray that does not require

If toning is done with paint, then first of all
to prepare the hair correctly:

  • wash your hair for a couple of days before the procedure;
  • just before the procedure of rendering it is necessary to slightly
    moisten the curls with water and comb them;
  • divide the hair into a parting and then select small areas
    all over the head, choosing strands from the back of the head, temples and crown.
    Fix selected curls with hairpins;
  • dilute the tinting compound according to the instructions on the packaging,
    then dye colored strands, starting from the back of the head. For
    This bleached strands are carefully selected from each site.
    head of hair, after which the composition is applied to them with a brush
    or sponge. In this case, the root zone is not affected;
  • after half an hour, wash off the composition first with warm and then cool

It is important to thoroughly wash the product from the curls,
waiting until the water jet is completely transparent.

The exact exposure time of the product on the hair depends on the color.
head of hair, so you need to focus on the individual
features and the result you want to achieve.

Hair care after the procedure

After toning hair require additional

Care after toning curls is to moisturize and
feeding the strands as well as in preventing premature leaching
facilities. To do this, after each shampooing should be applied
soft tint balms, sprays or mousses. They will help keep
brightness and moisten strands.

It is important to limit the use of a hairdryer, curling iron and
ironing that can drain hair and make it

In addition, the right choice of cleanser will help
avoid overdrying and fragility of the hair. For regular
cleansing head, it is desirable to use mild tools without sulfates
and parabens.

Homemade oil masks can harm the color, so they are worth
replace with herbal rinses and fruit

Painted strands should be protected from direct sunlight, hot
water and hot air, as well as chlorine. It is also important
use wooden or plastic combs avoiding
metal objects.

Trim the ends preferably every two months, regardless
from their condition.

Toning hair after highlighting allows not only
to maintain the brightness and saturation of the shade of curls, but also to make
hair softer, moisturized and supple. Such
The procedure is recommended for hair of any type and color, eliminating
yellowing from the stained areas and adding both natural and
colored tone of depth and expressiveness.

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