The advantages of oxygen peeling

Oxygen peeling is a kind of mechanical
hardware cleaning of the face. In the process of conducting such a procedure
Two components are involved: air and water. Thanks to them, cleansing
skin occurs naturally. Powerful Oxygen Flow
produces excellent skin massage and improves blood circulation. During
This procedure removes all dead layers of the epidermis, as well as
all cells are saturated with vitamins and enriched with oxygen, which
badly needed to our skin, given that we live in an age
technical progress and poor environmental situation on
the planet.

The main advantages of oxygen peeling

Oxygen peeling procedure

The essence of the procedure is that a jet of oxygen
supplied through the nozzle apparatus at ultra-high speed,
removed the surface layers of the epidermis, and are introduced into the cells
biologically active substances.

Such a cosmetic procedure can solve many problems.
associated with both the skin and the general feeling of the patient. Problems,
which can easily eliminate oxygen peeling:

  • quickly and very effectively cleanses the skin of the face,
    promotes its hydration and gives a healthy and fresh color,
  • removes dryness and flaking;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands, perfectly fights against acne and
    other eruptions, permanently eliminating them;
  • smoothes mimic wrinkles and makes it less noticeable
    deep age wrinkles;
  • acts as lymphatic drainage;
  • correction of the shape of the face, lifting and eliminating the second
  • helps to completely remove pigmentation, removes freckles;
  • eliminates “bags under the eyes” and puffiness;
  • removes cicatricial skin defects that occur after acne
  • stimulation of cellular metabolism;
  • cleansing the skin from harmful substances and toxins;
  • removed keratinized skin layer.

Conducting facial peeling procedure

Oxygen peeling in its effectiveness and depth
effects on skin tissue are very often compared to deep
chemical or mechanical peeling of the skin.

The main advantage of such a procedure as oxygen peeling in
that it can be carried out even in summer, despite the fact that
its main action is directed directly to the deep layers
epidermis. This is very good for those people who have
sensitive, prone to skin pigmentation. By its effectiveness
and how deeply it works, oxygen peeling even
compared with a chemical or deep mechanical peeling of the skin.
The recovery period of the skin after this procedure usually takes
a short time, and maybe completely absent, and the side effects
not manifest. Initially, this procedure was used in
medicine in order to cure difficult healing wounds and
trophic defects of skin tissue. And only a few years later
it is established that the oxygen flow at high speed
perfectly cleans the skin and eliminates its defects and shortcomings. Since
Oxygen peels have been actively used since
beauty salons.

Oxygen Peeling Procedure

Before the procedure, the face is abundantly smeared with special
serum, which consists of a variety of medicinal
mixtures based on hyaluronic, azelaic acid, complex
amino acids, caffeine and many other components.

This is done in order to process the skin and for
achieve the desired result. These substances are selected
specialist, focusing directly on the problem that
removes facial peels. The procedure itself does not cause any
painful sensations and discomfort. Contraindications for
carrying out oxygen peels are only individual
intolerance to certain medicinal formulations, a tendency to
allergies, as well as the period of pregnancy.

Such a procedure does not imply an injection.
or other skin punctures. Oxygen peeling itself
– is the introduction of drugs into the skin using oxygen
pressure that helps drugs get into the skin’s cells
deep. Before the procedure, the skin is cleaned and disinfected.
special means. The duration of the procedure determines
specialist, and it depends on what area of ​​the skin
needs processing. The full course must be at least ten.

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