The art of weaving braids

braidsAlready for
few years braids are among the leaders of hairstyles, and not
only for long hair. Any workshop on weaving braids in
The Internet does not do without viewers and students. Fashion wicker
hairstyles do not leave aside the stars of show business, actresses and others
famous people.

The braids, depending on the weaving technique, can give your
image romance, tenderness, playfulness, severity. Game technique
and accessories can make your look interesting and unique in
kind of With this hairstyle, you can come to work and
business lunch and dinner at the restaurant. Accessories only underlined
your mood and style in general. With the help of forceps flute hair
roots can be given extra volume.

The existing types of braids give room for fantasy and master classes.
not only specialists in hairdressing, but also amateurs
home experiments with hair, many of which can themselves
show a master class on weaving a variety of braids.

The most common types of braids are:

• classical; • French; • spikelet; • semi-strip; • reverse
French • harness and others.

Consider what the French weaving technique looks like.

weaving of the French braidFirst, lightly moisten the hair.
water or apply a little styling
hair and comb them back.

A bundle of hair from the parietal part coming from the forehead should be divided into
three equal parts and begin to weave the usual braid: the right strand
superimposed on the middle, then left on the middle. In the end, all the strands
appear in the left hand.

As weaving the braids need to add strands from the right and left
side, braid should weave, pressing it to the head.

After the end of the free strands braid lags like from the usual
three. At the end is fixed with an elastic band. In addition to the above types
weaving of braids, there is also a mass of their various variations –
zigzag, around the head, etc.

Consider, for example, how weaving technique looks.
french spit zigzag.

  1. Weave braids need to start from the forehead on the left side with
    using the technique of weaving the French braid.
  2. In the process of weaving the braids from left to right, the upper ones should be lengthened.
    strands, and the bottom gradually tighten. This will make the spit beautiful
    located diagonally.
  3. When collecting strands from the right ear, you should expand the direction
    weaving. When working on the back of the head you need the same
    tighten strands above and below.
  4. Reaching the opposite part diagonally, again
    turn the braid around and weave it down in the opposite direction.
  5. The remains of the strands need to be braided into a regular braid and fasten this
    tail in the form of a rose with the help of small studs.

Undoubtedly, with the presence of desire and a small time margin, with
using different techniques of weaving braids and accessories, and even
By finding the time to study at least one master class, you can make
unique and spectacular image to any output, regardless of
age and hair length.

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