The Basics of Proper Foam Shopping

shampoos for hair restoration Stores are so overloaded
various products that even choose a good shampoo for
hair restoration, sometimes a very time consuming task.

Find your hair type

The content of the article:

  • Find your hair type
  • Read the information on the labels carefully.
  • Keep your opinion and do not hold on to different myths.
  • How to determine your hair type? Video – says the expert

To save time shampoo selection, it is important to know your type.
hair, otherwise we not only will not achieve the effect we need, but also
We can make the basis for future problems. It is better to find your own
suitable composition of effective substances, than in a hurry to take the one that
Suitable for all types.

In international practice, there are 4 types.

Hair Types

Table: Hair Types
Hair type general description Which shampoo to choose
Normal healthy curls, without damage, very rarely found Need a concentrate that holds natural lubrication
curls that can protect a healthy scalp.
Fatty instantly polluted, a specific smell is possible, there is
Here you need a brand with a high potential for purification. AT
the composition of which there are elements that harmonize the exchange of fat and
have a soothing effect on the scalp.
Dry brittle and tough hair, difficult to comb, there are splitting
ends, often having styling problems.
The basis for this type of hair should be with a high concentration
vitamins (more about vitamins for hair) and various
Supplements (various herbs). The cleansing base should be soft
character. A good example is the spray glis chickens to recover
Combined there may be features of the previous types. Such a complex hairstyle structure needs soft
active substances. Natural elements that can enhance
beneficial effects are usually expressed in nettles and egg yolks.
A great helper in hair restoration is the program.

Read the information on the labels carefully.

choice of shampoo

It is worth knowing in detail about additives in various brands and about their
purpose, to know what effects are needed in this

  • Vegetable protein restores hair
    after damage and chemical perms
  • Keratin creates a protective layer for the surface
  • Glycerin and plant extracts moisturize
  • Fruit wax creates barriers
    UV light and dirt
  • Vitamins improve the structure of the skin and its
  • Vegetable oils retain moisture, accelerate
  • Lecithin creates a silky effect.
  • Plant extracts may contain different
    qualities, but often suitable for all hair. Especially a lot of them
    It contains a good shampoo for hair restoration.

Also, all bottles known to us on the market contain surfactant substances,
that create foam when we wash our heads. Usually these substances
write in the first lines on the labels of shampoo. All shampoos are available.
surfactants are used on the market, they are also called surfactants.

Keep your opinion and do not hold on to different myths.

thoughts in my head

There are many different concerns about shampoo.
Important facts to know about:

  1. You can wash your hair every day. Active pollution is not
    will happen, like tarnishing. You can especially be calm,
    applying every day shampoo to restore hair color, because in
    He has a lot of useful particles.

  2. Sodium sulfate can actually be harmful, but only when
    long active contact with the scalp. You can wash your hair
    absolutely calm.

  3. A good shampoo for hair restoration does not need to be changed if
    he benefits you. If the hair type has changed and appeared
    problems, the shampoo needs to be selected specifically for these conditions.

  4. Even high-quality produced concentrate should be used.
    purely individual. After all, all family members have different problems and
    improper composition can only make things worse.

  5. The presence of foam does not indicate a quality basis. Healing Shampoos
    do not always have a good foam, but have high positive

  6. A large composition of active substances is required only for problem
    hair. Allergy sufferers need to pick up a simple in composition shampoo.

  7. Even high-value imported blends won’t fix it.
    hairstyle situation if this violation is associated with painful
    the functioning of the body.

How to determine your hair type? Video – says the expert

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