The beneficial effects of essential oils

essential oils for hairStill
long beautiful hair was considered a real standard for women
beauty. Woman with bright, beautiful and well-groomed hair always
will stand out from the crowd, for this very reason each
modern woman should know how to properly care for them.
But, as practice shows, not every representative
beautiful half of the population knows about essential oils for hair,
how to effectively and competently apply them.

Oils are an effective therapeutic and prophylactic agent.
for hair care. When buying it is important to make the right
selection of the oil itself or its mixture. Each component solves its
subtle problems. For example, rosemary essential oil for hair
It will be an ideal option to strengthen them, copes with
problem of falling out. And mint essential oil for hair is good
copes with oily hair and oily scalp. There are and
essential oils for hair growth: cinnamon, ylang-ylang, cloves,
orange, beat.

In fact, modern cosmetology provides a huge
a variety of these kinds of drugs that do an excellent job
with almost all hair and scalp problems.

Hair application

It’s not so important to know which mixture is right for the solution.
it is your problem like having knowledge of how to properly them
use. There are several methods of treatment for treatment.
oils at home.

Self cooking masks

To make a mask, you need three drops of a suitable oil.
diluted in one teaspoon base. As a base you can
use sunflower, coconut, peach, olive,
grape seed, almond, wheat germ, avocado,
jojoba. The mask is applied before washing the head and kept for minutes.
30-40. Wash off with warm water and shampoo.


For this procedure, you need to put a few drops on
comb made of natural materials, better from wood, rub in a little
into a tree. This comb should be carefully combed through the hair for
ten minutes. It is necessary to carry out this procedure no more than three times a day.
week. Enrichment with useful minerals shampoos, balms

A couple of drops of oil is added to one teaspoon of shampoo.
Enriching the shampoo with healthy minerals improves the appearance of the hair,
helps to strengthen the bulbs.

aromatherapy helps strengthen hairAll essential oils
have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects,
Also worth noting is the positive effect on hormonal
regulation of the body, the nervous system and psyche. Since the oils themselves
– this is a very concentrated substance, it’s enough
a few drops that need to be added to the balms, masks
or shampoos, they can also be used for brushing or
head massage. Do not forget that strongly not
It is recommended to abuse the use of this kind of cosmetic
drugs, as there is a risk of irritation or
allergies, several times a week will be enough.

Selection of funds

Many women use lavender essential oil for hair for
anti-dandruff, this disease refers to a skin disease
heads, and lavender’s emollient effect copes with
assigned task. Also for this purpose can be used
essential oil of orange, juniper, eucalyptus, cinnamon, pine,
tea tree or cypress.

Oils can be used against loss and strengthening.
tangerine, orange, sandalwood, chamomile or cinnamon. Cinnamon oil, to
It also has a wonderful spicy aroma, which for a long time
stays on the hair. But the essential oil of lemon hair perfect
suitable for dealing with fat.

Pine Essential Oil

The aroma of pine has always stood out for its brightness and useful
healing properties. Traditional medicine has long recognized medical
properties of pine, but cosmetology joined a little later.
Like other varieties, pine essential oil for hair growth
is a highly concentrated substance that has
beneficial effects, noticeable after several

pine essential oil is used for hair growthRich and
the saturated chemical composition of pine has an effective effect
only on hair growth, it also fights skin flaking well,
Well helps weakened hair. Pine oil beauticians also
It is recommended to use also against dandruff or with intensive
the work of the sebaceous glands. Using pine gives you the opportunity to return
Your hair is its former strength, elasticity and shine.

Cinnamon essential oil

Beauticians claim that cinnamon oil is capable of enhancing
blood supply to the bulbs and hair growth. For example, in shampoo or
balm can add no more than four drops of cinnamon, orange
or rosemary. In order for the cinnamon mixture to bring the maximum
the effect was useful, you need to know what you can combine it with,
and with what is not. The properties of cinnamon are perfectly combined with the properties
orange, grapefruit, pine, bergamot and mandarin.

Orange Essential Oil

Today, the essential oil of orange is inexpensive,
It can be found in almost any pharmacy. It not only gives
pleasant aroma of orange and shine to hair, uplifting, but
and has a firming effect on hair, eliminates dandruff and
restores dry, brittle, dull hair. When applied
orange, like from other citrus fruits, the appearance of feeling is possible
burning sensation, which should pass in 2-3 minutes.

What would essential oils for hair growth and strengthen them you
have chosen, with regular use, they will surely bring
just a stunning effect. In conclusion, I would like to note that
before using essential oils for hair, you must
make sure there are no allergic reactions. Also some
people may be individual intolerances, so when
redness, burning sensation more than three minutes or others
Ailments cosmetics should be immediately washed off.

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