The benefits and harms of keratin recovery hair?

What modern woman does not want to have beautiful hair?
Therefore, a huge amount of money is spent on caring for your braids.
time and money. However, many factors affect the strength and beauty.
hair. Vitamin deficiency, staining, thermal and chemical
impacts, sunlight, chlorinated water are factors that
thanks to which the hairs lose their main component, –
keratin. Keratin helps to fill the lack of this protein
hair straightening.

Keratin for hair


  • How does keratin affect hair?
  • Danger of keratin straightening
  • Advantages and disadvantages of keratin recovery

How does keratin affect hair?

When hair loses keratin, its structure is damaged,
the cuticles open, and as a result, the hairs become dull,
porous, all the time confused and difficult to comb after washing.
This salon procedure not only straightens the strands, but also
restores their structure, providing a therapeutic effect.
Since this trend has come to us from South America, it is called
also brazilian straightening.

Brazilian keratin hair straightening –
method of long-term effects on hair structure by
applying protein compounds under high temperature using

Thus, in the process of keratin recovery, the hair
natural keratin of the most similar composition is applied and
protective coating that is sealed to the surface
hairs under the influence of the iron rectifier. This procedure
allows you to restore the missing protein, smooth hair,
eliminate its porosity and cuticle. The braids become silky,
smooth and heavy, care after the procedure is essential

Paradoxically, blondes want to dye their hair black, and
brunettes want to paint the strands – in white. Besides,
owners curls now and then want to straighten their curls, and
straight-haired girls, by all means, need to curl
curls. And keratin straightening, in which its undeniable plus, is not
changes the structure of hairs. Therefore it gives the opportunity how to wear
straight hair and curl them into graceful curls. Effect lasts
about 12-16 weeks, after which you can do the procedure again.

Keratin hair straightening

Hair BEFORE and After the straightening procedure

Danger of keratin straightening

With the advent of technology, there were many rumors that
what are the pros and cons of keratin recovery, what
care is needed, can I wash my hair, etc. The Internet is replete
all sorts of warnings about the dangers of the procedure and many
shocking photos with the “consequences” of the method. let’s
let’s see how bad keratin straightening is and in general

In the United States and almost all Hollywood stars do not think care
hair without keratin straightening. But in Canada and the EU
this method is really prohibited. The fact is that during
procedures are released into the atmosphere
(formaldehyde), hazardous to health. It is very dangerous
compound causing headache, dizziness and difficulty

If you do a recovery session correctly, you can avoid
negative impact and harm will be minimized. With
observance by the master and the visitor of simple rules (use
gloves and masks, well ventilated area, application
quality remedy for keratin hair straightening), harm
the procedure will be no more than at 10-mn staying near
busy highway

At the same time for such hair need a special, but not complicated care,
so as not to provoke formaldehyde emissions:

  • first, do not wash your hair for the first 72 hours after the session
    keratin recovery;
  • secondly, you can not dry your hair with a hair dryer, no matter what mode
  • thirdly, to ensure that funds for
    Keratin hair straightening is not applied to the scalp.

Thus, the correct technology of applying the composition reduces
negative impact almost to zero and gives a positive
effect, greatly facilitating care. However, there are other procedures.
important pros and cons.

Damage to keratin straightening

Advantages and disadvantages of keratin recovery

Brazilian keratin hair straightening shown in those
in cases where very curly braids are not amenable to laying and
combing when the hair structure is very damaged when
I want to return beauty, shine and simplify hair care.

Contraindications are: damage to the scalp, strong
hair loss, precancerous condition. Pregnant this procedure
also better not to do. The instructions for each tool is written,
it is strictly contraindicated for pregnant women. And all
the rest can safely take up the restoration of their hair after
transferred stress, highlighting or discoloration.

Advantages of keratin restoration in hair:

  1. Lightweight hair care: strands combed quickly even
    after washing, stacked easily, do not get confused, do not push.
  2. The procedure does not change the structure of hairs and is suitable for any
    Type: thick, sparse, thin, thick hairs will be in the black.
  3. Brilliant and smooth styling remains normal even when
    exposure to wind and water without turning into a hay after rain.
    You can safely go for a walk.
  4. Long lasting effect. Modern technologies allow to extend
    recovery effect up to 4-5 months.
  5. Protects the curls from the negative effects of the environment:
    urban dust, polluted air, sunlight, etc.
  6. On the effect of “power” on the head in the winter from wearing hats
    or scarf can also be forgotten.
  7. Hair can be left straight or curled in the mood, and
    straightening is very easy and quick.
  8. Removes the negative effects after perm.
  9. Hair can be dyed – a very significant plus.

The advantages of keratin straightening

As with any cosmetic procedure, hair straightening
Keratin has cons:

  • do not wash your hair for 72 hours after a session
  • it is forbidden to make pregnant;
  • duration of the procedure: 3-5 hours;
  • possible allergic reaction;
  • Pigtails, tails, bundles and
    have a different mechanical effect on the hair (prohibited
    hairpins, clips, stealth, etc.);
  • tearing may occur during the procedure
  • formaldehyde poisoning risk if the room is bad
  • the need to trim the tips after a while,
    because they break off, if they split up before the session;
  • may appear to be a decrease in volume and effect
    greasy hair;
  • Do not dye your hair for 14-20 days after recovery
    keratin, so it is better to dye your hair before the procedure;
  • you can wash your hair only with sulfate-free shampoo – essential
    minus since you have to completely change the care products

Summarizing all the above, we can do the following
conclusions: keratin hair straightening is a great way
simplify the care of hair, give it a beautiful and healthy look.
Hair can be dyed, braided, laid, curled, etc. but
this procedure can only be done in a well-ventilated
indoors and with a professional, otherwise irreparable harm can be caused
health The choice is yours!

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