The benefits of banana hair masks

A banana hair mask is surprisingly light.
agent for quick recovery, moisturizing and softening
damaged hair. In cosmetology, a banana has long been
won the leading position as a moisturizing product. Worldwide
It is used in beauty salons, manufacturers of many
brands add it to their cleansers to
hair, as well as facial and body skin. Ready mask can be easily
purchased at any cosmetic store, however the highest
the result will be given to you by the means that were prepared
independently from natural products and without the addition of chemicals.

Useful properties of banana

The composition of the banana is not so many substances, but the concentration
they are pretty high.

banan dlya volos

  1. This product is rich in such vitamins as A, B, C, E, and
    antioxidants that promote regeneration and rejuvenation
  2. Ascorbic acid in banana softens well
    over-dried and hot styled hair.
  3. A substance such as tocopherol helps regeneration and
    restoration of dying cells, which are part of the hair, in
    As a result of this action, the tips stop cutting, and apparently the hair
    get a healthier look.
  4. Potassium, which is part of a banana, regulates the level of moisture
    not only the hair itself, but also the hair follicles and skin
  5. Such a component as folic acid, perfectly protects hair
    from the negative impact of the environment.
  6. Niacin, which is part of this exotic fruit,
    improves metabolism at the cellular level inside

A banana hair mask is also good because the structure itself
this fruit is very light and does not irritate the scalp at all
As a result, you acquire not only hydration and nutrition for
hair, but also an incredible wonderful feeling. Besides banana
has a pleasant smell that will stay on for a long time

The secrets of applying masks

Choosing bananas for cooking masks, it will be better to give
preference over ripe fruits whose skin has already darkened.
The advantage of this is that such bananas are often found
on sales or as a markdown, so the mask
will come to you also economical, not only useful. For
making a medical mixture this exotic fruit is better
grind in a blender to make the product convenient to apply. When
if the banana was simply crushed with a fork, its long
time will have to be removed from the hair after the procedure.
You can mix this product with any ingredients that
fit directly to your hair.

Mixing 1 banana with 2 egg yolks and beating them well in
blender, you get an excellent way to strengthen the weak and
dry hair. After this procedure, the hair will look much
brighter and more attractive not only for you, but also for others. BUT
if the banana fruit is mixed with the pulp of 1 avocado, add
a few drops of basil essential oil, then this remedy is quick and
easily eliminate the problem of oily hair and give them the necessary
lightness and shine.

In order to reduce the amount of hair loss and give hair
strength for growth, perfect hair mask with a banana with
by adding 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. l sour cream and 1 tsp. honey
(preferably May). All of the above components
must be thoroughly mixed and gently massaged.
apply on hair and scalp. The head needs to be wrapped
plastic wrap and wrap with a towel. Hold mask
need no more than an hour, then rinse with warm non-chlorinated water
and rinse your hair well with shampoo. After applying such a magic
Mask your hair will be grateful for your care. And not
forget to fix the result after all procedures
use balm conditioner to smooth and healthy
Shine accompanied you for a long time. The action of such masks
noticeable from the first application. Carry out such a procedure
recommended 1-2 times a week.

It is worth only once to try this tool for yourself, and it does not
will leave you indifferent – will enter the top ten favorite procedures for
hair care.

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