The benefits of facial massage with a massager

The benefits of facial massage with a massager are beyond doubt!
The main purpose of this device is to rejuvenate the face,
give it a healthy shade and eliminate traces of fatigue.
Face massage with a vibrating massager is useful for women of any age. But
First, let’s figure out what is a regular face massage, for
what else is needed and what problems does it help to overcome.


  • Popular types of massage
  • Techniques facial massage: contraindications to the procedure
  • Varieties of facial massagers
  • Jade massage
  • Important points when choosing a massager
  • Features of the use of the massager

Popular types of massage

To achieve the desired effect, the procedure must be carried out.

There are many types of facial massage, each of them
has its own unique technique. Doctors and cosmetologists agreed
opinion that facial massage is helpful: it helps to improve
blood circulation, to overcome the age-related changes of the skin, making it
more attractive. Use it to adjust the shape.
face and provide anti-neck prophylaxis.

Modeling face massage

For the procedure, you can contact the beauty salon. One
the most common is massage with glycolic acid,
It is worth knowing that such a procedure is highly exfoliating. Another one,
not less popular type – moisturizing facial massage:
It is suitable for all skin types, and this is its main advantage.
Against the black dots massage is performed, implying a deep
cleaning (in this case, you have to be patient). Lymphatic
drainage massage activates the release of toxins from the body.

Techniques facial massage: contraindications to the procedure

You can come to the salon massage about once every 2 months.
However, it all depends solely on the needs of your skin. TO
selection of a specialist should be approached with special care. Can
be interested in friends, what kind of facial massage is better in their opinion, and
Whether they can advise something to you. Remember for every woman
the procedure is strictly individual: what can please one, then
and do not approach another. Ask a specialist where and for how long
was trained. A good masseuse should only specialize in

Acupressure facial massage

If you do not have the opportunity to massage in the salon,
it is recommended to do it at home (preferably before
sleep). Daily facial massage should take approximately 15 minutes
for maximum effect, it is recommended to adhere to
diet and do not eat harmful foods. Facial massage can
assume tonic procedure: in this case, the movement of hands
must be quite energetic. For relaxation you will need
apply slower movements so you can achieve
muscle relaxation. So that your hands move and slide easily
It is recommended to apply a gel or cream.

It is possible to apply the stroking technique: first the skin is required
stroke slowly, movements should be smooth and light,
gradually they can be accelerated. With kneading held
stronger, heavy traffic. Such a massage may resemble
stir the dough, however be careful not to push too hard
skin Every girl needs to know how to do a facial massage and
what other species exist.

  1. Pressing – use finger pads to press in
  2. Tweaks – the middle and index finger moves according to the type of scissors.
    This type of massage will help get rid of the second chin.
  3. Using the tapping method, you can tone the skin and
    strengthen the nervous system.
  4. By patting you can make the skin more elastic.

Facial massage with a massager and the above methods has its own
contraindications. It can not be carried out if you have cracks.
on the face, rashes, burns. With elevated and reduced pressure
It is also not recommended to carry out this procedure. After you can do
various face masks, their effect is enhanced precisely in this

Varieties of facial massagers

Roller facial massager with the mechanical principle of work
easy to operate and affordable. The device represents
two small rollers interconnected
which are most often made of materials such as
plastic, wood or stone. Moving rollers over the skin
produces the effect of deep massage. This simple design in
movement involves almost all layers of the skin, providing
facelift, smoothness and elasticity.

Contraindications! The roller massager is not used when
skin lesions and inflammations (wounds, scratches, etc.

Miostimulators or electric massagers. the main goal
the use of such devices in cosmetology – the achievement
lifting effect, smoothing of mimic wrinkles and elimination
fat deposits observed with age in the neck.
Thanks to the use of miostimulyatorov normalizes
blood circulation in the dermis, improves lymphatic drainage. Electric
Massager is a good alternative to Botox injections and some
other rejuvenation procedures that are performed today at
beauty salons.

Contraindications! Electric massager is prohibited to use
for work with very sensitive skin.

Vacuum massager is one of the most effective and
sought-after species designed to cleanse the pores and combat
wrinkles. The result of the use of such a massager – no
black spots and small inflammations on the skin, fresh appearance, even color,
smartness, elasticity, clear lines of the face.

Contraindication! Using a vacuum tumbler is not
recommended for dry and / or inflamed skin, as well as for
on the skin of the dilated vessels.

Oxygen Massager. The device is designed to improve blood circulation.
and saturate the skin with oxygen. In operation, the device
forms and then emits gas molecules that the skin needs
(as, incidentally, the entire body) for normal functioning.
During the oxygen massage procedure, the exchange is normalized.
processes. The skin is restored by acquiring a beautiful healthy

Ultrasonic facial massager. The action of the apparatus is directed
to eliminate cosmetic defects of the skin, violating its smoothness.
Align the skin with high-frequency ultrasonic vibrations, under
the action of which the skin cells seem to be compressed and unclenched.
In addition, the device activates the production of collagen, which gives
the skin is smooth, and the contour of the face is smart.

Contraindications! Ultrasound massage is not suitable if available
skin implants.

Infrared massager is used more often to affect the area
around eyes. In this area, the skin is thin and very sensitive,
prone to dryness and pigmentation, wrinkles.
Massagers are actively struggling with these shortcomings. Device,
characterized by compact size, has a metallic
a tip and quite often it is completed with nozzles with various
functions. The main mode of exposure of the massager is vibration.

There are also 2 in 1 massagers that combine
action of ultrasound and infrared radiation. Surely
the effectiveness of the massage performed by such an instrument is significantly

Contraindications! The use of infrared massager is not
permissible in the event that there are scratches and wounds on the skin.

Laser massager is used to tighten the shape of the face,
get rid of fine wrinkles and make an even complexion. Such
Massage stimulates metabolic processes in the skin. Visible
the result comes after the first procedure.


Jade massage

One of the methods of treatment of diseases in alternative medicine
is stone therapy which involves the use
stones with healing properties. Jade massager for
faces is a device with a mechanical type of impact, the rollers of which
Made from natural material – jade. Massager helps
maintain healthy skin, nourishing it with healthy trace elements,
contained in stone.

When facial massage with jade the following processes occur:

  • the effect of various cosmetics is enhanced;
  • microblood circulation improves;
  • traces of fatigue, inflammation and irritation are eliminated;
  • regenerating processes are activated;
  • blue circles and swelling disappear;
  • minor skin defects are eliminated.

The jade massager during the procedure can be used as
in cold and heated condition. To warm up a little
stone, jade placed previously in a container with hot water.
The stone is able to keep warm for a long time. Stroking a warm stone
cause pleasant sensations and beneficial effects on the skin.

Before use, the device should be lubricated with cosmetic oil.
or cream. It should be noted that the smooth surface details
massager eliminates the possibility of causing any injury to the skin

Important points when choosing a massager

Regular use of a face massager is one of
conditions necessary for full skin care and maintenance
her tone. Another important issue in this case is
convenience, efficiency and safety of use of the device.

So, choosing a facial massager, you need to pay attention to
data such as:

  • power supply – from the mains or from the battery (preferably
    that the device worked both from electricity and from the charger,
    This will allow to use it in different conditions);
  • device dimensions (too heavy – inconvenient to use,
    well, too small and light can not cope 100% with
    its functions and will not bring the desired result);
  • convenient handle (the device must be kept during the whole procedure
    one hand, so the handle must always be comfortable with uneven
    anti-slip surface);
  • power of the device (this indicator depends on how much
    Massager works effectively; the higher the power, the more intense
    nozzle movements);
  • additional functions and nozzles (you should in advance inquire
    how much the device is multifunctional, and what details are included in
    complete set).

Features of the use of the massager

Facial massagers have gained wide popularity. They
versatile and have excellent technical capabilities. These
compact devices allow for both conventional and
massage to warm the deep tissues, moreover, they can
use absolutely anytime and at any time convenient for you
place To get the desired effect of use
electric massager, you must follow certain rules. For
each face zone has its own nozzles, in the process of applying them
should alternate. The benefits of facial massagers can not be
doubt! They can improve blood flow in the tissues,
prevent pore clogging.

Face Massage Massager

To achieve even greater effect, use natural
cosmetic oils and herbs that suit you, this way you
It will be possible to saturate the skin with essential nutrients.
Everyone who has such a massager needs to know how to do it.
facial massage and what to consider. Main advantage
Massages are that they contribute to the removal of fat and
accumulated toxins. Along with this, they provide prevention
against acne. With their help, you can quickly clean and brighten the face, and
also provide prevention against wrinkles.

Before use it is better to study the instruction in detail and
find out what area is responsible for a specific nozzle. In more
expensive models in a set there is a special infrared nozzle,
allowing to remove toxins from the deeper layers of the skin. Such nozzles
often used to eliminate swelling and relieve itching.
Infrared massage has a refreshing and toning effect.
and, if you do it before bedtime, it will not be easy to fall asleep.

If you want taut skin, do a bottom massage
up, and take them only along the massage lines. For the nose area and
the areas around the eyes have their nozzles: the nose and its wings
it is recommended to process the latter. To remove puffiness under
eyes and remove dark circles need circular movements,
from the inner corners of the eyes, move the simulator to the temples and
back. This massage tones the skin well and prevents
the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes.

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